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Supervisor’s name and surname: Robert Szczepański, PhD

Faculty: Faculty of International Business and Economics

Department: Department of International Marketing

Email address:

Office hours: Mo 13.45-14.45, Wed 14.30-15.30, room 1225 Altum

Seminar description:

The seminar concentrates on the analysis and evaluation of the internationalisation process of the firm. The traditional and contemporary internationalisation models are discussed. The special emphasis is put on the company’s relationships created on international markets within the internationalisation process. Offshoring issues are also discussed.

Example topics:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the internatioanlisation process of the firm X.

  • Offshoring in internatioanlsiation process of the firm X

  • The role of partnership in the internatioan;istaion process of the firm X

  • Analysis of international business network of the firm X.

  • Evaluation of marketing strategy of the firm X on the Y market.

Example of supervisor’s publications:

  • Offshoring w marketingu międzynarodowym [Offshoring in international marketing], Marketing i Rynek 10/2007, PWE Warszawa 2007

  • Outsourcing strategies on foreign markets - research results in : Problems of Marketing Management in Globalisation / red. Jaroslav Ďaďo, Janka Petrovičová - Banska Bystrica : Faculty of Economics Matej Bel University, 2008

  • Outsourcing decisions in the process of company internationalsation, in: International Marketing and business in the CEE Markets - Katowice : Akademia Ekonomiczna (AE) w Katowicach, 2009

  • Plurality of relationships in the company internationalisation process, (with K.Fonfara)„The 25th IMP Conference Euromed Management. Handling Plurality of Relationship Forms in Networks: from Clans to Clubs, from Cliques to Communities. Theoretical and Managerial Perspectives. Marsylia 3-5.09.2009,

  • Offshoring w wyborach strategicznych przedsiębiorstw [Offshoring in strategic choices of the comapnies], in: Wybory strategiczne w przedsiębiorstwach. Rezultaty ekonomiczne, organizacyjne i społeczne - Poznań : Wydawnictwo UEP, 2011

  • Risk management system in business relationships - Polish case studies. (with J.Światowiec-Szczepańska), The impact of globalization on networks and relationships dynamics, 27th International IMP Conference, Glasgow 2011 - Glasgow : IMP Group, 2011

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