Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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in living memory

jak sięgnąć pamięcią

Water levels on the Vistula River haven’t been this high in living memory.

in memory of somebody

ku pamięci kogoś

We are organising a meeting in memory of one of our professors who died recently.

in my opinion

moim zdaniem

In my opinion, it is a really bad idea.

in need

w potrzebie

I’m in desperate need of a holiday. I have been working too much recently.

in no case

w żadnym wypadku

In no case are we going to give up easily.

in no way

pod żadnym pozorem, wcale

I am in no way less suitable than any of the other candidates, so I’ll hopefully get the job.

in office

u władzy

The current President has been in office for the past two years.

in one’s heart of hearts

w głębi serca

I work in a bank, but in my heart of hearts I am really an artist. Art, however, does not pay the rent.

in other words

innymi słowy

They say they might call me back soon. In other words they are telling me politely they are not interested.

in particular

w szczególności, zwłaszcza

I am interested in the city centre in particular.

in perfect condition

w doskonałym stanie

The flat is in perfect condition and sold inexpensively.

in principle

w zasadzie

In principle, we do not employ students. You could reapply when you graduate.

in process of time

z biegiem/upływem czasu

The house was in really good condition when we bought it, but in process of time its condition deteriorated and we have to renovate it.

in public


I really hate speaking in public. I always feel intimidated by the crowd.

in quick succession

szybko jeden po drugim

One important event was followed by another in quick succession, and I really didn’t manage to follow everything carefully.

in real life

w rzeczywistości

Things like that don’t happen in real life. Stop living in a fairy tale.

in recognition of something

w uznaniu czegoś (np. zasług)

We would like to award you this medal in recognition of exceptional contribution to the development of our company.

in relation to

w stosunku do

In relation to our last meeting, a decision has not yet been made.

in reply to your letter of

w odpowiedzi na państwa list z dnia

In reply to your letter, we would like to inform you that we have no current vacancies available.

in respect of

pod względem, w odniesieniu do

In respect of recent events, we have decided to close the cinema for the next two months.

in reward for

w nagrodę za

In reward for your hard work, you can take the day off tomorrow.

in secret

w tajemnicy

We managed to organise a party for her in secret. I am sure she will really be surprised.

in so many words

wprost, bez ogródek

It’s hard to explain in so many words, but I’ll try to do my best.

in somebody’s place

na czyimś miejscu

If I were in your place, I would pack my bags and go without thinking twice.

in support of

popierając coś/kogoś, na znak poparcia, na rzecz

We signed a petition in support of our colleagues who were made redundant last week.

in that case

w takim razie

I am sorry to hear that you are leaving. In that case we’ll have to start looking for your replacement.

in the course of time

z biegiem czasu

Many things change in the course of time.

in the depth of winter

w samym środku zimy

I always go on holiday in the very depth of winter; it’s my favourite time of year.

in the distant future

w dalszej przyszłości

I am hoping to have a family, but only in the distant future. I am happy as a person could be at the moment.

in the early hours

we wczesnych godzinach rannych

I work best in the early hours. That’s why I often get up at 5 am.

in the event

w rezultacie, ostatecznie

We had expected to arrive an hour late, but in the event we were early.

in the event of fire

w przypadku pożaru, w razie pożaru

In the event of fire, please go to the nearest fire assembly point.

in the eye of the law

w świetle prawa

In the eye of the law, you have to pay the fine or your car will be confiscated.

in the face of something

w obliczu czegoś

In the face of death I saw all the good moments of my life in front of my eyes.

in the first instance

w pierwszej kolejności

In the first instance I thought it was a bad idea, but I have warmed up to it.

in the first place

przede wszystkim

In the first place, we have managed to develop significantly in recent years. Secondly, we are expanding more than any other company in the industry.

in the general terms

ogólnie, ogólnikowo

In the general terms, the economy is going to improve.

in the light of something

w świetle czegoś

In the light of recent events, we are hoping to double the production.

in the long run

na dłuższą metę

We are going to need twice as many employees in the long run.

in the near future

w najbliższej przyszłości

We hope to expand to the east in the near future.

in the open air

na wolnym powietrzu

We are organising a play in the open air in May.

in the presence of somebody

w czyjejś obecności

I always feel stressed in the presence of Matt, he can be really intimidating.

in the present situation

w obecnej sytuacji

It is best not to sell properties in the present situation.

in the public interest

w interesie społecznym

Everything our party is doing is in the public interest.

in the right place

na właściwym miejscu

I was lucky to be in the right place in the right time, that’s all.

in the shape of something

w kształcie czegoś

The flat is in the shape of a horseshoe.

in the short run

na krótką metę

It’s a good solution in the short run.

in the twinkling of an eye

w oka mgnieniu

It all happened in the twinkling of an eye. I didn’t even realise we were hit by a car.

in time

na czas

We got there just in time for dessert.

in view

w zasięgu wzroku

They have very clear career goals in view.

in view of

z uwagi na, biorąc pod uwagę

In view of what has happened, the decision might not be easy.

in what respect?

pod jakim względem?

In what respect are you responsible for the project?

increase in value

zyskiwać na wartości

Properties are increasing in value.

is anything the matter?

czy coś jest nie tak?

Is anything the matter? You look rather worried.

is service included?

czy opłata za obsługę jest wliczona w cenę?

– Is service included?
– No, the canteen is self-service only.

is that so?

czyżby? naprawdę?

Is that so? I thought you mentioned something else yesterday.

is this seat taken?

czy to miejsce jest zajęte?

– Is this seat taken?
– No, it’s free.

it became clear that

stało się jasne, że

It became clear that I had no chance of getting the job.

it boggles the mind

to się w głowie nie mieści

It boggles the mind how she managed to get through university.

it came as a blow to us

to było dla nas ciosem

It came as a blow to us that Sarah decided to get divorced.

it crossed my mind

przeszło mi przez myśl

It crossed my mind to move abroad but I have never thought about it seriously.

it doesn’t add up

to się nie trzyma kupy, to nie ma sensu

It doesn’t add up. Have a look at it and maybe you’ll manage to work it out.

it doesn’t make any difference to me

to dla mnie bez różnicy

It doesn’t make any difference to me. You are free to choose the movie you like.

it doesn’t make sense

to nie ma sensu

Look, it doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand.

it doesn’t matter

to nie ma znaczenia, nic nie szkodzi

It doesn’t matter to me. You know I don’t really care about furniture.

it doesn’t pay to

nie opłaca się

It doesn’t pay to buy flats at the moment, as they are going to get much cheaper soon.

it feels great to be

to wspaniałe uczucie być

After all those months of hard work, it feels great to be on holiday.

it goes without saying

to się rozumie samo przez się

It goes without saying that Oxford is one of the most beautiful British cities.

it is all go here

jest tu urwanie głowy

I really don’t have time at the moment. It is all go here today. I’ll call you later.

it is common knowledge that

powszechnie wiadomo, że

It is common knowledge that France and the UK don’t like each other.

it is reported that

mówi się, że; podobno

It is reported that an increasing number of Poles are coming back to the country.

it leaves much to be desired

to pozostawia wiele do życzenia

The quality of your recent work leaves much to be desired. Be sure to work harder in the future.

it looks like rain

wygląda na to, że będzie padać

I was hoping to go for a walk, but now it looks like rain.

it means a lot to me

to dla mnie wiele znaczy

Thanks for all your help. It means a lot to me.

it never rains but it pours

nieszczęścia chodzą parami

First of all it was the car breaking down, then the fire in the kitchen and now Mike’s accident. It never rains but it pours!

it remains to be seen if

czas pokaże, czy

It remains to be seen if the President will be re-elected.

it said in the paper that

w gazecie napisano, że

It is said in the newspaper that a new museum will open in London.

it seems to me that

wydaje mi się, że

It seems to me that the situation in Poland is improving.

it so happens that

tak się składa, że

It so happens that I will be in the area soon, so I’ll come over to visit.

it speaks for itself

to mówi samo za siebie

The movie speaks for itself and needs no recommendation.

it stands to reason that

oczywiste jest, że

It stands to reason that Anna decided to go to study in London. After all, she has family there.

it took my breath away

zaparło mi dech w piersiach

The last play I saw took my breath away. I am going to see it again.

it was likely to happen

było prawdopodobne, że to się zdarzy/wydarzy

I am not surprised Mary and Mike are getting married. It was likely to happen sooner or later.

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