1 Podkreśl właściwe wyrazy. 0 I wear/am wearing a blue shirt toda

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1 Podkreśl właściwe wyrazy.

0 I wear/am wearing a blue shirt today.

1 What do you do/are you doing here? It’s very late. Go to bed now!

2 How often do you walk/are you walking to school?

3 You can talk loudly. The baby’s not sleeping/doesn’t sleep.

4 We usually have/are having cereal for breakfast.

2 Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami w nawiasach w czasie present simple lub present continuous.

0 She is getting (get) dressed now.

1 We usually ________ go_________ (go) to bed at 11 p.m.

2 They ____wear___________ (wear) school uniform to school.

3 She can’t help you now. She _________is peeling______ (peel) the potatoes for lunch.

4 I’m very busy at the moment. I’ m studying (study) for my History test.

5 Are they talking(they/talk) to Mr Smith? I can’t see very well.

6 Elizabeth doesn’t play (not/play) volleyball well.

3 Zdecyduj, które zdania są prawdziwe (V), a które fałszywe (X).

0 A festival is a special day. V

1 Candles are a kind of food. __V__

2 People watch fireworks in the evening or at night. _______

3 A parade is a kind of sweet. ___X__

4 People give presents on special occasions. ___V__

4 Napisz zdania twierdzące (V), pytania (?) lub przeczenia (X) z czasownikiem be
w czasie past simple.

0 Mr Macey/in Paris/last year (V)

Mr Macey was in Paris last year.

1 The weather/terrible/yesterday (V)

___The weather was terrible yesterday_______

2 Where/Paul and John/last night (?)

___Where were Paul and John last night?_____

3 We/tired/after our PE lesson (X)

___We weren’t tired after our PE lesson______

4 the concert/good (?)

__Was the concert good?__________________

5 Dopasuj czasowniki z ramki do odpowiedniej kategorii, a następnie podaj
ich formy czasu past simple.

sing dance go wear celebrate cook

Regular verbs

infinitive past simple form

dance danced

__celebrate__ _celebrated___

___cook____ ___cooked___

Irregular verbs

infinitive past simple form

sing sang

___go______ __went____

___wear____ ___wore____

6 Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami z ramki w czasie past simple.

send give watch stay have start

0 I watched a very interesting film last night.

1 The party ___started_______ at 6 p.m.

2 I __had________ a terrible headache yesterday.

3 They ____sent______ us a card for Christmas.

4 We __stayed________ in bed very late last Sunday.

5 My father ____gave______ me £100 two weeks ago.

  1. Przeczytaj tekst I zdecyduj czy podane zdania są T (true) czy F (false). 4pkt

Did you know that on Christopher Columbus’s first journey there were just three small ships and around a hundred people working on the ship? The ships were smaller and slower than modern ships . Columbus sailed to the Canary Islands from Spain in five weeks. Today the same journey takes three or four hours.

      1. There were only 100 people in Columbus’s journey. T

      2. The ships weren’t very big. T

      3. The journey took five months. F

4. Now, it takes three or four hours by plane. T
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