Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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labour of love

bezinteresowna praca, praca wykonywana z zamiłowaniem

It’s a real labour of love.

lack of confidence

brak pewności siebie

My lack of confidence always prevented me from getting what I wanted.

lame excuse

kiepska wymówka

It really is a lame excuse. We will be there in 30 minutes. You are going out with us whether you like it or not.

land oneself in trouble

wpaść w tarapaty

I landed myself in real trouble and I don’t know what to do next.

last but not least

ostatni, ale nie mniej ważny (od poprzedników)

And last but not least, let me introduce our managing director, Mister Eric Brown.

last but one


I’ll be done in a second. I am now reading the last but one page.

late into the night

do późna w nocy

I had to work late into the night yesterday as my essay’s deadline was today.

laugh from ear to ear

śmiać się od ucha do ucha

Sarah is such a positive person; she laughs from ear to ear all the time.

lead a double life

wieść podwójne życie

Tim is really leading a double life: he has a wife and a daughter, but also a lover who is pregnant.

least of all

na pewno nie, zwłaszcza nie

No one believed Sally, least of all the police

leave behind

zostawić, zapomnieć

I have to leave the past behind me and move on at last.

leave empty-handed

odejść z pustymi rękami

I went shopping but left the shopping centre empty-handed. I just couldn’t find anything that I liked.

leave no stone unturned

poruszyć niebo i ziemię

I left no stone unturned but still couldn’t find the necklace! I think I lost it for good.

leave nothing to chance

nie pozostawiać niczego przypadkowi

Anne leaves nothing to chance and always considers all possible scenarios before she makes a decision.

leave somebody in the lurch

opuścić kogoś w potrzebie

Matt left me in the lurch when I really needed him. I am really disappointed. I thought he was a true friend.

leave somebody with no choice

nie pozostawić komuś wyboru

You leave me with no choice but to call your parents. Maybe you’ll behave yourself in the future.

let me get this right

niech to dobrze zrozumiem

Let me get this right: you are only applying for the course because you think that the boys taking it are good looking, right?

let me think

niech pomyślę

Let me think. In my opinion the red one might be a bit more suitable for the occasion.

let that be a lesson to you

niech to będzie dla ciebie nauczką

I know that it wasn’t pleasant, but let it be a lesson to you. You’ll be more careful in the future.

let things take their course

zostawić sprawy własnemu biegowi

Don’t plan too much and let things take their course. It will all work out.

let’s hope for the best

bądźmy dobrej myśli

Let’s just wait and hope for the best. It has to work out fine in the end.

let’s meet at my place

spotkajmy się u mnie

Let’s meet at my place and then we can go to town. It will be much easier that way.

lie in somebody’s hands

leżeć w czyichś rękach; zależeć od kogoś

Everything lies in your hands at the moment, so be very careful when you make up your mind.

lift somebody’s spirits

podnieść kogoś na duchu

The movie really lifted my spirits. I felt low before I watched it but my mood is much better now.

light as a feather

lekki jak piórko

She has low self-esteem because she thinks she is fat, but she really is light as a feather.

like father, like son

jaki ojciec, taki syn; niedaleko pada jabłko od jabłoni

I could have expected it from you; like father, like son. It seems like it all runs in the family.

like it or lump it

czy ci się podoba czy nie

Like it or lump it, exams are compulsory at the end of every school year.

little by little

stopniowo, po trochu

I really didn’t like Kate when I met her, but, little by little, I have grown to like her a lot.

little known

mało znany

It is a little known fact that I am a very good dancer.

live day to day

żyć z dnia na dzień

I am making no plans for the future at the moment. I’m simply enjoying living day to day.

live in a dream world

żyć marzeniami

It’s so hard to reason with Claire. She lives in a dream world of her own.

live in fear

żyć w strachu

I live in constant fear of getting fired. My job is extremely demanding and competitive, and I feel like I am failing to keep up with the pace.

live in the past

żyć przeszłością

You can’t keep on living in the past. Nothing will change what happened, but you have to move on.

live like cat and dog

żyć jak pies z kotem

Sam and Tom live like cat and dog. I am so fed up with listening to their constant fights.

load of rubbish

stek bzdur

What you’re saying is just a load of rubbish. I don’t believe a word of it.

loaf about

obijać się, próżniaczyć

Stop loafing about and do some work finally. We have 2 days till the finals and you haven’t done any studying yet.

long time no see!

kopę lat się nie widzieliśmy!

Long time no see, Kate! Where have you been this past year?

look alive!

rusz się!

My god, you are so extremely lazy! Make some effort! At least look alive!

look down one’s nose on somebody

pogardzać kimś, patrzeć na kogoś z góry

Sally is so stuck up. She looks down her nose on everybody in her class.

look for a job

szukać pracy

I am looking for a job at the moment and am really struggling to find any interesting offers.

look forward to something

nie móc się doczekać czegoś

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year.

look on the bright side

spojrzeć optymistycznie, z dobrej strony

Look on the bright side, Tim. Now that you are single again, you will have much more time for your friends and yourself.

look one’s age

wyglądać na swój wiek

Kate doesn’t look her age at all! I thought she was 25 and she is really 31.

look out!

uważaj! ostrożnie!

Look out! There is a wire sticking out of that wall, you could hurt yourself.

look somebody in the face

spojrzeć komuś w twarz

Look me in the face and tell me you didn’t do it!

look somebody up and down

zmierzyć kogoś wzrokiem

I felt really intimidated and lost all of my self-confidence when, on entering the office, I was looked up and down by my new assistant.

look to the future

patrzeć w przyszłość

Stop worrying about the current situation. Look to the future, it will only get better.

look up to somebody

podziwiać kogoś

I always looked up to my sister and wanted to be just like her.

look who’s talking!

i kto to mówi?!

Look who’s talking! Now you’re so smart, but who was it that was too afraid to call Mark last time?

lose a job

stracić pracę

I lost my job a month ago and have been looking for a new post ever since.

lose confidence in somebody

stracić do kogoś zaufanie

I thought Laura was reliable but I have recently lost all confidence in her.

lose count of something

stracić rachubę czegoś

I simply lost count of how many countries he’s been to; he travels all the time.

lose heart

tracić nadzieję/ducha

I lost heart after not having heard from them for two weeks.

lose one’s head

tracić głowę

Don’t lose your head! It’s just an exam, everything will be fine. Just stay calm and focused.

lose one’s tongue

zapomnieć języka w gębie

I am usually good at public speaking, but this time I lost my tongue in the very beginning and struggled throughout.

lose sight of something

stracić coś z oczu

I lost sight of her for only a minute. Then she was gone and I had to report it to the police.

love at first sight

miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia

Matt and Sarah met last year and it was love at first sight. They are going to get married soon.

lucky dog


I can’t believe you’ve just won all this money. You lucky dog!

lump it

pogodzić się, wytrzymać

Well, you’ll just have to lump it. You can’t have everything, can you?

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