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Zadanie 1 (6 pkt)

Usłyszysz dwukrotnie fragment audycji radiowej. Na podstawie informacji zawartych w nagraniu, zaznacz w tabeli znakiem X, które ze zdań 1–6 są prawdziwe (TRUE), a które – nie (FALSE).




Five years ago, teenagers spent more than seven hours a day using electronic devices.


A typical British teenager owns more than three electronic gadgets.


Some teenagers are irritated by late-night calls and text messages.


Most parents set a time limit for their children to use gadgets.


The Cyber Teens campaign informs parents about the bad influence of gadgets on teenagers.


The speaker is talking about the role of electronic gadgets in teenagers’ lives.

Zadanie 2 (4 pkt)

Przeczytaj informacje o czterech osobach (1–4) i pięciu klubach oferujących zajęcia sportowe (A–E). Do każdej osoby dobierz tę ofertę, która by jej najbardziej odpowiadała. Jedna oferta została podana dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej osoby.

1 ____

I did some karate and a little bit of judo, but

the atmosphere at the club was too competitive

so I resigned. Now, I’d like to try some team sports,

but not on weekdays because I’m working then.
2 ____

I admit that I’m a couch-potato, but those old games

of football or tennis are really boring! The only sports activity that could interest me is martial arts. I could train for them at any time or on any day.
3 ____

I’m not too sporty. It’s because every day I work

from nine to five which leaves me only a few hours

in the afternoon for doing exercise. I want to take up

an activity which would help me to relax (so judo and karate are out!)
4 ____

I love sport and I exercise a lot! On Mondays, I do judo and, from Tuesday to Thursday, I have aerobics lessons. I have Fridays free so I could take up one more activity then. Preferably something connected with water.

That would be a nice change.

A. In Sporty Club, you’ll be trained by professional coaches and you’ll be using the best equipment on the market.

We offer ultra-light tennis rackets and golf clubs. Visit us any time from Monday to Friday (9 am–5 pm).

B. Are you into sport? Join Sportivo Club! Try a wide range of sports activities: yoga, aerobics, handball and basketball. At the weekend, the club organizes outdoor football and volleyball matches. Opening hours: 7 am–1 pm
every day.
C. Japan Style Club invites all those who want to learn how to do judo or karate. Training sessions for beginners are organized on Tuesdays at 4 pm.
D. Living under stress? It’s time to change things! Come to the Wellington Sports Centre and talk to our consultants. Choose your activities from yoga, stretching, pilates and total body conditioning. All sessions start at 7 pm and finish at 8.30 pm and take place from Monday to Friday.
E. Tired of yoga, karate and football? Visit Packard Leisure Centre and sign for aqua aerobics lessons. It’ll help you relax and stay in good shape. There are two sessions: Monday, 8–9 am and Friday, 9–10 am.

Zadanie 3 (5 pkt)

Uzupełnij zdania 1–5 wyrazami z ramki. Trzy słowa zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnego zdania.

cleaner control disease event faint flu injury stick

1. We encourage all students to take part in the ‘Ready Steady Go’ sporting ______________ which will be taking place at our school in May.

2. There was a car crash on the M4 early this morning. Luckily, only one person suffered a minor head ______________.

3. Can you give me the remote ______________? I want to change the channel.

4. You were so pale that I thought you were going to ______________.

5. Mrs Green is very old-fashioned. She doesn’t have a vacuum ______________ or a washing machine.

Zadanie 4 (5 pkt)

Połącz fragmenty zdań 1–5 z A–G. Dwa zakończenia zdań zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnego początku zdania.


John! Turn that music


He failed to serve the ball


If I have a headache, I take


Don’t forget to make


All students have to wear

A. our football team.

B. tracksuits during PE classes.

C. over the volleyball net.

D. a painkiller and stay in bed.

E. down because I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing.

F. an appointment with Dr Brown.

G. flu and stayed in for two weeks.

Zadanie 5 (5 pkt)

Ułóż wyrazy w odpowiedniej kolejności, aby utworzyć poprawne zdania.W każdym zdaniu jest jeden zbędny wyraz.
1. on / I / memory / from / all / save / a / documents / my / stick.


2. sports / when / at / what / do / practise / you / school ?


3. I / illegal / from / online / never / music / download / the / Internet.


4. the / by / many / were / seriously / soldiers / during / wounded / war.


5. shouldn’t / you / healthy / smoke / to / if / want / of / be / you .


Zadanie 6 (5 pkt)

Uzupełnij zdania 1–5, wykorzystując podane w nawiasach wyrazy w odpowiedniej formie. Nie należy zmieniać kolejności podanych wyrazów, trzeba natomiast dodać wszystkie niezbędne elementy, aby otrzymać logiczne
i gramatycznie poprawne zdania. W każdym zdaniu brakuje maksymalnie pięciu elementów. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych fragmentów.

1. It’s very sad that so many young people (be / addict) ____________________________________________ drugs.

2. The equipment of an underwater hockey player consists of a (pair / flipper) __________________________ and a snorkel.

3. Jim loves sport but he (not want / take part) _______________________________________ in any competitions.

4. I can’t talk to you right now. I (prepare / presentation) __________________________ about Leonardo da Vinci.

5. I (take / lot) __________________________________________________ photos with my new camera yesterday.

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