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POSITION: Marketing Assistant


IB Remarketing is an IT service company based in France, operating in 85 countries with offices & branches established in 14 countries.

More info about us on www.ibremarketing.com


Part-time Job / internship

Your role will be to add a maximum number of qualified and targeted contacts (email addresses + job position) on the company database.


  • Requested Profile

- Well organized person, able to work in autonomy,

- Able to work fast (quantitative work) & well,

- Native polish speaker + good level of English,

- Student/young professional interested in additional revenue with a part time job.


  • Salary

875 PLN/month brutto for 20 hours work/week

+ 800 PLN/month prime on objectives (number of contacts added)


2000 qualified contacts / month = 500PLN brutto

3000 qualified contacts / month = 800PLN brutto
W celu uzyskania danych kontaktowych do ogłoszeniodawcy prosimy o kontakt mailowy,

telefoniczny lub osobisty z Biurem Karier

ul. Księcia Trojdena 2a, 02-109 Warszawa

tel. (022) 57 20 909, faks: (022) 57 20 910

e-mail: biurokarier@wum.edu.pl


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