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Central European Culture in Abstract and Concrete Representation

summer semester 2012

Clarice Cloutier, Ph.D.

Office Hours: by appointment – please email

Course description: A certain Slovak photographer has captured a moment where an older man is walking through a seemingly endless field, on one leg. The other leg is being carried by someone much younger, maybe his grandson. How far away is their destination? How did the photographer come upon this moment? Indeed, how is lasting culture created by individual dreams, spaces of absurdity and irrationality and ultimately, by time itself? Whereas snow in a Czech setting may be synonymous with innocence and a religious milieu, it is just as likely that alternative culture will be found, but this time inside suitcases as Hungary demonstrates. This course journeys through the Visegrad countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary + Slovenia to experience the outer limits of culture in its abstract and more concrete representations. The literature will be supplemented with photographs, music and film.
Readings: Readers can be purchased…
Grading policy

Class participation: 25%

In-class presentations (2): 25%

Mid-term project: 25 %

Final paper: 25%
Schedule of classes
DATE - Introduction
DATE – On the Craft of Writing

Slovenia Meta Kušar – “4.,” “8.,” “19.,” “26.”

Edvard Kocbek – “Death of Words,” “Microphone in the Wall”

France Prešeren – “To the Poet”

Poland Tadeusz Rozewicz – “Proofs”

Leszek Engelking – “Briefing”

Zbigniew Herbert – “Elegy for the Departure of Pen, Ink and Lamp”

Czeslaw Milosz – “Ars Poetica?”

Hungary Mónika Mesterházi – “Echo (I Distance Myself)”

Slovak Republic Rudolf Sloboda – “The White Dog”

Czech Republic Vladimír Holan – “She Asked You”
DATE - Haiku

Slovenia Meta Kušar – “16.,” “23.,” “54.”

Primož Repar – “Haiku”

Brane Senegačnik – “Sonata Facile”

Poland Leszek Engelking – “Weather-Forecast”

Hungary Iván Mándy – “At the Movies with Father”

Czech Republic Věra Linhartová – “I am looking for something to give you,” “Finally words are simple”

Franz Kafka – “Absent-minded Window-gazing”

Slovak Republic Braňo Hochel – “Microstories”
DATE - Dream Sequences in the Center of Europe

Czech Republic Franz Kafka – “A Dream”

Daniela Hodrová – “I See a Great City…”

Jaroslav Seifert – “Fingerprints”

Slovenia Meta Kušar – “5.”

Branko Gradišnik – “Oeopath”

Poland Czeslaw Milosz – “Esse”
DATE – The Influence of Irrationality

Czech Republic Franz Kafka – “Give it Up!,” “Resolutions”

Michal Ajvaz – “Bird”

Hungary Péter Nádas – “Family Portrait against a Purple Sunset”

Lajos Grendel – “The Contents of Suitcases”

Poland Tadeusz Rozewicz – “Transformations”

Agnieszka Drotkiewicz – “Paris London Dachau”

Slovak Republic Dominik Tatarka – “Mystery”

Dušan Mitana – “On the Threshold”

Slovenia Tomaž Šalamun – “Feast”

DATE - Timescapes

Slovenia Tomaž Šalamun – “Lacquer”

Prežihov Voranc – “The Self-Sown”

Hungary Zsuzsa Beney – from On Two Banks

István Vas – “Dialogue between Strangers”

László Bruszt – “Workers, Managers and State Bureaucrats and the Economic Transformation in Hungary”

Poland Czeslaw Milosz – “Window”

Slovak Republic Daniel Simko – “The Arrival”

Stanislava Chrobáková – “Autumn Motif”
Week 7

DATE - Rivers

Czech Republic Ota Pavel – Selections from his book The Golden Eels

Ivan Vyskočil – “Jacob’s Well”

Vladislav Vančura – “All’s Well that Ends Well”

Zdeněk Kriebel – “There, At Our Place”

Slovenia Meta Kušar “3.”

Dušan Čater – “Our Things”

Hungary Péter Esterházy – “Down the Danube”

Szabolcs Várady – “Chairs above the Danube”

Poland Tadeusz Rozewicz – “In the Middle of Life”

Czeslaw Milosz – “Dedication”

Czeslaw Milosz – “Forget”

Slovak Republic Daniel Simko – “Still Life”

Věra Prokešová – “Cut”

Week 9–

DATE – Snow, Frost and Frozen People

Slovenia Meta Kušar – “6.”

Tomaž Šalamun – “Jonah,” “To Metka”

Hungary László Nagy – “Squared by Walls”

István Baka – “Passing Through”

Károly Bari – “Winter Diary”

Flóra Imre – “Snow Covers the Garden”

András Gerevich – “Seasons”

Poland Michał Głowiński – “A Footbridge Over Time”

Czech Republic Vladimír Holan – “Snow”

Karel Čapek – “Footprints”

Karel Čapek – “Footprint”

Slovak Republic Daniel Simko – “January”

Ivan Štrpka – “A Second”

DATE – To Think or Not to Think

Slovak Republic Milan Šimečka – “On Uncertain Reality”

Karol Chmel – “Skepticism”

Czech Republic Václav Havel – “Family Singsong”

Hungary Gábor Gőrgey – excerpt from “Interview”

Péter Kántor – “On Truth”

Győrgy Petri – “Credit Card”

“Slovakia and Hungary: Trouble in Felvidek”

Poland Czeslaw Milosz – “Incantation,” “A Poem for the End of the Century”
DATE - Review Week
FINAL PAPERS DUE DATE by pm by email
Central Europe

Dimitrijevics, Anna. “European Identity: The Gaul and the Janus.” Europa, Michaelmas 2001, pp. 14-15.

Foa, Roberto. “European Identity?”, Europa, Michaelmas 2001, p. 12.
Fredriksson, Carl Henrik. “Does Central Europe Still Exist?” In: Kwartalnik Res Publica Nowa. Warsawa: Res Publica Nowa, ca. 2011, p. 6.
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Rupnik, Jacques. “Central Europe or Mitteleuropa?” in Daedalus. Vol. 119, No. 1, Winter, 1990, pp. 249-278.
Czech Republic / Slovakia

Morand, Patricia. “TCHECOSLOVAQUIE”: Enquête sur une révolution baroque.” Le Temps stratégique, no. 41, Septembre 1991, pp. 14-37.

Reiss, Michael. “A Tale of Two Cities”, Europa, Trinity 2001, pp. 22-23.

Dimitrijevics, Anna. “Has Hungry Hit the Jackpot?”, Europa, Trinity 2001, pp. 7-8.

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Przybylski, Wojciech. “The Whereabouts of the Imprisoned Polish Memory.” In: Kwartalnik Res Publica Nowa. Warsawa: Res Publica Nowa, ca. 2011, pp. 17-20.


Debeljak, Aleš. “Reconstructing Europeanism?” In: The Hidden Handshake: National Identity and Europe in the Post-Communist World. Rowman & Littlefield, 2004, pp. 98-ca. 100.
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