Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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accept an offer

przyjąć ofertę

I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer.

accept the fact that

pogodzić się z tym/z faktem, że

I don’t like learning languages. I really want to learn English fast, but I have to accept the fact that it takes time.

accidents will happen

wypadki chodzą po ludziach

No matter how careful you are, accidents will happen.

according to the custom

zgodnie ze zwyczajem

According to custom, it’s the groom that has to pay for the wedding reception.

achieve a desired effect

osiągnąć zamierzony efekt

The project is not perfect, yet. I am sure that if we put our heads together we will manage to achieve a desired effect.

achieve a goal

osiągnąć cel

Peter is a really hard worker and always manages to achieve the goals he sets for himself.

act one’s age

zachowywać się, jak przystało na swój wiek

Laura is 40 and incredibly irresponsible. It’s high time she started acting her age.

add fuel to the flames

dolewać oliwy do ognia

Our managers had a really heated discussion during our last weekly meeting. Peter’s interference only added fuel to the flames.

add insult to injury

dodatkowo pogarszać sprawę

To make things worse, he added insult to injury.

add variety to something

urozmaicać coś

My flat is all white. I am considering redecorating. Some colour would definitely add variety to the interior.

admit defeat

przyznać się do porażki

Kate had put a lot of work into the project, but unfortunately it fell through and she had to admit defeat in the end.

after a fashion

w pewnym sensie

I agree with you after a fashion. He shouldn’t have done that but it seems he had no choice.

again and again

ciągle, w kółko

I called him again and again and no one answered.

against somebody’s will

wbrew czyjejś woli

I told my sister that I absolutely hated blue, but she decided to paint our sitting room blue against my will.

against the law

niezgodnie z prawem

It is against the law to buy alcohol if you are under 18.

ahead of time

przed czasem/terminem

He was really ahead of his time in terms of employing women, quite unusual at the turn of the last century.

all alone

zupełnie sam

Samantha is only six but she still makes her way back home from school all alone.

all in all

ogólnie rzecz biorąc, w sumie

All in all, we are happy with how it worked out. It could have been much worse.

all over again

jeszcze raz od początku

I was writing my essay last night but my computer crashed. I lost all my work and had to start all over again.

all over the world

na całym świecie

Italy is known all over the world for its pastas and pizzas.

all rights reserved

wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone

All rights for the book are reserved. Copying is not allowed.

all sorts of things

najróżniejsze rzeczy

I do all sorts of things at work, run errands, assist managers, and organise meetings.

all’s well that ends well

wszystko dobre, co się dobrze kończy

We had many problems while preparing the wedding, but in the end, it all worked out fine! All’s well that ends well!

and so on

i tak dalej

As a secretary, she has to run errands, prepare tea and coffee, organise meetings and so on.

and that kind of thing

i tym podobne

I would like to manage projects, organise conferences, and those kinds of things.

and that’s the end of the matter

i na tym koniec dyskusji

I will not let you go on holiday on your own and that’s the end of the matter.

another time

innym razem

Kate: Do you fancy a drink tonight?
Sam: I’d love to but I can’t. I’ve already made some other plans.
Kate: No problem, another time.

any luck?

udało się?

Kate: I’m looking for the new book by Mac Ewan, have you got it?
Peter: Yes, it’s on the shelf over there, help yourself.
Kate: Thanks.
Peter: Any luck?
Kate: Yes, I’ve found it already. Many thanks.

any old thing

obojętnie co

There’s nothing interesting on TV today, but I’m so bored that I can see any old thing.

anything can happen

wszystko się może zdarzyć

We are going away for a year, on a round the world trip. We are very well prepared, but anything can happen when you travel for such a long time.

anything is possible

wszystko jest możliwe

Anything is possible, when you really want it.

apply for a job

starać/ubiegać się o pracę

I always wanted to work in this company so I decided to apply for the job they advertised yesterday.

are you all right?

nic ci nie jest?

Are you all right? You look rather pale today! Are you sure you don’t want the afternoon off?

arms race

wyścig zbrojeń

We are currently experiencing a developing arms race between the main political powers in the world.

arrive at a conclusion

dojść do wniosku

I read the book twice and finally arrived at the conclusion that the ending is rather disappointing.

art for art’s sake

sztuka dla sztuki

I really don’t understand the purpose of studying dance at university level. What kind of career can you get out of that? It really is art for art’s sake.

as a general rule

z reguły

As a general rule, we do not employ students, but as you seem to have all the relevant experience we are happy to make an exception for you.

as a last resort

w ostateczności

I really don’t want to ask John for help. I’d rather try to solve the problem myself. I’ll wait until tomorrow and if nothing happens I will ask him, as my last resort.

as a matter of fact

prawdę mówiąc, w rzeczywistości

As a matter of fact, I didn’t know that they were together.

as a result

w rezultacie

Kasia grew up in the USA. As a result, she speaks English fluently.

as a rule of thumb

w przybliżeniu, z grubsza, na oko

As a rule of a thumb, we don’t work with students. You could try and apply when you graduate.

as ever

jak zawsze, jak zwykle

Kate, so good to see you! And of course you are as beautiful as ever.

as far as I know

z tego co wiem, o ile mi wiadomo

As far as I know this book is out of print but you could always try to find it in some second hand bookstores.

as far as possible

w miarę możliwości

As far as possible I will try to help you out, but I can’t promise anything.

as likely as not

najprawdopodobniej, pewnie

It really is as likely as not that you will not pass your driving licence test the first time you take it.

as long as I live

póki żyję

As long as I live, I haven’t seen anything like that!

as luck would have it

traf chciał, że

As luck would have it, the weather was good.

as many again

jeszcze raz tyle

I’ve already done 25 exercises and have to do as many again to go to finish my home work.

as regards

jeśli chodzi o

We are really pleased with your progress and involvement in the role. As regards to your holidays, I regret to inform you that we can’t spare you at the moment. It will have to wait until later.

as right as rain

zdrów jak ryba

I am as right as rain.

as soon as possible

tak szybko, jak to możliwe

Please send me the form as soon as possible. Without it we are unable to process you payment.

as the case may be

w zależności od okoliczności

As the case may be, we might arrive a bit later.

as things stand

w tej sytuacji, w tych okolicznościach

As things stand, it might be difficult to manage on time.

as usual

jak zwykle

She’s late as usual.

ask somebody over for dinner

zaprosić kogoś do siebie na obiad

I have twice as much cooking to do now because Peter invited the Browns over for dinner.

at a distance

z oddali

I thought it was Kate, but it turned out to be someone else. The girl looked just like her at a distance.

at a guess

na oko

There were 25 people at the last lecture, at a guess.

at a later stage

w późniejszym etapie

At a later stage, we will all be taking part in the project.

at a profit

z zyskiem

We can only do it at a profit. We are not a charity.

at a run


He went off at a run.

at a steady pace

ze stałą prędkością

We are progressing at a steady pace and will manage on time.

at all costs

za wszelką cenę

I absolutely love Coldplay. I just have to get tickets for their next concert, at absolutely all costs.

at all events

w każdym razie

At all events, we will finish the project on time, no worries.

at all points

pod każdym względem

She is a perfectionist at all points.

at any moment

w każdej chwili

The plane landed about 30 minutes ago so they will be coming out at any moment now.

at any rate

w każdym razie

At any rate, we can’t afford any mistakes, you will have to do it again.

at any time


I can meet you at any time. I am free all day on Friday.

at death’s door

u progu śmierci

At 98, she is at death’s door.

at every step

na każdym kroku

I felt the pain at every step.

at first glance

na pierwszy rzut oka

I went to look at a flat that I wanted to buy. At first glance, it seemed quite nice, but it turned out to be in a very bad condition.

at full speed

z maksymalną prędkością

I have a deadline tomorrow and still so much to do! If I work at full speed, chances are I’ll manage on time, though.

at least


At least I have finished the first half, just 50 more pages to go.

at night

w nocy

I can’t sleep at night so I read books or watch movies.

at once

natychmiast, naraz

Kate! Come here at once! Why are you making me wait so long? I really don’t have time!

at random

losowo, na chybił trafił

I chose the book totally at random and it turned out to be absolutely fantastic.

at short notice

bezzwłocznie, natychmiast

I do appreciate it is very important but you have to realise that I am unable accept the task at such a short notice. There is simply not enough time to cover everything.

at somebody’s command

do czyjejś dyspozycji

I am at your command. Just tell me what needs doing.

at somebody’s request

na czyjąś prośbę

I am doing it at Kate’s request. I owe her a favour.

at the bottom of one’s heart

w głębi serca/duszy

Alison works as a marketing manager but she studied performing arts. At the bottom of her heart, she really is an artist.

at the cost of something

kosztem czegoś

I got promoted, but at the cost of my personal life.

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