Present Continuous I am working now. Am I working now? I am not working now. UŻYcie

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Present Continuous

I am working now.

Am I working now?

I am not working now.


1) dla czynności odbywającej się w tym momencie

2) z wyrażeniami:


3) zaplanowana przyszłość

4) sytuacje wyjątkowe, niespotykane

I always drink tea but today I am drinking coffee.

5) z wyrażeniem always jeśli coś nas irytuje

He is always taking my clothes. I hate it.

Present Simple

He works hard

Does he work hard?

He does not work hard.


1) z wyrażeniami: ALWAYS / NEVER / USUALLY SOMETIMES / RARELY / OFTEN / every day / every month / every year

2) prawdy oczywiste i prawdy natury

Birds fly.

3) nasze zwyczaje, sytuacje powtarzalne

I go to work every day.

4) rozkłady środków transportu

A plane from London lands at five.

5) komentarze sportowe

Federer wins the Wimbledon.

  1. Why ______________________(you / feel) the radiator? It __________________(feel) cold in here.

  2. Why ______________________(you / smell) this washing powder? Because it ______________________ (smell) so fresh.

  3. I _____________________(stay) at my aunt’s home these days.

  4. She _________________ (think) Tom is lying.

  5. I ___________________ (think) of finding a new job.

  6. The president ________________(make) a speech now.

  7. More and more people ______________________(go) to the university these days.

  8. Sheila ____________________(throw) a party tonight. Do you want to come?

  9. Peter _____________________(always / tease) his younger brother. It is terrible.

  10. Mr. Brown ___________________(teach) Mathematics every day.

  11. The pizza ____________________(taste) delicious.

  12. A chef _____________________(taste) the sauce to check if it is ready.

  13. She ______________________(tend) to change her mind every second.

  14. I really _____________________(see) what you mean.

  15. He _______________________(see) his girlfriend next month.

  16. Mark ________________(always / ask) very personal questions. I hate it.

  17. The opposition always ____________________________(criticize) the government.

  18. David is in the bathroom. He _______________________(take) a shower.

  19. It _________________(look) as if autumn has come.

  20. Mary _________________(look) for her dictionary now.

  21. Susan and Kelly _________________________(always / meet) in front of the cinema.

  22. I _______________________(write) to tell you the news.

  23. She ___________________ (lead) the guests into the kitchen at the moment.

  24. Majewski ___________________(go) to the mark circle, ____________________ (turn) and _____________________ (release) a metal ball.

  25. My dog ___________________(weigh) 20 kilos.

  26. Why ____________________(you / weigh) this stone?

  27. She usually _______________________(wear) a suit but today she _____________________(wear) T-shirt and shorts.

  28. She __________________(never / accept) my offer.

  29. Tom __________________(be) intelligent but today he ________________(be) really stupid.

  30. This skirt ______________________(fit) Susan.

  31. This man ______________________(fit) me a new window tomorrow.

  32. Peter _____________________ (have) a complicated life and he ______________________(now / have) a difficult conversation with his boss.

  33. The film _____________________(start) after the news.

  34. What time _______________________(plane / take) off?

  35. Mom _________________(comfort) her little daughter now.

  36. Usain Bolt ______________________(finish) 100-meter race and ____________________(win) the gold medal.

  37. Your skin __________________(feel) like silk.

  38. Where _____________________(you /usually / park) your car?

  39. Mom _____________________(feel) child’s forehead now.

  40. Tom __________________(retrain) and ________________(gain) new skills these days.

  41. First you __________________ (heat) the oven then you _______________(roast) the chicken for an hour.

  42. She ______________________(enjoy) home made bread.

  43. She ______________________(enjoy) the party. She ______________________(dance) at the moment.

  44. Tom always ______________________(do) housework on Saturday.

  45. What time ________________________(performance / start)?

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