International Scientific Conference Annex to Call for Papers Addendum

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International Scientific Conference

Annex to Call for Papers Addendum

Wellness as a goal of health promotion

Dobrostan celem promocji zdrowia

Lublin, 23 – 25 May 2008

Office: skr. poczt. 275 ul. Jaczewskiego 8, 20-954 Lublin Poland, phone: (081) 740-80-75

We kindly attach an annex to the call for papers addendum due to a change in scoring of periodicals and scholarly monographs presented by an ordinance of Minister of Science and Higher Education dated 17th October 2007 regarding criteria and process of granting and reviewing financial resources for statute activities (Dz. U. Nr 205, poz. 1489).

We no longer print articles in Annales UMCS that have not received publication points.

We recommend printing articles in monographs devoted to specific sessions according to the enclosed scoring.

Every article will be a chapter in a monograph. A chapter in a monograph is understood to be a scholarly compilation of minimum 20000 characters including spaces.

Publication scoring

in Polish

in English

3 points

7 points

Conference attendance submission including a conference payment needs to be sent in by February 28th 2008. Please submit full text of the materials by March 15th 2008.

The remaining conditions of Conference attendance have not changed.

Steering Committee

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