Church address: 1235 George Street Offices and mailing: 368 Sumner Avenue

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Church address: 1235 George Street

Offices and mailing: 368 Sumner Avenue

Plainfield, NJ 07062

908-756-3393 · Fax: 908-756-3059


e-mail address:


the people of

St. Bernard of Clairvaux

and St. Stanislaus Kostka

are a living Christian

Community who,

through worship,

education and service,


our faith in God


in our heritages.

We are a “Living Mosaic of God’s People”

who seek His promise

of salvation.

Invites You To

Celebrate the Eucharist

Sunday: 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM in Polish,
12:30 PM

Weekdays: Mon., - Fri. 8:00 AM

Saturday: 9:00 AM, 5:30 PM for Sunday


Holy Day: Vigil Mass at 7:00 PM
Holy Day: 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM in Polish 12 Noon, 7:00 PM in Polish, 8:00PM in English
Reconciliation (Confession)

Saturday: 5:00 PM

Sunday: after the 9:30 Mass in Polish

Special Penance Services Scheduled Seasonally in English and Polish

Teaching the Good News

Pre-K and Kindergarten - Wednesday, 6:30 – 7:30 PM (seasonally)

Levels 1 - 8 - Wednesday, 6:30 – 7:40 PM

For information regarding Parish Sacrament Preparation Classes, which are held separately on Sundays, please call the Catechetics Center.

Catechumenate (RCIA)

A process of faith building for those who would like to become members of, or for all who have not received full initiation into, the Roman Catholic Church. Please call the Catechetics Center for more information.


Celebrated throughout the year in accordance with the policy of the Archdiocese and to accommodate the needs of our Parish Family. Attendance at a preparation session is required. Please call the Parish Office for an appointment.

The Church of

St. Bernard of Clairvaux


St. Stanislaus Kostka

Served By

Rev. Frank Rose, Pastor

Rev. Jan Krzysztof Lebdowicz, Parochial Vicar
Parish Staff

Beverly Cirino, Pastoral Associate

John & Martha Nowik, Directors of Music

and Divine Worship
Patricia Cook, Coordinator of Rel. Ed.

Szymon Gil, Organist

Chuck Ropars, Youth Minister

Mary Ellen Chanda, Trustee

Frederick Johnson, Trustee

Karole Lechowski, Trustee

Frank S. Kazmierski, Trustee


Arrangements should be made with a priest as soon as possible. One year prior to marriage or as soon as Engagement is announced is recommended.

Ministry to the Sick

In the event of serious illness or when someone is hospitalized, the parish office should be notified. The Eucharist and the Sacrament of the Sick will be celebrated with anyone requesting them. Remember, the Hospital cannot notify us on their own.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Mass is at 9:30 AM on Sundays and “Get-A-Grip,” grades 7-12, meets for Liturgy of the Word on the first Sunday of the month. Youth in grades 9-12 meet at scheduled intervals.

Parish Office Hours

Address: 368 Sumner Avenue, Plainfield, NJ 07062

Sunday: 9:30AM – 1PM

Monday: closed

Tuesday thru Thursday: 10:00AM – 2PM

Friday: closed

Saturday: 9:30AM – 1PM


We are fortunate enough to have a Parish Choir that has a full multi-lingual repertoire, as well as a Junior Choir . The Choir rehearses on Thursday at 7:30 PM, and the Junior Choir on Thursday at 6:30 PM.

Instrumentalists are welcomed, either to play solo or with our choir. A parish orchestra made up of children and adults rehearses and performs several times during the year. For more information, or to volunteer, please call John or Martha Nowik after Mass or at the Parish Office.
Parish Registration

New parishioners are most welcome and are encouraged to call the parish office and make an appointment to register. When you are moving from the parish, please notify the parish office.

Stewardship and Tithing

Stewardship calls us to freely give of our time, talent, and treasure for the good of our parish family and community.

God gives us everything! I give Him back my tithe. Tithing is God’s plan to support His Church. Full tithing means 10% of gross income to God – 5% for your parish church and 5 % for other charities.

Those who are recognizing the call to the priesthood, deaconate, or the religious life are invited to speak to a priest or contact the Archdiocesan Vocations Office at 973-497-4365, or at

Sponsor Certificates

You must be a registered, participating member of our parish to receive this certificate. Call the Office during regular hours.

Saturday – June 27…Mission Appeal

9:00AM…Libby O’Shea, req. Eileen Mariner

5:30PM…Harold Frank, req. John and Olga Skolka
Sunday – June 28…Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mission Appeal

8:00AM…Maria Giuseppe, req. Antonio and Lucia Simeone

9:30AM…Vito Milletich, req. Kruse Family

11:00AM..Valeria Lysy, req. Zena and Frank Kazmierski

12:30PM..Thomas Ohleth, req. Laraine Colucci
Monday – June 29…Sts. Peter and Paul

8:00AM…Alfanso Capparilli, req. Mary and Frank Wood

Tuesday, June 30

8:00AM…Giuseppe Fiorillo, req. Mr. and Mrs. P. Nigro

Wednesday, July 1

8:00AM…Vincent Tramontano, req. Tramontano Children

Thursday, July 2

8:00AM…Special intention

Friday – July 3

8:00AM…Thomas Ohleth, req. NellPayne

Saturday – July 4…INDEPENDENCE DAY

11:00AM…Jean and Salvatore Licata,

req. Deacon Joseph Licata

5:30PM…Frank X. Rose, req. Madeline and Henry Janssen
Sunday – July 5…Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

8:00AM…Camilla Apisa, req. Antonio and Lucia Simeone

9:30AM…Fred and Grace Williams, req. Williams Family

11:00AM..Mieczyslaw Trzesniowski, req. Halina Niewinska

12:30PM..Hayes and Keller Family, req. Joan Keller

The Tabernacle Candle will burn this week In Memory of the Faithful Departed of the Parish.
The Bread and Wine used at Mass for the month of July will be In Memory of Rosita Imperial at the request of The Wong Family.
YOUR PRAYERS ARE REQUESTED for those whose health is challenged in any way especially Kyle James Hogan (Fran Morano’s nephew) and Luanne Capua.
YOUR PRAYERS ARE REQUESTED for all the faithful departed.

First Reading: Wisdom 1:13-15; 2:23-24

This reading relates how death of the spirit entered the world by the envy of the devil, but those not in his possession will not experience it.

Second Reading: II Corinthians 8:7-9, 13-15

Paul exhorts the Corinthians to contribute to the poor of the Jerusalem church in accordance with their means. He explains that if people help each other, they will one day be helped when they are needy.

Gospel: Mark 5:21-43

“Do not be afraid, only have faith.” Jesus’ power over sickness and death requires absolute trust and absence of fear.

On Saturday, July 4th

the morning Mass will be at 11:00AM

Proboszcz Parafii

Ks. Frank Rose

Duszpasterz Polski

Ks. Jan Krzysztof Lebdowicz

Tel: 908 405 8030

Tel: 908 756 3393 ext. 33

E-mail: frchris@
Kancelaria Parafialna

368 Sumner Avenue

Plainfield, NJ 07062

Tel: 908 756 3393

Fax: 908 756 3059

E-mail: office@

Strona internetowa: www.

Godziny otwarcia:

Od poniedziałku do środy – 8:30AM do 8:00PM

Czwartki – od 8:30AM do 5:00PM

Piątki – od 8:30AM do 1:30PM

Soboty i niedziele – 9:30AM do 1:30PM
Msze Święte Niedzielne

5:30PM (msza wigilijna w soboty) – w języku angielskim

8:00AM – w języku angielskim

9:30AM – z liturgią słowa dla dzieci – w języku angielskim

11:00AM – z liturgią słowa dla dzieci – w języku polskim

12:30PM – w języku angielskim

Msze Święte w dni powszednie – w języku angielskim:

Od poniedziałku do piątku – 8:00AM

W soboty – 9:00AM
Msze Święte w Pierwsze Piątki Miesiąca

7:00PM – w języku polskim (poza lipcem i sierpniem)

Msze Święte w święta kościelne

W wigilię uroczystości:

7:00PM – w języku angielskim

W dzień uroczystości:

8:00AM – w języku angielskim

9:00AM – w języku polskim

12:00 w południe – w języku angielskim

7:00PM – w języku polskim

8:00PM – w języku angielskim

Spowiedź Święta

Ze spowiedzi świętej można skorzystać w soboty od godz. 5:00PM w języku angielskim a w niedziele od godz. 10:30AM w języku polskim – należy poprosić księdza!

Sakrament Chrztu Świętego

Udzielany jest we wszystkie niedziele roku. Rodzice wraz

z chrzestnymi powinni uczestniczyć w nauce przed chrztem dziecka, na którą należy uprzednio się umówić.
Duszpasterstwo chorych

Prosimy o powiadamianie parafii o tych, którzy z powodu wieku czy choroby – na stałe czy czasowo – skazani są na pobyt w domu, lub w szpitalu I nie mogą uczestniczyć w liturgii Mszy Świętej w kościele.

Chcemy ich odwiedzać, zanosić komunię świętą, służyć spowiedzią, czy sakramentem chorych.
Sakrament Małżeństwa

Narzeczeni zamierzający przyjąć ten sakrament powinni zgłosić się do księdza na rok wcześniej, aby odbyć odpowiednie przygotowanie.


Rodzice dzieci w wieku szkolnym zobowiązani są do posyłania ich na katechizację w ciągu roku szkolnego.

Istnieje też możliwość nauki dla dzieci przedszkolnych.

Katechizacja odbywa się w środy każdego tygodnia w godzinach od 6:30 do 7:40PM.

Także dorośli, którzy chcieliby przyjąć sakramenty inicjacji chrześcijańskiej (chrzest, bierzmowanie, eucharystię) powinni odbyć odpowiednie przygotowanie.
Liturgia Słowa dla dzieci

Odbywa się ona w każdą niedzielę roku szkolnego podczas mszy świętych w języku polskim lub w języku angielskim.

Prosimy o zgłaszanie dzieci do udziału w tej formie katechizacji.
Chóry parafialne

W naszej parafii działa kilka chórów: Clairvaux, Gospel, Junior, Cherub a także Polski Chórek Dziecięcy.

Prosimy chętnych – zarówno dzieci jak I dorosłych – o zaangażowanie się w tę działalność.

Mile widziane będą osoby grające na instrumentach.

Zajęcia prowadzą Państwo Martha I John Novik.
Szkoła Polska

Zajęcia w Polskiej Szkole działającej przy naszej Parafii odbywają się w każdy poniedziałek w okresie roku szkolnego od godz. 5:30 do 8:00PM.

Zapisy do parafii

Zachęcamy nowych parafian do zapisania się do parafii.

Prosimy również o powiadamianie parafii o zmaianie miejsca zamieszkania czy numeru telefonu.
Wspieranie parafii

Jesteśmy wezwani do dobrowolnego poświęcenia swego czasu, talentów I dóbr dla dobra rodziny parafialnej I wsólnoty.

Bóg daje nam wszystko! My winniśmy oddać Mu dziesięcinę. Dziesięcina – to Boży plan wspierania Jego Kościoła.

Dosłownie dziesięcina oznacza 10% swoich zarobków: 5% na wsparcie kościoła parafialnego a 5% na pomoc charytatywną.

Liturgia Tygodnia
28 czerwca – 13 Niedziela Zwykła
Cuda dzieją się ciągle – jeżeli zdarzają się na twojej drodze, to musisz je tylko dojrzeć. Cuda bywają także dzisiaj. Tylko nie należy szukać je tam, gdzie dużo hałasu, gdzie jest wiele rzeczy do podziwiania, ale niczego do wiary. Po co cud, skoro nie ma nic do powiedzenia? Bóg niczego nie czyni bezcelowo i nadaremnie.

W dzisiejszym świecie żyją ludzie, którzy wierzą w Chrystusa naprzekór wszelkim filozofiom i teologiom; ludzie, którzy gorącym sercem kochają Jezusa wbrew panującym wokół nich lodowatemu zimnu serc i uczuć. Są ludzie, którzy poświęcają się za innych i nic o tym nie mówią. To też jest cud.
29 czerwca - Poniedziałek

Uroczystość Świętych Apostołów Piotra i Pawła

Święci Apostołowie Piotr i Paweł ponieśli śmierć męczeńską w Rzymie podczas prześladowania chrześcijan za czasów Nerona, który panował w latach 64-67. Piotr i Paweł”obdarzeni różnymi darami zbudowali jeden Kościół Chrystusa.”

Od dnia dzisiejszego rozpoczynają się obchody „Roku Świętego Pawła” ogłoszeonego przez Papieża, Benedykta XVI z okazji przypadającej rocznicy 1000-lecia urodzin tego Apostoła.

30 czerwca - Wtorek

Wspomnienie Pierwszych Męczenników

tych, którzy ponieśli śmierć w cyrku rzymskim w 64 roku podczs prześladowań Nerona.

01 lipca - Środa

Wspomnienie Bł. O. Michała Czartoryskiego

(1897-1944) Dominikanin, wychowawca studentów; miłość Boga i bliźniego przybrała u niego postać heroiczną; został rostrzelany 6 lipca 1944 r. gdy

dobrowolnie pozostał z rannymi i umierającymi powstańcami Warszawy.

Wspomnienie Bł. Br. Brunona Zembo (1906-1942) Gorliwy franciszkanin z Chełma Lubelskiego; aresztowanyw listopadzie 1939 był wśród więźniów szanowany jako „człowiek anielskiej dobroci”; zmarł w Dachau 21 sierpnia 1942 r.

02 lipca – Czwartek

Wspomnienie św. Bernardyna Realino (1530-1616) Zdolny, wykształcony i pochodzący ze znakomitej rodziny włoskiej był pracownikiem sądu w Neapolu; po 3 latach pracy wstąpił do zakonu jezuitów; zasłynął jako kaznodzieja, filantrop i cudotwórca.

03 lipca – I Piątek miesiąca

Święto św. Tomasza Apostoła

Był Żydem; głosił Ewangelię wśród Partów, Medów i Persów; dotarł nawet do Indii; zginął koło Madrasu. Jest patronem Indii, a także architektów, budowniczych, stolarzy i geodetów

04 lipca - Sobota

Wspomnienie św. Elżbiety Portugalskiej (1271-1336) Małżonka Dionizjusza, króla Portugalii; znana z dobroci -nazywano ją „aniołom pokoju”; po śmierci męża wstąpiła

do III Zakonu św. Franciszka i zamieszkała u Klarysek; jest patronką III Zakonu.


W pierwsze piątki lipca i sierpnia nie będzie w naszym kościele nabożeństw ku czci Najświętszego Serca Pana Jezusa.
Z życia wspólnoty parafialnej

Zakończenie obchodów Roku Świętego Pawła
Jubileuszowy Rok Świętego Pawła ogłoszony przez Papieża Benedykta XVI obchodzony jest od 28 czerwca 2008 do 29 czerwca 2009. Dzisiaj, w naszej parafii obchodzimy jego uroczyste zakończenie a połączone jest ono Misyjną Wizytą Dr Butler - przedstawiciela organizacji CRUDEM, troszczącej się o polepszenie warunków życia mieszkanców wiejskiej wspólnoty Milot w pólnocnym rejonie Haiti. Została ona założona przez Braci Serca Jezusowego w 1986 roku. Głównym celem misji jest utrzymanie Szpitala Serca Jezusowego służacego 200 000 populacji. Na stałe pracuje tam 10 miejscowych lekarzy i ok. 50 osobowy zespół pielęgniarski. Co roku ponad 150 medycznych ochotników przybywa do Milot poświęcając swój czas. Wszelka pomoc pochodzi od dobroczyńców a szpital nie otrzymuje żadnej pomocy od państwa.

Jest wielką nadzieją, że katechetyczne pouczenia zawarte w listach św. Pawła i rola jaką odegrał on w misji Kościoła, podejmą lokalne Kościoły na całym świecie. Trzy 12-osobowe grupy naszych parafian przez cały rok studiowały kolejne listy św. Pawła. Przykład św. Pawła przypomina nam wszystkim, że praca ewangelizacyjna jest zadaniem każdego z nas i że przesłanie Ewangelii jest dla wszystkich ludzi.

W niedzielę, 28 czerwca, na wszystkich mszach świętych przemawiał będzie Dr Butler i zbierana będzie taca na rzecz tej organizacji. Na mszy świętej o godz. 9:30 ogłosi on zakończenie obchodów Jubileuszowego Roku św. Pawła. Po mszy świętej spotkanie przy kawie.

Posługa katechetyczna

Zapraszamy chętnych do poświęcenia swego czasu i talentu podejmując się posługi katechety / katechetki. Lekcje religi odbywają się w środy od września do kwietnia w języku angielskim. Potrzebni też są katecheci do prowadzenia liturgii słowa dla dzieci w czasie niedzielnych mszy świetych w języku angielskim i polskim. Chętnych prosimy o zgłoszenie się, aby odbyć odpowiednie przygotowanie oraz uczestniczyć w programie “Protecting God’s Children”.

Polska Szkoła

Już od dzisiaj przyjmowane są zapisy do Polskiej Szkoły dokształcającej działającej przy naszej parafii. W tej sprawie prosimy kontaktować się z Panią Dorotą Jastrzębską – Dyrektorką Szkoły.

Wszystkim członkom naszej parafii udającym się na wakacjie życzymy udanego wypoczynku

a wszystkich goszczących w naszej parafii serdecznie witamy z życzeniami miłego pobytu!


The Monday Morning Scripture Sharing Group will be involved with other forms of service for the summer and will once again meet in September, after Labor Day.



It is critical for the success of our program for you to re-register your child and to register your child if this is the first class that child will attend. If you were unable to accomplish the registration or re-registration you can do so at the Parish Office.

I would greatly appreciate it if this did not become a never-ending process. We are asking for a little cooperation so we can provide for the children so, please register now.

-Fr. Frank


“I Have Called You By Name” is the fall spirituality convocation sponsored by the College of St. Elizabeth. Many of us have attended this outstanding opportunity in the past to help create vibrant and faith-filled parishes. Friday, October 23rd at 7:30 PM well known liturgical composer Marty Haugen will perform his “Agape” with Msgr. Ray East. Saturday, October 24th, the keynote speaker will be Rev. Richard Fragomeni. Among the workshops offered will be Bob Hurd on liturgical music, Rita Ferrone on RCIA, Leland Nagel on catechesis, and others. For information call 973-290-4300 or visit Please let Beverly know you are registered so carpooling can be arranged. You are also invited to check the Summer Institute for upcoming presentations.


Members will take their summer hiatus and meet next on September 30th. However, they will continue to work on the various projects over the summer.

Anyone wishing to knit or crochet over the summer is welcome to work at home. Questions? Call Pat Zimmerman at 908-561-6945 for more information.

The following books are available in the Parish Center for your use:

The Value of Fairness..The Story of Nellie Bly

The Value of Caring…The Story of Eleanor Roosevelt

The Value of Responsibility…The Story of Ralph Bunche

The Value of Respect…The Story of Abraham Lincoln

The Value of Facing a Challenge…The Story of Terry Fox

The Value of Creativity…The Story of Thomas Edison

-the above are all by Ann Donegan Johnson

The Value of Kindness…The story of Elizabeth Fry

By Spencer Johnson, M.D.

The above books are available through the kindness of Geri Falcone.


You are welcome to volunteer your gifts of time and talent to become a Catechist in our Religious Education Program. We meet weekly from September to April in Religious Education Classes and Sundays in our Liturgy of the Word Sessions. If your faith leads you to share your spirituality with our children and you have Wednesday evenings or Sunday morning available to help, please contact the Catechetical Office for further information. Formation is provided and there is a requirement to attend “Protecting God’s Children” Program.

-your participation is the future of our Program!

It may seem early but take the opportunity to mark your calendars! Saturday, September 12th has been scheduled for the first Catechist Meeting for the next Religious Education season. All Religious Education, Chapel, Liturgy of the Word, Sacrament and RCIA Catechists are required to attend this very important meeting. Archdiocesan requirements dictate the continued formation of our Catechists. We will gather at 9 AM in the Church.



September 20th is Catechetical Sunday. Opening of the year and blessing of Catechists will be at a 10AM Mass which will include an address to the parents by Fr. Frank and refreshments will follow in the Cafeteria. At that time there will be the opportunity to register for Liturgy of the Word, Sacraments, and Chapel. There will also be a representation of our Ministries offering the opportunity for all to be part of something!


Five of our Catechists met Diocesan requirements by obtaining Methodology Level of Catechist Certification. Sonia Burger, Patty Casterline, Theresa Cosmas, Gerri Falcone, and Mary Landriau attended this full day worksop.

The next scheduled Methodology Level of Catechist Certification has been scheduled for Saturday, August 29th at St. James in Springfield. Any Catechist interested, please contact the Catechetical Office for further information and to sign up for the workshop. The deadline is August 15th.

We certainly could use some additional folks who would like to serve as Readers and Eucharistic Ministers. This is an excellent opportunity to serve the Lord and this Community. Please be in touch with Fr. Frank.



The Jubilee Year of St. Paul declared by Pope Benedict XVI that began June 28, 2008, closes June 29, 2009. On Saturday and Sunday, June 27 and 28th at the Masses we will mark the closing in conjunction with our Mission Visit from the CRUDEM Foundation who work in Northern Haiti and whose aim is to improve the living conditions in the rural community of Milot. The project was initiated by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in 1986. What a great opportunity for us to hear from one of the Doctors who gives of his time to go to this village. Dr. David Butler will be here with us in the spirit of the great St. Paul who was a great missionary and visionary.

We will take a collection at all the Masses and Dr. Butler will speak at all the Masses but the 9:30 will be especially important because it will be the noting of the close of the year of St. Paul.

The centerpiece of the mission is Hospital Sacre’ Coeur. It is the center of medical care for a population of about 200,000 people. It is staffed by 10 full time Haitian physicians and approximately 50 Haitians nursing personnel. Each year more than 150 medical volunteers go to Milot to spend varying amounts of time. All help is voluntary and there is no government funding. It is supported entirely by donations and whatever little the people can offer. What an opportunity for us to have Dr. Butler and for us to offer our help!

It was hoped that Churches throughout the world would offer catechetical instruction on the letters of Paul and the part he played in the mission of the Church. Three dozen of our parishioners gathered throughout the year to study Galatians, Romans, Philippians, Colossians and Ephesians. The example of Paul’s ministry reminds us all that the work of evangelization is everyone’s task and that the Gospel message is for all people.

Following 9:30 Mass we will have “coffee and..”



Many students have service hour requirements established by their schools. We have the possibility of service outreach projects like the Hillside Food Bank to groups in Newark through the Bridges Organization and our parishioner, Jean Trees. Please speak now with Mrs. Cirino to volunteer for next year so you can be part of our schedule.


Get-A-Grip will meet in the for the first date!. All youth in 7th grade and up are welcome.

CATHOLIC WEB RESOURCE FOR 10-14 YEAR OLDS is a creative and interactive way to help youth discover they are part of a vast Catholic faith community with Jesus Christ as the focus of their lives. It’s “One Big Adventure” to click onto! Go ahead, try it!

Youth are invited to become small group facilitators and peer ministers for our 2010 Confirmation candidates. Sessions are held once a month, generally following 9:30 Mass until noon. If you can help, please contact Mrs. Cirino. Also, youth who are willing to meet as a team and plan the upcoming year’s Youth group Agenda are asked to contact Mrs. Cirino.



Just as you are rich in every respect, in faith and discourse, in knowledge, in total concern, and in our love for you, you must abound in your work of charity.” Paul reminds the people of Corinth of their many blessings and calls them to give charitably to others. We too are blessed in many ways. Are we as charitable?

Faith Giving for St. Bernard and St. Stanislaus

157 envelopes were used on Sunday and contained $4,625 which means 88% of the collection came from the envelopes.

There are 578 registered families who receive envelopes which means 421 families did not use envelopes.

The average gift from envelopes was $29.46

Faith Giving for June 21st…$5,262

For your information:


For this week, our appeal to raise weekly revenue to $5,000 is successful; on the average for the month we are successful Your continued support is deeply appreciated.

To satisfy all of our needs it appears that we will have official office hours in the following way:

Sunday…9:30AM to 1:30PM


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…10AM to 2PM


Saturday…9:30AM to 1PM

The phone will be available as will be voice mail for everyone. The automated system will answer when we are unavailable but because the office is not staffed does not mean that we are not here working in one of the buildings on campus so there will be no interruption of services or ministries. All calls will be returned and addressed.

Calendar of Events

SATURDAY, June 27…Mission Appeal
SUNDAY, June 28..13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mission Appeal
MONDAY, June 29
TUESDAY, June 30
FRIDAY, July 3

11:00AM Morning Mass

5:30PM Mass of Anticipation for Sunday
SUNDAY, July 5…14th Sunday in Ordinary Time


The Annual Retreat will be in Long Branch once again and is scheduled for August 14-16. This is an invitation to join the Knights on a weekend focusing on the Lord and His plae by the sea. The theme this year will deal with the life ministry and letters of the great apostle, Paul. The stipend is $175 for the weekend. For reservations and information call John Zimmerman, 908-561-6666 or fax 908-769-7056

Deadline for reservations and information is July 15. Check your calendars and make this year the year for your spiritual renewal.

Parishioners and staff of all parishes in our Archdiocese are able to register for online courses with the University of Dayton’s Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation at a reduced rate of $40 per course. For information and available courses contact Elizabeth Foer at 973-497-4297, or go to the University website at


This summer, parents of more than 450,000 children across the state will get in the mail a yellow envelope marked “NJ FamilyCare Express Lane Application for Health Insurance Enclosed.” You will get this mailing if your household checked a box on the NJ tax return that you have a child without health insurance. Please open the envelope right away and fill out the application to get free or low-cost insurance for your children!

If you need help or information, contact NJ FamilyCare at or call 800-701-0710, or call the Association for Children of New Jersey at 973-643-3876.

Our readings this weekend emphasize that when fear is set aside, the power of faith can generate new life. We see that faith in Jesus and his power can, indeed, heal even the most unlikely candidates. When fear is relinquished new life emerges.

In January of this year, the Miracle on the Hudson dominated the air waves and had media coverage from every angle for months. You probably remember that Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger landed his U.S. Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River. All 155 passengers and crew members lived to tell about it. This was truly a phenomenal feat.

What Jesus does in this weekend’s Gospel is much more phenomenal. Sullenberger and his crew preserved the lives of those flying with them. Jesus brought back to life two females, one literally and one figuratively in the Gospel story. People on flight 1549 didn’t get to pick their pilot. Lucky for them they had one of the best. The females in the Gospel were brought back to life because of choice and faith. The young girl’s father chose to seek Jesus out to help his daughter, and he chose to overcome his fear. The woman with the hemorrhage sought Jesus for the purpose of being cured. She overcame her fear and witnessed to her faith. How did they know to seek Jesus?

Obviously Jesus’ reputation was being spread far and wide. This gave Jairus and the woman courage to approach Jesus. Both had to overcome their fear and trust in the power of Jesus. They had to have faith in Jesus.

Jairus, as a synagogue official would have been in charge in some ways of all things orthodox. For him to fall at the feet of Jesus and beg for his help went against all the conventional wisdom and propriety of the day as was Jesus in ministering to a dead female. She would have been considered unclean because of being a corpse.

The woman, likewise, had to overcome a lot. This woman, like the daughter of Jairus, had no name. This woman would have been considered ritually unclean, ostracized and isolated because of her hemorrhage. No wonder she approached Jesus secretly and from behind. What courage it must have taken to touch Jesus’ garment and then confess it. What courage it must have taken Jesus to address her directly and admit he had been touched by this unclean woman.

We might well ask ourselves, “What fears must I put aside to approach Jesus with my needs?”

In the Love of God,

Fr. Frank

© 2016
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