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Język angielski


InsideOut intermediate - podręcznik

Kolokwia 2-3. 2 nieusprawiedliwione nieobecności.
Blueberry - jagoda

Red currant - czerwwona porzeczka

Celery - seler

Beetroot - burak

Cherry - wiśnia/czereśnia

Cucumber - ogórek

Lattice - sałata zielona

Cabbage - kabaczek

Beef - wołowina

Cod - dorsz

Trout - pstrąg

Prawns - krewetki

Herring - śledź

Salmon - łosoś

Smoked - wędzony






lamb - jagnięcina


Sausage - kiełbasa


mince - mięso mielone


Cold meat - wędlina
Flour - mąka

Mint - mięta

Marjoran - majeranek

Margery - margaryna

Knuckle - golonka

Tripe - flaczki

Pork chops - kotlety

Pencakes/cripes - naleśniki

Tap water - woda z kranu

Semi - pól dry - tu: wytrawne

Cheescake - sernik

Puff - ptyś

Crisps - chipsy, chips - frytki /eng./

French fries - frytki

Gravy - sos mięsny
Yummy - mniam mniam

Breast - pierś

Liver - wątroba

Spring water - gazowana

Sauerkraut - kiszona kapusta






Napisac o sobie...

Something about me...

Oh, what can I tell you about me? I'm sure, I'm not the best person to ask... I don't like to speech in english, I prefer writing. Maybe I will learn how to speak freely on these classes and communication will be easier for me a bit. Anyway I like writing - much more than talkig. I can think about word, which I really want to say, not only that one, which came as first into my mind.

This way I prefer books than conversation. Usually I read fantasy, sometimes science-fiction or other genres. Maybe because the imagination seems to be better place than reality - less complicated and more logical. In my opinion, of course.

But I live in real world. I don't want to escape from it into my dreams, so I try to see it more beautiful. I'm an optimist. I can stand for a while on a street and watch sun rays shining in the morning gloom, I can spend many minutes to observe common snail, moving next to my shoe in fresh grass. I love such momments of common live - they always make me happy.

Sometimes I have a camera during these momments - and this is my another passion: photography. I'm not a professional - simply I like to make photos. I have many other passions - like biking, computers, movies, or electronics. I have a collection of hippopotamuses too - it's my hobby.

It is difficult to say, what I really don't like. Sometimes I think I like evrything, that surrouns me. We live in pleasant times, there are no close wars, economics are growing, there is a golden era of science. We are getting better, faster, more convinient and of course not happier. But I'm optimistic - day after day. The world is crazy, but fascinating too, at all.


take-away - na wynos

Cereal - zbożowy

Custard - krem

traditional dinner in Poland includes two dishes - a soup and samething else for main course. Usually them are pork chops with gravy or pencakes. Polish kitchen often uses potatos, beef, tomatos, cucumber, onion. There are much natural drinks like beer. ...
- good evening

- may I help you?

- is there any free place here?

- of course, it is, come here

- can I get the menu?

- sure

one minute later

- here you are

- thanks

- I would like roast beef with chips, plese

- something to drink?

- I don't know, what can you recommend me for that

- some wine, maybe?

- oh, no, I don't drink alkohol

- maybe coca-cola or something like that?

- ok, I will take it. But its not my fav.


Tymczasowe czynności - she is living in Britain now (tymczasowe)

Swim -> swimming, take -> taking, lie -> lying
Springboard - trampolina

deckchair - leżak

Swimsuit - kostium

swimcap - czepek

Lifequard - ratownik

Can - puszka

  • The people at the table on left are drinking coffee on picture A, not coca-cola, like on pic.B.

  • There are only two

15 zdan w present continious

1. I can't clean the window, I'm learning for exams.

2. I suppose he is lying, I have seen him in university that day.

3. Can you borrow me some money? I'm going to casino tommorow.

4. Don't disturb Tom. He is reading his favourite newspaper now.

5. It is Susan. She is living in my home now.

6. Don't waste my time. I'm trying to understand physics.

7. Don't be so stupid. I'm trying to help you!

8. Please, help me. I'm dying closed in my own cellar.

9. Are you going to Luisville next Monday?

10. I'm looking for young girl in red dress.

11. I'm not watching TV, I'm playing computer game.

12. Are they playing basketball outside? I couldn't find them in their room.

13. Are you preparing a meal for our dog?

14. My neighbour is listening music very loud. I have to say him, what I think about him.

15. Is she making music or noise. I can't distinguish it.

Dialog w sklepie z żywnoscią

(C)ustomer and (S)hopkeeper:

S: hello, how can I... Oh, it's you, again. What do you want this time?

C: I would like to buy two cucumbers, but give me better ones than last time, please. They were awful, my wife couldn't use that!

S: You have bought all my cucumbers, I have no more.

C: Right. I'm your best customer. So give me the vegetables and stop this useless conversation.

S: I have no more cucumbers, are you listening me? I can sell you some cabbage, maybe.

C: Stop wasting my time. My wife hates cabbage, I must get two cucumbers.

S: Don't be angry, please. If you don't want cabbage, you can buy some lattice, it is green too. Your wife won't notice the difference.

C: what kind of idiot are you thinking I am? I can't bring her lattice and say her it's cucumber.

S: What does she do with these cucumbers? A special salad, maybe?

C: She is an artist. She paints the cucumbers on her pictures.

S: Oh... I see it now. And say, that all the tomatos, which you have bought last week, she painted too?

C: Of course. What else could she do with them?

S: Er...

C: So? Will you sell me the cucumbers or not?

S: Well, no. But I think I can sell you a broken wheel from my old bicycle, she will love that one!

C: Oh, if you think so, I will take it. But don't tell me, that you have only one...


purpose - cel

Amusing - zabawny

Approve - akceptować

Quote - cytat

Justify - uzasadnić

Attitude - opinia

Lavatory - toilets (loo)

Abuse - obraźliwy

Offence/crime - wykroczenie

Squat - pustostan

Beaver - bóbr

Mock - naśmiewać

Encourage - zachęcać

Discourage - zniechęcać

Witty - dowcipny

1. Communication, expressing the feeling, comment actual situation

2. Public lavatory walls, train stations

Podzielić się na 3 argumenty na temat

1. Being famous is a terrible experience

2. Everyone should be a vegetarian

3. Men are better cooks than women

1. Tabloid, quality press, rat pack(paparazzi), stack, follow sb, showbiz

2. protein, nutreins, anemic, fibre(blonnik), ten opracować - tego bronic, inne atakowac

3. Chef, taste buds(kubki smakowe), taster

Present simple 15 zdan, kilka zdan o graffiti
1. Animals are also living beings, able to feel emotions

2. Animals are usually breeding in bad conditions

3. Vegetables and fruits are more healthy

4. When you eat meat you are more aggressive

5. Meat is more expensive than vegetables

6. vegetables are easier to store. You have to keep it in fridge


1. Its easier to live - everyones knows you

2. You can feel better than common people

3. You can earn money easily, and quick become rich. This way your life is

4. You know many people, you are not alone

5. You can visit many countries and be in many famous places

6. You can infuence on other people - with fashion, political power, television
cooking men

1. Men have more taste buds, so they can taste food better than women.

2. They usually have no children to look after during cooking.

3. They have short hairs, which are no dropped into soup

4. Usually men like to eat well, so they know how to do that. Today women are trying to keep the line

15 zdań w present simple

1. Our imagination is our second home. much better and simpler then real one.

2. Graffiti can be artistic way to express emotions, but not every graffiti is an art.

3. I like when graffiti is more similar to painting than simple text message

4. Sometimes graffiti is made by people without artisting sense, mixing wrong colours and wrong shapes.

5. Usually graffiti demolishes walls or buildings.

6. It is wrong, that almost all text graffitis in Poland are vulgar.

7. Do you feel responsible for young people, who don't know what to do with their free time, and choose graffiti without any better solutions?

8. George is an archtect. He says, that any change of decoration, materials and colours usually ruins the original concept.

9. Lawrence studies philosophy and she thinks graffiti is an escepe from severe social rules and chance to express ourselves.

10. Ben usually paints graffitis, but he doesn't know, that his girlfriend, Mary, paints too.

11. Do you draw a sketch, when you invent a graffiti, or keep it in your mind until you paint that?

12. Does he really like the new graffiti in the toilet? I think it is awful!

13. Our art teacher is cool. We paint graffitis for example.

14. That boy can't remember the words from Shakespeare's tragedies, but he writes ridiculous graffitis on the walls.

15. More public area Graffiti writer uses, more acceptation and fame he or she gains.


Injection/shot - zastrzyk

Digest - trawić

Digestive system - układ trawienny

Indigestion - niestrawność

Put on/gain - przybrać na wadze

Susceptible - podatny

Suffer from - cierpieć na

Flexible - elastyczny

Efficient - wydajny

1t, 2f, 3f, 4t, 5t, 6f, 7f, 8t
Napisać daily routine - ogólnie

It is not good idea to write, how my common day looks like. It would be too boring to listen to that. It would be better to say about somebody else. Look at that for example:

I weak up early in the morning - usually not later than rising sun. This time there is too much walking and talking people to sleep well. During winter I prefer to stay inside, but when it's warmer I like to smell fresh air. I only have to pack my baggage and move forwad.

At this time there are much hurrying people walking rapidly do work. It is not the best time for begging, but if any good place is free, I stay for hour or two. Sometimes I'm able to stay longer, but usually somebody want me to go away. If I earn some money this way or I saved some from the day before, I buy something to eat. A bread, a roll or even a banana. I'm not particular, you know, it isn't possible in this proffesion.

If there is really hard, I walk from one trash bucket to another, looking for food. With some luck I find other interesing items too. You have no idea, what things people can just throw away. One time I have found a working toaster!

In the afternoon I try to eat a dinner. I usually use the center for homeless. I don't like that place, but I hardly never have a chance to eat elsewhere. If there is a pleasant weather, I sometimes go to the local park to watch the nature and enjoy the green lawn, silence and freedom. The park branches are good to take a nap too. Afternoon is probably the best time to beg. People are happy after work and they are thinking about their homes. It's much easier to get some money, when they are in that mood. It's good to take a bus or train station, or one of the crowdly streets.

In the evening I come back to my train station. I buy a plastic cup of tea from the machine, usually with something warm to eat - like hot dog for example. In the evening I find a good place in the station, if it is possible, and continue to learn playing harmonics. If I have good day I can earn more money this way than during whole day. When there are less people and it is getting late, I go to sleep. There are many convenient spots in the station if you really want to sleep after long and difficult day.

hear, smell - nie występuje w present continious chyba ze jako przesłuchiwać. Wąchać. W formach pasywnych tylko forma podstawowa.

1 I'm having

2 she has

7 I see

8 I’m seeing

9 I think

10 what are you thinking

1 he doesn’t smoke

2 i'm thinking

3 who goes

5 do you realize

I’m in a hurry




Hobbies / interests

Mary loves Peter

They are working in the garden

Where are they working

Who is working in the garden?
John invited us for a party

did J. invite us for a party

who did J. invite for a party

Who invited us for a party

petite - drobny

napisać o bliskim przyjacielu.

My best friend

Maybe it is difficult to believe, but my sister is my best friend too. In early childhood we were like little enemies a bit - you know, we werer quarreling about toys and games. Later she was my personal defender or even bodyguard in school. She is almost two years older than me, so she could protect me from children from higher classes - maybe it is funny, I know.

In secondary school we became true friends. We learned english, math and even #matura together. During my studies we could talk about evrything - without borders or secrets. Always we help each other as well as we can. It is not a problem, that I’m here, in Katowice, and she lives and studies in Breslau - we communicate over internet.

We have common interests and passions and we are travelling together during vacations: we ride on bikes to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bornholm, Poland of course and time will show us, where else.

I can count on her and she can count on me. And it is most important, I think.

toast jako tost

rely - polegać

nigger => nigga

gangster => gangsta

my => me

ing => in

light => lite


E-mail message about me.

Hello. My name is Michael and I live in Poland. I’m an optimist and I spend my free time on enjoing life around me. And reading books, biking, playing computer games, watching movies too. I have also a collection of hippopotamuses. I’m shy person, so I prefer writing than talking. Write if you have a lot in common.

E-mail respond to penpal

Dear Tom

Thank you very much for your respond. I’m so glad that you love hippos and you have your own collection too. It doesn’t matter how many hippos you have - it is important that you are doing something what makes you happy.

It’s great that you love travelling. I hope one day you will fulfill your dreams and make the expedition over Mongolia and China. I also enjoy visiting new places, but not on motorbike - I travel on bike with tents and friends. It is my way for spending holidays.

I visited your homepage and I’m impressed by your photos from trip to Brasil. I like making photos too and I have to say, that you are really talented! Do think about art studies? I suppose it would be amazing experience for you - especially that you like painting.

In previous message I forgot about my favourite music. I like calm genres like ambient and new age, but usually I listen rock or metal too. It depends on what I’m doing - sometimes I simply need louder and faster backgound to avoid from sleep.

In the attachment I’m sending you a true story about very old turtle, which rescued young hippo during flood in a zoo. That’s incredible, I know.

Write more about you, I will wait impatiently for your response.

Your hippo loving friend from Poland, Michel



xmas pudding

mince pie

xnmas cake

annual parties - doroczne przyjęcia

sledge - sanie

proceed - poprzedzać

welfare - dobrobyt

hay - siano

reindeer - renifer

wishbone - Y kostka kurczaka

holly - ostrokrzew

mistletoe - jemioła

xmas caroll - kolęda

midnigh mass - pasterka

xmas waffer - opłatek

acquaintance - znajomy

fiere = friend

tied- zawiązany

draw near - nadciągać

tap to toe i tailbacks - być w korku

glisten - błyszczeć
Święta i sylwester.

Christmas is a magical time. I spend it with my family. What can I say interesting about that? Maybe the fact we have no a christmas tree. We have a christmas cactus instead. It is our little tradition. My family decided that common christmas trees are expensive, non ecological, causes problems and are stiupid way to bring money to christmass tree sellers, transferring this holy time into commercial trance.

But New Year time I spend with pack of my friends. We travel together to house of one of them located on a hill near Skoczów and Bielsko-Biała. Just imagine the mountainns covered with snow in far distance. The sun reaching the tops is breaking through the clouds. Look closer. Lower hills are emerging from chilly fogs. Silent sounds of life are coming from the bottom of this view. Civilization is far away. It’s great feeling.

We spend much time on watching brilliant landscapes and simply making photos. We like wanderig, but maybe more we like playing various games, including cardgames or boardgames like Monopoly, and of course role playing games.

Sometime we meet new people there. But always it is a opportunity to meet old people again - we learn new things about old friends. It makes that we are closer. Maybe it is why we can talk about almost everything during these long dark nights and long white walks...
C10 - NewYear resolutions

I’m gonna

I’m going to study more

I will stop smoking

I won’t come late

start on over again

keep up with the news

drink less beer

read more books

spend this morning or shoes

I’m gonna

file my mail away - sortować pocztę

despite - pomimo

lunatic - szalony

blurb - nota na końcu książki

advice -rada (przez s)

advice - radzić (przez z)

sophisticatet - wyrafinowany

regain - odzyskać

shot - trochę, łyk

deal with - mieć do czynienia

disturb - przeszkadzać

fidget - wiercić się

fiddle - majstrować

1. She has broken her leg

I have opeened the window

2. We have just seen him

(already, yet, lately, recently, ever, never, today, this weeek)

3. We had lived here for 10 years

We lived here ffor 10 years

She has broken

Has she broken...

She hasn’t broken
My own resolutions: I’m gonna to finish my role playing system. I’m going to visit my friend in the monastery.
How relaxed you are?

I have to say that I’m quite relaxed now. In this situation I have nothing to worry about. I know my way and my target - I’m like shot arrow, crossing the air. I know that place, I know what is necessary and what isn’t. I stand on solid, steady ground and that makes me happy and relaxed. But it works only here. In this building.

Usually i’m not so sure what to do. But I’m slow. I don’t hurry - in most cases things are not important enough to make them in rush. I can be patient. I don’t worry often - I simply try to accept, what comes. I don’t like wasting the time for fight with my our life - I prefer just living.

Maybe I worry about communication or meetings with others - I’m just not good at that. It’s why. Maybe I worry about our civilization. About our future. I think we should worry about important matters, if we have to worry about something.


Present perfect have/has + Past Participle

I have opened

He has done

Has he done

He hasn’t done

Zwykle bez określeń czasowych, ale ze skutkiem w teraźniejszości. Określniki yet, almost, ever, recently, lately, this week etc. Czynność zakońćzona, ale czas jeszce trwa.

Zdania z FOR i SINCE. Since 1980. For 5 years.

Already dla twierdzeń, yet dla przeczeń.











Recorder, flute

Tape recorder





Music band




New age


Classical music

Disco-Polo, Disco






Folk, celtic music

Symphonic music



Conductor - dyrygent

Composer - kompozytor



Stage - scena

Opera, operetta

Cast - obsada

Script - scenariusz

Based on - na podstawies

Stand-person - kaskader

Extra - statysta

Screen - scena

Reference - encyklopedie, słowniki

Plot - fabuła

Heroine - bohaterka

Vivvlian - czarny charakter

Contents - spis treści

Foreword - wstęp

Page-turner - książka, od której nie możemy się oderwać

Pulp fiction - kieepska literatura

To be flop - fiasko

The story is set in - historia dzieje się

Involving - wciągający
He is boring - nudny (imiesłów strony czynnej)

He is bored - znudzony (imiesłów strony biernej)

Embarassing - krępujący

Amusing - zabawny, rozbawiający

Amused - rozbawiony

Confusing - mylący

Confused - zdezorientowany

Appropriate - odpowiednie

The last book I have read

Few days ago I read a small book - about fourty pages long. It was About library written by Umberto Eco. I have heard about this book before, but I get it as a christmas present. It is short critical opinion about modern libraries - the author explains the vision of a world as a never ending library with infinite books and corridors. He shows how the library shouldn’t look like, and then tells us about his two favourite ones. He names the features of ideal library in his opionion.

There are no main characters in that book - it is not a novel with bad or happy end. It is a collection of few philosophical thoughts. Nevetheless it is Umberto Eco. On this studies it is not bad idea to read that book.

Date sb - umawiać się na randki

Go out with somebody

Fiancee - narzeczona

Bride, bridegroom - panna, pan młody

Mr/miss right - „Pan idealny“

Stag/hen party - wieczór kawalerski/panieński

Eligible bachelar - kawaler do wzięcia

Crush - zgnieść / zauroczenie

Crash - stłuczka

Bachelar of arts - licencjat

Publicity stunt - chwyt reklamowy

Propose to sb - oświadczyć się

Pop out a question - oświadczyć się





Reference - książki encyklopedyczne






The Horse Whisperers

Uneasy - niespokojny, zaniepokojony

Appaling - przerażający

Tearjerker - wyciskacz łez

Portrayal - obraz, interpretacja

Climax - punkt kulminacyjny

My first trip abroad

If we won’t count small trips to Cieszyn in Czech Republic, Switzeland was my first trip abroad. I was in third class in secondary school, when my physics teacher announced a trip to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. There were not many of us, who decided to go - only four people from my class. We were travelling in a bus an visited not only CERN, but many other attractions too. We were in International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, we were in Chamonix and we almost saw the Mont Blanc. Evrything would be perfect if ma camera wouldn’t break first day. I have few photos only - from other people from class. Anyway it is an unforgetable experience.


Past Simple

Ann wrote an eesey yesterday

As a child she didn’t like him

When did Bill come back?

Columbus discovered America

Ann wrote ; Did Ann wrote? ; Ann didn’t wrote

Bill worked ; Did Bill work? ; Bill didn’twork

Was he ; Werer they?




Since 1995 - for 14 years

12:54 -

- 3 months

1999 -

- 25 years

12 January -

Christmas - 2 months


Memory test:

Visual (I see)

Sunshine, grass, rose, baby,

Auditory (I hear)


Kibesthetic (I feel)

Happines, powerty, embarasement

Olfactory (I smell)


Gustatory (I taste)


Self-assured - pewny siebie



Bossy, nosy - władczy, wścibski


Honest - uczciwy

Supportive - wspierający

Caring - troskliwy

Talented, original,



Sensible - rozsądny

Sociable - towarzyski

Energetic - energiczny

Lively, zippy - żywy

Soil - gleba/ziemia

Tend to - skłonności do...

Take advantage - wykorzystać

Flit - przeskakiwać

Commited - przywiązany

Offend - obrażać

Stubborn - uparty

Determined - uparty (Wydźwięk pozytywny)

Exterior qualities - cechy zewnętrzne

Broke - spłukany

A bit cheeky - zuchwały

Academic - pracownik uniwersytetu

Bearing all this in mind - pomimo to wszystko

You tend to...

You can be...

2,1/31 - story ending

My girlfriend kissed her penpal on my eyes without any problems. I wanted to bite him just in that momment, but I realised that this way I could hurt the person, who I love so much. During the dinner she was talking only with him, they were watching in each others eyes like lovers. True lovers. He is good-looking, interesting, intelligent and sporty. I’m not. After that dinner I escaped to garage to think about that. I couldn’t disturb her happines - if she wanted to live and be happy with him, I let her to do that freely. I broke every contact, trying to became invisible. I went to Australia to farm of my uncle. I worked hard to forget about my love, but after two years my feeling haven’t expired and my heart has been still biting for her. I decided to go back to her to check her present live and happines. In my city I met my old friend, wearing a black suit. He was extremly happy, when he saw me - he was going to a funeral. My own funeral! My whole family and my girfriend, who didn’t stop to love me, were looking for me for two years and then lost hope and made a funeral, thinking I’m dead. The penpal was always only a friend who left our house the same day he come. I couldn’t belive that trying not to hurt my girlfriend I hurt her much more.


I got depressed, because I don’t know how could I finish that sentence.

I got bored, because the book I read makes me sleepy.

I got confused, because my own family seem to be a rasists.

I got upset, because snow and ice are falling from roofs

I got involved in crime, because my face looks like a face of famous robber.

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