Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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it won’t help

to się na nic nie zda

It really won’t help if you keep on criticising everyone.

it won’t hurt

nie będzie bolało

It won’t hurt if you offer to help from time to time.

it works like magic!

działa wspaniale!

This new cream works like magic! I can’t believe how effective it is!

it’s a load off my mind

spadł mi kamień z serca

Thanks for taking care of it, it’s a load off my mind. Now, I will be able to concentrate on other things.

it’s a long story

długo by opowiadać, to długa historia

It’s a really long story. I’ll explain some other time.

it’s a scream

to jest zabawne

The movie is such a scream. Just go and see it, you won’t stop laughing.

it’s a shame that

szkoda, że

It’s such a shame that you can’t come. We were hoping to see you after all this time.

it’s about time

najwyższy czas

It’s about time you made up your mind about your future. You are 28.

it’s all Greek to me

to dla mnie chińszczyzna

I really don’t understand what you’re talking about. I was never good at science, in fact, it’s all Greek to me.

it’s all the same to me

wszystko mi jedno

I really don’t see the difference, it’s all the same to me.

it’s beyond me

to mnie przerasta

It’s way too difficulty for me. It’s simply beyond me. I give up.

it’s beyond my power

to wykracza poza moje możliwości

I can’t do much about it. The whole situation is beyond my power.

it’s common practice

to jest na porządku dziennym

It’s common practice in the UK to rent flats with some of your friends, even if you are in your thirties.

it’s easy for you to say

dobrze/łatwo ci się mówi

It’s easy for you to say, but I wonder what you would do if you actually were in my position.

it’s getting late

robi się późno

It’s getting late. I’d better go now.

it’s hard to say

trudno powiedzieć

It’s hard to say what the situation on the market is going to be like in the nearest future.

it’s just a matter of time

to tylko kwestia czasu

It’s just a matter of time until they change their mind. You’ll see.

it’s more than likely

to więcej niż prawdopodobne

It’s more than likely that Andy is going to get accepted for the scholarship. He would be perfect for the programme.

it’s my last hope

to moja ostatnia nadzieja

This company really is my last hope. I have been looking for a job for such a long time.

it’s no fun

to nic przyjemnego

It’s no fun having to work such long hours. I’d much rather spend the evenings at home.

it’s no joke

to nie są żarty

It’s no joke working as a doctor. Bear that in mind while applying to do medicine.

it’s no use doing something

nie ma sensu robić czegoś

It’s no use worrying about the exam yet. The results won’t be out for the next two weeks.

it’s none of my concern

to nie moja sprawa

It’s none of my concern, but I think Lauren might be in trouble.

it’s none of your business!

to nie twoja sprawa/interes!

It’s none of your business. Leave me alone.

it’s not the end of the world

to nie koniec świata

It’s really not the end of the world, you know. You can resit the exam in September.

it’s the same old story

ciągle to samo

It’s the same old story. Sam doesn’t study and then he asks everyone for help when it comes time for the exam period.

it’s too good to be true

to jest zbyt piękne, aby było prawdziwe

I really can’t believe I got in, it’s simply too good to be true.

it’s typical of her

to do niej podobne

It’s so typical of her. She arranges a meeting and then cancels last minute.

it’s up to you

to zależy od ciebie

Where we go is up to you tonight. I really don’t mind.

it’s within walking distance

można tam dojść pieszo

There is no point for us to take the car. It’s within walking distance.


job market

rynek pracy

There isn’t a lot happening in the job market at the moment.

join the ranks of

dołączyć do grupy

I have recently graduated and finally joined the ranks of all the 9-5 office workers.

judging by

sądząc po

Judging by her car and clothes, she must have a really good job.

jump for joy

skakać z radości

I jumped for joy when I got the results of my finals.

jump to conclusions

wyciągać pochopne wnioski

Don’t jump to conclusions. Read it all through carefully again and than tell me what you think.

just a moment

chwileczkę, momencik

Just a moment. I’ll check that for you.

just as we expected

tak jak oczekiwaliśmy

We are really pleased that it all worked out just as we expected.

just in case

na wszelki wypadek

Take an umbrella just in case. It might rain later.

just my luck!

takie to już moje szczęście!

Just my luck! I missed her by 5 minutes and have to come back tomorrow.

justice has been done

sprawiedliwości stało się zadość

The robber has been caught and justice has been done at last.


keep a secret

dochować tajemnicy

No one knows about it yet so make sure you keep it a secret.

keep a straight face

zachować powagę

I couldn’t keep a straight face whenever I looked at Sam even though I should have stayed serious because it was such an important meeting.

keep a watch on somebody

uważnie kogoś obserwować

Keep a watch on him, he’s acting rather suspicious.

keep an eye on something

mieć coś na oku, pilnować

Keep an eye on the offers that come up on the market. We really need to find a flat soon.

keep calm

zachować spokój

Just keep calm, there is no reason to panic.

keep clear of something

trzymać się z dala od czegoś

Keep clear of the closing door. You could get hurt if it hit you.

keep fit

utrzymywać dobrą formę

I am keeping fit by going to dance classes three times a week.

keep in touch with somebody

być z kimś w kontakcie

I keep in touch with all of my friends who live abroad thanks to Skype and e-mails.

keep it to yourself

zachowaj to dla siebie

It is a secret so make sure that you keep it to yourself.

keep one’s fingers crossed for somebody

trzymać za kogoś kciuki

All the best of luck! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

keep one’s head

nie tracić głowy

Make sure you keep your head all through the exam. You tend to panic for no reason.

keep quiet

być/siedzieć cicho

Keep quiet. There is an exam next door.

keep somebody at a distance

trzymać kogoś na dystans

She has always kept to herself and has had a tendency to keep everybody at a distance.

keep something in mind

mieć coś na uwadze, pamiętać o czymś

Thanks for the offer! I’ll keep it in mind and let you know at the end of the week.

keep the change

proszę zatrzymać resztę (przy wydawaniu pieniędzy)

You can keep the change.

keep track of something

nadążać za czymś

I can’t keep track of her whereabouts. She’s moving all the time.

keep up the good work

dobra robota, oby tak dalej

Well done, Kate! Keep up the good work!

keep up with the times

iść z duchem czasu

Although she is already 75, my grandma is keeping up with the times; she has a mobile phone and uses the Internet.

keep your shirt on!


Keep your shirt on! Everything will be fine.

kick somebody when he is down

kopać leżącego

You shouldn’t kick somebody like that when they are down. It’s immoral.

kick the bucket

umrzeć, wyciągnąć nogi, kopnąć w kalendarz

My annoying neighbour finally kicked the bucket at 98.

kick up a fuss

narobić hałasu/zamieszania

She always kicks up a fuss about the most ridiculous things. I have never met anybody that petty.

kill time

zabijać czas

I have been playing computer games all day just to kill time.

kill two birds with one stone

upiec dwie pieczenie przy jednym ogniu

Let’s go to London and then to Paris on our way back. We’ll kill two birds with one stone.

killed in action

poległy w boju

My brother was killed in action in Iraq.

knock it off!


Oh come on, knock it off! She really didn’t mean to do any harm. Why do you always have to complain so much?

know a thing or two

dobrze znać się na czymś; wiedzieć to i owo

I think I know a thing or two about South America. I lived there for 10 years.

know better than to do something

wiedzieć, aby czegoś nie robić

You should have really known better than to go there on your own. You know what a dangerous area it is!

know right from wrong

odróżniać dobro od zła

Sarah is so naive she simply doesn’t know right from wrong.

know somebody by sight

znać kogoś z widzenia

I only know Tim by sight. In fact, I have never met him.

know somebody through and through

znać kogoś na wylot

We know each other through and through. We have been the best of friends since primary school.

know something by experience

znać coś z doświadczenia

I only know marketing by experience. I have no formal education in the area.

know what’s what

wiedzieć co i jak

Sam really knows what’s what in the industry.

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