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History of England

Course Syllabus (summer semester 2009/2010)

Instructor: Jakub Basista, PhD

E-mail: basista@chello.pl

Time: Saturdays and Sundays according to schedule

Venue: Lecture rooms on 3 Urbanistów str.

Prerequisites: Understanding of spoken English

Office hours: Saturdays after classes (on appointment – please contact the lecturer via e-mail)

Web Page: http://members.upcpoczta.pl/basista/

Course Description:

This is a mandatory course for students of English Philology. The aim of the course is to present an outline of the history of the British Isles from ancient times to the present. An attempt will be undertaken to present the political history of Britain against the social, cultural and economic background.

Method of Instruction:

The course will be primarily a lecture course. Students’ discussion and questions are strongly encouraged. The course will consist of 30 teaching hours divided into 15 two hour meetings. Students will be required to participate in class and take a final written exam.
Final Exam

Final exam will be written. Three essays selected out of 12 topics will make 33% of the final grade each. Exam time – 1 ½ clock hours.


There are many histories of Great Britain, England, Scotland and Ireland. One can find single volume editions as well as multiple volume editions. Taking into consideration the price of these publications as well as their availability in the library I am fully aware that the single volume Polish history of England by Henryk Zins will be the fundamental reference work for this course. Please note the excellent timetable book with documents published by Mariusz Misztal, the new, and very good history of British culture by Lipoński, as well as history of the British Isles by Norman Davies. When using Polish language textbooks BE AWARE of the English terminology, which differs greatly from the Polish one and which will be taken into consideration when grading your exams.

The school library also holds one of the newest, multi-volume histories of England published by Oxford University Press. It should be consulted as a reference.

Selected textbooks:

Chesterton G. K., A Short History of England, Standard Publications, Inc 2007.

Davies Norman, The Isles. A History, Macmillan 1999 (Polskie wydanie ZNAK 2003).

Lipoński Wojciech, Dzieje kultury brytyjskiej, PWN 2003.

Macaulay Thomas, The History of England, Penguin Classics; Reprint edition 2006.

Mathew John, A History of England in a Nutshell, Athena Press Ltd 2007.

Misztal Mariusz, An Outline of British History, Wydawnictwo Naukowe WSP, Kraków 1997.

Ross David, England. History of a Nation, Geddes&Grosset 2008.

Zins Henryk, Historia Anglii, Ossolineum/Bellona – many editions.


  • Peter Salway, The Roman Era: The British Isles 55 BC - AD 410

  • Thomas Charles-Edwards, After Rome: C.400 - C.800

  • Wendy Davies, From the Vikings to the Normans

  • Barbara Harvey, The Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

  • Ralph Griffiths, The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries

  • Patrick Collinson, The Sixteenth Century: 1485-1603

  • Jenny Wormald, The Seventeenth Century, 1603-1688

  • Paul Langford, The Eighteenth Century

  • Colin Matthew, The Nineteenth Century: The British Isles 1815-1901

  • Keith Robbins, The British Isles 1901-1951

  • Kathleen Burk, The British Isles Since 1945

Course Outline:

Meeting 1

Organisation of the course; Discussion of the course requirements and students’ expectations; Periodisation of English/British history; England under the Romans

Meeting 2

Heptarchy, Anglo-Saxon England, Viking invasions.

Meeting 3

England becomes a nation... 100 years’ War. War of the Roses.

Meeting 4

England under Henry VIII, Edward, Mary.

Meeting 5

Elizabethan England. Culture in the Middle Ages.

Meeting 6

History of the English Church.

Meeting 7

The Early Stuarts: James I and Charles I. The English Civil War and Commonwealth.
Meeting 8

Restauration and the Glorious Revolution.

Meeting 9

History of English Parliamentary.

Meeting 10

England in the 18th century; Industrial Revolution.

Meeting 11

English Imperial Colonial Empire.

Meeting 12

England in Europe and in the World in the nineteenth century

Meeting 13

England in the 19th century.

Meeting 14

Great Britain in World War I and II.

Meeting 15

England after World War II.

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