1 Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednimi formami wyrazów utworzonych od wyrazów podanych drukowanymi literami

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Klasa 3 Lod - semestr 5

1 Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednimi formami wyrazów utworzonych od wyrazów podanych drukowanymi literami.

0 I’d like to be an Olympic skier one day. SKI

  1. There were eight , all trying to win the race. CONTEST

  2. The watched in silence as their team lost the match. SPECTATE

  3. Which country won the last European football ___________? CHAMPION

  4. You can listen to live of the match on your radio or online. COMMENT

  1. The entered the final lap together. RAN

2. Połącz sporty ze zdaniami. Podano cztery dodatkowe sporty.
Fencing Marathon Squash Judo Javelin Badminton Bridge Cricket Rugby Chess
0 It’s a Japanese sport. - Judo

  1. You need sixteen pieces each and a board to play this.

  2. You throw this.

  3. It’s a British game where you hit the ball and run.

  4. It’s a forty-two km running race.

  5. You hit the ball against a wall in this game.

3. Uzupełnij każdą lukę w tekście tylko jednym wyrazem. Pierwsze litery wyrazów zostały podane.

Hi Brian,

I’ve just got home after the football 0 match between our school and St Luke’s. It was quite exciting.

At 1 h_______-t________we were losing 3:1 but our

2 o weren’t very fit and they got tired in the second half. We managed to 3 s_________three more goals and, in the end, we 4 w 4:3. We were lucky because the5 r showed one of their players a red card twenty minutes before the end of the match.

4. Wybierz poprawną opcję: A, B lub C.

0 A new starts tomorrow on BBC 1.

A channel B series C article

  1. The band had three number one before they split up.

A hits B bestsellers C tours

  1. Is this film on a book or a true story?

A set B based C shot

  1. What’s at the cinema this week?

A up B in C on

  1. The action takes during the American Civil War.

A part B off C place

  1. I hate foreign films because I can’t read the fast enough.

A dubbing B subtitles C headlines

5. Wybierz przyimki, które prawidłowo uzupełniają zdania.

0 We went in / at / to Rome for two weeks.

  1. When I got off / out of / from the car, I couldn’t even walk.

  2. We always have a big meal on / at / in Christmas Day.

  3. I was sleeping peacefully, completely unawareof / from / with the danger around me.

  4. Fiona has always been very good in / at / fromlanguages.

  5. I object from / to / at being filmed by security cameras.

  6. My father was born in / at / on 27 May.

  7. Our school is among / between / across the kindergarten and the post office.

6. Przetłumacz podane fragmenty zdań na język angielski.

0 Who is responsible for (odpowiedzialny za) this mess?

  1. Let’s (podzielmy tę pizzę na) eight pieces.

  2. We could see some animals (pomiędzy drzewami).

  3. Go (przez bramę) and turn left into the garden.

  4. The teacher said he was (bardzo zadowolony z mojego) progress.

  5. Last time I saw them (wczoraj o północy).

7. Przeczytaj tekst. Zaznacz znakiem (X) w tabeli, które zdania są prawdziwe (T), a które fałszywe (F).

The football World Cup has been played every four years since 1930. However, since 1991, there have been two tournaments with the women’s World Cup played the year after the men’s. The competition for men is still the most famous and popular but the women’s World Cup is also an exciting, fiercely contested event.

The first tournament took place in China. Twelve nations were represented; five from Europe, three from Asia and one each from Oceania, Africa and North and South America. Unlike the men’s World Cup the previous year, there were lots of goals. Sweden beat Japan 8–0, the USA beat Chinese Taipei 7–0 and the USA were involved in another seven goal thriller when they beat Germany 5–2. Not surprisingly, the USA won the competition, beating Norway in the final.

Norway got their revenge in the next tournament, beating the USA 1-0 in the semi-final and winning the final against Germany. In 1999, the tournament was expanded so that there were now sixteen countries taking part. The tournament took place in the USA and they regained the trophy. The final attracted over 90,000 spectators, still a record crowd for a woman’s sporting event. For the 2015 tournament, it was decided to increase the number of teams taking part again so that there are now twenty- four teams involved.

While the matches fill stadiums, there are far fewer articles in newspapers about the women’s tournament than about the man’s game. However, that may change as interest grows. During the 2011 tournament in Germany, several TV viewing records were broken. Seventeen million people in Germany saw their team’s match against Japan. A year earlier, just under fifteen million people had watched the men’s team play Serbia in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

With more excitement, more goals, almost as much skill and a lot less cheating than in the men’s game, perhaps the women’s World Cup will one day become more popular than the man’s. In the meantime, instead of talking about a World Cup and a Women’s World Cup, maybe we should refer to them as the MWC (Men’s World Cup) and the WWC (Women’s World Cup).



  1. The first Women’s World Cup took place in 1991.

2 The 1990 men’s World Cup had fewer goals than the 1991 women’s World Cup.

3 The 1995 final was between Norway and the USA.

4 The number of teams in the tournament has stayed the same since 1991.

  1. More people in Germany watched the Germany v Japan women’s match in 2011 than watched the Germany v Serbia men’s match in 2010.

  1. Wykonaj zadanie egzaminacyjne.

Czynnie uprawiasz sport i piszesz blog o sportach. Ostatnio zająłeś/aś się nowym sportem. Napisz wpis na blogu pt ‘Mój nowy pomysł’.

  • Opowiedz o sporcie, który zacząłeś/aś właśnie uprawiać.

  • Porównaj go z innymi sportami, które uprawiasz.

  • Wyjaśnij, jakie masz plany, żeby rozwinąć swoje umiejętności w tej dziedzinie sportu.

  • Zachęć innych ludzi do zajęcia się tym sportem.

Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów. Długość tekstu powinna wynosić od 80 do 130 słów.

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