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I. Wysłuchaj nagrania i zaznacz kółkiem poprawną odpowiedź. (6pkt)

1. When does he go to the skate park?

a) on Saturday b) on Sunday

2. Who does he swim with?

a) his friends b) his brother

3. How often does he go to church?

a) once a week b) every day


4. Where does she go on Friday?

a) the supermarket b) the sports centre

5. When does she play tennis?

a) on Friday b) on Saturday and Sunday

6. What is there in Eggersham?

a) an interesting shop b) a post office

II. Wysłuchaj rozmowy Jamesa z kolegą na teamt festiwalu. Co robiły poszczególne osoby? Dopasuj osoby (1-5) do wykonywanych przez nie czynności (A-H). (5 pkt)

1. Lilly ____

2. Jake _____

3. Charlotte _____

4. Dylan ____

5. James _____


a) dance

b) paint their face

c) listen to bands

d) watch a fireworks display

e) watch a street parade

f) eat a traditional meal

g) wear a traditional costume

h) go on a roller coaster

III. Wysłuchaj nagrania i zaznacz kółkiem poprawną odpowiedź. (6pkt)
1. What is the advert about?

a) a walking holiday

b) a cruise

c) a beach holiday

2. Where does it start?

a) San Francisco

b) Vancouver

c) Seattle

3. What can someone do during the holiday?

a) swim in the sea

b) see glaciers

c) sunbathe

4. What activity isn’t free?

a) rock climbing

b) dancing

c) ice skating

5. How can you book your tickets for a better deal?

a) call them

b) go to your local travel agency

c) visit their website

I. Wpisz nazwy dni tygodnia. (6pkt)


The second letter is ‘e’, the fourth letter is ‘n’. – Wednesday.
1.The third letter is ‘i’, the fifth letter is ‘a’. –

_ _ _ _ _ _

2.The first letter is ‘T’, the second letter is ‘u’. –

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

3.The fourth letter is ‘r’, the seventh letter is ‘a’. –

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4.The first letter is ‘S’, the third letter is ‘t’. –

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5.The second letter is ‘u’, the third letter is ‘n’. –

_ _ _ _ _ _

6.The first letter is ‘M’, the fourth letter is ‘d’. –

_ _ _ _ _ _

II. Dopasuj słowa do definicji. Niektóre słowa są podane dodatkowo. (8 pkt)
clown, costume, barbecue, cake, decorations, birthday, bands, presents, disco, garden, game, balloons,
1. Something you play. You follow rules and try to win. _______________________

2. A special set of clothes for a play or a fancy dress party. ______________________

3. A party outside where people eat food, cooked on a grill. ______________________

4. Small colourful bags filled with air and used as toys. ________________________

5. Things which make a room or a place look nice. ______________________

6. A sweet food made of flour, eggs, and sugar that you bake in the oven. _______________________

7. A party where people dance to music played by a DJ. _________________________

8. An area outside a house with grass and flowers.


I. Wstaw: some, any, a lub an. (14 pkt)
A: Have you got 1_______ sandwiches?

B: Yes, there are 2______ chicken and tuna sandwiches.

A: Can I have3 ________ chicken sandwich, please? And have you got 4_______ chips?

B: I can make 5________ for you.

A: Thanks.
A: Is there 6 _______ cake?

B: Yes, would you like 7_______ ?

A: Yes and 8_______ cup of coffee, please.

B: Coming!

A: We need 9__________ cheese, 10__________ grapes and 11_________ orange juice.

B: No, we don’t need 12_______ cheese. There is 13________ in the fridge.

A: You are right. Oh, yes. And 14________ kilo of sugar.

B: Sure.
II. Zakreśl kółkiem właściwą odpowiedź. (15 pkt)

1 This isn’t ...... bike. It belongs to Sally.

A you B yours C your

2 There are two armchairs ...... the living room.

A on B in C behind

3 Koalas ...... from Australia.

A is B are C be

4 You ...... go skiing. There isn’t any snow!

A can’t B can C must

5...... time does the party start?

A When B What C Where

6 Are you and Ben friends? Yes ...... are.

A you B they C we

7 Can Jamie speak three languages? No, he ...... .

A can’t B can C don’t

8 This house belongs to Dan. It’s ...... house.

A her B our C his

9 Jane is a musician. She ...... play the piano.

A can’t B don’t C can
10 Look at ...... .

A they B them C their
11 Where ...... you at 8:00 yesterday?

A are B was C were
12 This is ........ car.

A our B us C we
13 Can I help you at all? Yes, I’m ...... for a scarf.

A look B looking C looks
14 You ...... do your homework.

A have B must C mustn’t
15 I ...... to the cinema tonight.

A went B ‘m going C go

I. Uzupełnij dialog zdaniami A-E. (5 pkt)

P: 1.............................................................................

You: Yes, and it’s windy. What’s the weather like in your country?

P: 2.............................................................................

You: Is it sunny all the time?

P: 3.............................................................................

You: Does it rain a lot?

P: 4.............................................................................

You: And what’s Milan like in summer?

P: 5.............................................................................

A It’s a horrible day today. It’s freezing.

B Italy is hotter and drier than England.

C Yes, it does. And sometimes it’s foggy.

D It’s a very hot city! The best weather is in spring and summer.

E No, it isn’t . The winter is sometimes very cold in my city, Milan.
II. Przyporządkuj każdej wypowiedzi właściwą odpowiedź, dopasowując litery A-F do wypowiedzi 1 – 5. Jedna odpowiedź nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi. (5pkt)
1.What’s the weather like? - ____

2.Are you alright? - ____

3.I’ve passed my exams. - ____

4.Oh no! We’re going to be late! - ____

5.Could you give me a hand with the washing up? - ____
A That’s really great! What did you get?

B Calm down. We’ve got plenty of time.

C No problem. I’ll just turn the computer off.

D It’s raining all the time.

E That’s not exactly what I mean.

F I’m just a bit tired.
III. Zaznacz kółkiem poprawną odpowiedź. (4pkt)
1. Zapytaj, gdzie jest supermarket.

a) Excuse me. Is this a supermarket?

b) Excuse me. Where’s the supermarket?

c) Excuse me. How many supermarkets are there?

2. Zapytaj kolegę, czy woli pisać SMSy, czy rozmawiać przez telefon.

a) Do you like texting?

b) Why don’t we talk on the phone?

c) Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?

3. Poproś sprzedawcę w sklepie z ubraniami o niebieską koszulę.

a) I’d like a blue shirt.

b) Do you like blue shirts?

c) I like blue shirts.

4. Zaproponuj koledze wyjście do kina.

a) Do you go to the cinema?

b) Why don’t we go to the cinema?

c) Do you have to go to the cinema?

I. Przeczytaj tekst i podaj właściwą odpowiedź T (true), F (false) lub DS (doesn’t say) (6 pkt)

Spotlight on the People’s Princess

We often see their faces on TV but we know little about their everyday lives. What do the famous do when the cameras off? We take a look at the at the daily life of the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a very beautiful woman with a busy timetable. When she is in London, she gets up at 7 am and goes jogging with her dog, Lupo, then she has breakfast. After that she reads reports and meets people from various charities she helps. She sometimes travels abroad to make official public appearances.

When she is home in Anglesey, she goes jogging in the mornings or she walks along the beach with her dog. She often goes shopping at the local supermarket. She likes making cakes and pots of homemade jam. In the evening, she usually prepares William’s favourite meal and they have dinner together. Then they watch DVDs or they go to their local cinema to watch a new film. Kate says that she loves her life on the island a lot.

1. Kate is a queen. _______

2. Kate has got a dog. _____

3. Kate always gets up early. _____

4. Kate rarely goes to London. ______

5. Kate cannot cook very well. _____

6. Kate likes her life very much. _____
II. Przeczytaj tekst i wpisz poprawną odpowiedz A, B lub C. (4 pkt)


Researchers are looking for ways to improve different means of transport so that they cause less pollution and use less fuel. Take a look at some eco-friendly designs.


The ENV Motorcycle is a pollution free motorcycle. A hydrogen fuel cell much like a battery powers the motorcycle. It can travel up to 100 kilometres on a fully charged fuel cell. The driver can also take off the fuel cell and use it to power other electronic equipment. This is a great solution for parts of the world where there little or no electricity.


The Skhy Bus is an incredible green bus that does not pollute the environment. It gets its power from solar panels on its roof and from a system on the bus that changes waste water into hydrogen power. This bus hasn’t got a driver. A GPS and sensors control this green ride!


Large ships and boats pollute the oceans and seas and consumea lot of fuel. SkySails is an idea by a German company that uses giant kites to capture wind energy. The kites reduce normal fuel consumption of ships as much as 35 percent by catching the wind and pulling the ships across the surface of the water.

Which means of transport:

1. still uses regular fuel? ________

2. is useful in places without power? _______

3. uses energy from the sun? ______

4. creates power in two different ways? ____

III. Przeczytaj tekst i podaj właściwą odpowiedź T (true) lub F (false) (4 pkt)

Venice-Simplon-Orient Express

The Orient Express train is a legend. Its history begins in 1883. It’s the most celebrated train in the world. The modern Venice Simplon Orient Express train carries passengers across Europe. It is the perfect place to start a special holiday. Take the train from the Alps to Venice. You can enjoy all your meals and drinks on board and of course, you can sleep on board, too. There is a unique collection of items you can buy in the train gift shop: books, posters, jewellery, watches and accessories. Take the chance to enjoy the journey of your life!

1. The Orient Express train is not famous. _______

2. The modern Venice Simplon Orient Express train is old. _____

3. You can’t have dinner on the train. _____

4. There is a gift shop on board. ______

I. Napisz list do przyjaciela. W każdą lukę możesz wpisać więcej niż jedno słowo. W sumie musisz dopisać 20-40 słów (I’m = 2 słowa). (15p)

Dear Tom!

How are you? I’m having a great time here in ___________________ . The weather is ________________________________. I’m here with _______________________________. Our hotel is _____________________________________ . The rooms are _____________________and they have got a ___________________________________. ________________ is a great place. There’s so much to do here. Every morning I _____________________. In the afternoon I usually ___________________________. In the evening I often ___________________________. Right now, I’m ____________________________ . I can’t wait to ____________________________ . What about you? How’s __________________ ? What are you doing on holiday? Well, that’s all for the time being.


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