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1. Fill in the table with the proper words. Uzupełnij tabelę odpowiednimi wyrazami.







ice hockey







ice skating



2. Match the activities with the correct sentence. Dopasuj zajęcia do właściwych zdań.

boxing running swimming football golf gymnastics ballet yoga
1. I just love the feeling when my team wins a match! _______________

2. Some people say it’s a violent and dangerous sport but I really enjoy it. _______________

3. Martin trains every day but he needs to be faster to win the race. _______________

4. My wife and I go round the 18-hole course every weekend. _______________

5. I find it really relaxing. It’s best to do it when the house is quiet. _______________

6. Eva really likes watching the dancers – they look so beautiful. _______________

7. Getting into the pool after a hard day’s work really helps me relax. _______________

8. Nadia prefers the floor exercises – they’re not so dangerous. _______________

skateboarding scuba diving rock climbing windsurfing waterskiing snowboarding

9. It’s a great feeling when you arrive at the top. ____________

10. Mark loves the snow but he doesn’t like skiing. He prefers _____________

11. It’s fantastic seeing all the wonderful fish under the water. _____________

12. It can be dangerous if you fall off while you’re going down a road. _______________

13. I love going fast when the wind catches the sail. ______________

14. When Claudia fell, everyone in the boat in front of her laughed! _______________

3. Answer the questions. Write full sentences. Odpowiedz na pytania pełnymi zdaniami.

1. What's your favourite sport? Why?

2. Do you do a lot of sport? Why? Why not?

3. What does it mean to get a second wind?





3. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
4. Read the text and choose the correct answer (a/b/c). Przeczytaj tekst i wybierz jedną z podanych odpowiedzi. Wpisz odpowiednią literę obok cyfry.

Born to Run

It's long been the conventional wisdom 1.......... scientists that the human body 2.......... for walking, nor running. But last week researches presented evidence that long-distance jogging may have conferred evolutionary advantage on our ancestors and thus did much to shape today.

Fossil records show that certain body features specialized for endurance running 4.......... 2 milion years, to the first members of the genus Homo.

Why 5.......... to run marathons? For food. Early human may have had to compete with wild dogs and hyenas, 6.......... could run long distances to investigate a faraway scent or circling vultures. By making it possible to maintain a diet higher in fats and proteins, running 7.......... allowed humans to grow bigger brains. Who knew a good jog could make you smarter 8.......... thinner?

Temma Ehrenfeld
1. a among b about c of d for

2. a was preferred b adjusted c was made d fitted

3. a what humans look b that humans look c that human's look d human's look

4. a turn back b run backward c go back to d date back

5. a was necessary b the need c necessary d needed

6. a that b what c which d who

7. a may be b may have c have d had

8. a instead of b in addition to c as well as d except for

YOUR ANSWERS: 1. ..... 2..... 3...... 4..... 5..... 6..... 7..... 8......
5. Complete the sentences with the words from the box. Some of the words can be used twice, some of them –none. Uzupełnij zdania wyrazami z ramki. Niektóre wyrazy mogą być użyte dwukrotnie, a niektóre – wcale.

matches way steps times game ring idea

  1. How many ___________________ have I asked you to stop this?

  2. Children shouldn’t play with _________________.

  3. Please give me a __________________ before you come over.

  4. The head teacher has taken __________________ to prevent bullying at this school.

  5. We’ve had some good __________________ in this house, but it’s time to move.

  6. You can go up to the top of the tower, but it’s got 594 __________________ so be prepared to get tired.

  7. The famous boxer decided to appear in the __________________ one last time before retiring.

6. Translate the words in brackets. Przetłumacz fragmenty w nawiasach.

1. If you’re planning to take up tenis, buy _________________________ (najlepszą rakietę) you can find.

2. The French couple _________________________ (nie tańczy tak pięknie jak) the Spanish one.

3. The American swimmer __________________________ (był szybszy niż) all the other competitors.

4. You’re jogging ______________________ (zbyt szybko). I can’t keep up with you.

5. Caroline plays handball ___________________________ (całkiem dobrze).

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Good luck :-)





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