Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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made for each other

stworzeni dla siebie

Ron and Katie were simply made for each other. I can’t imagine a better match.

make a big deal out of something

wyolbrzymiać coś

I hate when people make a big deal out of nothing.

make a comparison

dokonać porównania

As homework, make a comparison of Christmas in your country and in the UK.

make a deal

dogadać się, dojść do porozumienia

Let’s make a deal. I will clean the kitchen every day provided that you do my homework.

make a fire

rozpalić ognisko

I learned how to make a fire when I was a boy scout.

make a fool of oneself

zrobić z siebie głupka

I made an utter fool of myself on my first day at work.

make a hit with somebody

przypaść komuś do gustu

Lauren made an absolute hit with everybody on her first day at the new school. They all loved her.

make a joke of

stroić sobie żarty z

It’s inappropriate to make jokes of other cultures when you’re working in such a multinational company.

make a killing

zbić fortunę

He made a killing on tourism and language schools. He was the first one to start working in the industry in his town and it paid off.

make a loss

ponieść straty

We made a big loss on shares last year when the prices suddenly dropped.

make a mistake

popełnić błąd, pomylić się

I am so sorry, I made an awful mistake. It won’t happen again.

make a noise


Stop making that annoying noise. I am trying to work here.

make a profit

osiągnąć zysk

We made a lot of profit on the new product and will try to double it over the next year.

make a run for it

rzucić się do ucieczki

When they saw the fire, all the inhabitants of the building made a run for it.

make a spectacle of oneself

robić z siebie widowisko

Cara is a bit weird and she always manages to make a spectacle of herself when you least expect it.

make a statement

złożyć oświadczenie

I would like to make a statement: Robin and I are getting married next summer.

make a wish

pomyśleć sobie życzenie

Happy birthday, Tim! Make a wish and I am sure it will come true.

make an appointment

ustalić termin spotkania

I have to make an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow. I have been rather unwell recently.

make an attempt at doing something

podjąć próbę zrobienia czegoś

I made yet another attempt at learning Italian but I did not carry on with the course, so it didn’t work out.

make an effort to do something

postarać się coś zrobić, wysilić się

I made a lot of effort for the party to be amazing but almost no one turned up. What a disappointment!

make an offer

składać ofertę

We are going to make a sales offer to the new client. Let’s just hope he’ll like it!

make arrangements for

czynić przygotowania do

We have to make all the arrangements for our next holiday. We are running out of time and there is so much to do.

make believe that

udawać, że

Children often make believe that they are adults.

make do with something

zadowolić się czymś

We didn’t have cupboards so we made do with boxes.

make do without something

dać sobie radę bez czegoś, obejść się

I can really make do without a TV. I am not too bothered and there is really nothing on anyway.

make friends with somebody

zaprzyjaźnić się z kimś

Sam and I made friends on the first day of school and we have stayed in touch ever since.

make good use of something

dobrze coś wykorzystać

Make good use of the money and don’t just waste it on new clothes and shoes.

make it

zdążyć, udać się

We made it for the last train.

make light work of something

ułatwiać sobie pracę

I will bring you some good dictionaries, they will make light work of this translation of yours.

make little of something

lekceważyć coś

Although we warned her it was dangerous to go there, she made very little of what we said and decided to risk it.

make no secret of something

nie robić z czegoś tajemnicy

I am making no secret of the fact that I am going to leave the company soon. Everyone knows that already.

make one’s way

przedzierać się, torować sobie drogę

Laura had to make her way to school through the mud.

make peace

zawrzeć pokój

“Make peace, not war” is what a famous maxim says.

make room for

robić miejsce dla

Make room for the dessert. I have a lovely cake.

make short work of something

szybko się z czymś uporać

Kate is always super efficient. I gave her this boring task and she made short work of it.

make somebody angry

rozgniewać kogoś

You made me really angry last night and I don’t really want to discuss it now.

make something public

ujawnić coś

It was made public that our prime minister is going to run for president next year.

make sure that

postarać się, aby; dopilnować, żeby

OK, but make sure that you close all the windows before you leave.

make the bed

pościelić łóżko

Karen never makes her bed before she leaves for work.

make things difficult

pogarszać sprawę

Why do you always have to make things so difficult. Just try and be helpful for once.

matter of life and death

sprawa życia i śmierci

This really is a matter of life and death and I will desperately need your help.

mean no harm

nie mieć złych zamiarów

I am sure Tom meant no harm, he must have made a mistake.

meet one’s match

trafić na równego sobie, godnego przeciwnika

Sarah has always been so stuck up, but now we have a new girl at work and she has finally met her match. I am sure it will be interesting.

mind the step!

uwaga na stopień!

Be careful and mind the step! It’s quite high.

mind your own business!

pilnuj własnych spraw! nie wtrącaj się!

Mind your own business. It’s a very private issue and I don’t want to talk about it.

miss a chance

przegapić okazję

I can’t believe I missed such an amazing chance! It might not happen again.

mix business with pleasure

łączyć przyjemne z pożytecznym

I don’t like mixing business with pleasure. I’d much rather not talk about work now. Let’s leave it till tomorrow.

money is no object

pieniądze nie odgrywają żadnej roli

Money is no object in this case. I don’t care how much it is, I simply have to have this house.

money talks

pieniądz rządzi światem

The rules in the film industry are simple: money talks.

monkey business


I am not sure I want to get involved in it. It looks like monkey business to me.

moot point

kwestia sporna

The plot of land between our two houses became a moot point for me and my neighbour. We have been arguing about it for over a year now.

move heaven and earth

poruszyć niebo i ziemię

I moved heaven and earth to find this book for you but it’s simply not available.

mum’s the word!

nikomu ani słowa!

Just remember, mum’s the word. They can’t hear anything about it!

my heart sank

opuściła mnie odwaga

My heart sunk when I saw what the workers did to my kitchen. It was supposed to look totally different.

my nose is running

mam katar, cieknie mi z nosa

My nose is running and I have a sore throat. I think I have a cold again.


near to my heart

bliski memu sercu

Spain has always been near to my heart and I think I will move there when I retire.

necessary evil

zło konieczne

Exams are a necessary evil, I am afraid. You just can’t avoid them.

never mind about

mniejsza o

Never mind about yesterday. We’ll make up for it another time.

never say die!

nie poddawaj się!

Never say die! You have to try until the very end. Chances are it will work out just fine!

next door

po sąsiedzku, obok

Sally lives next door, under 23, not here at 22.

no chance!

nie ma mowy! nic z tego!

No chance! I won’t let you in!

no hard feelings!

bez urazy!

No hard feelings Sam, but I really had to do it. It’s nothing personal, just business.

no harm done

nic złego się nie stało

Don’t worry, there was no harm done, we managed to act in time.

no pain, no gain

bez pracy nie ma kołaczy

We worked for the past three nights and are knackered, but the efforts were worth it. You know what they say, “no pain, no gain”.

no problem!

nie ma sprawy!

No problem! I’ll go and fetch it for you now.

no strings attached

bez zobowiązań, bez dodatkowych warunków

Our offers have no strings attached.

none the worse

wcale nie gorszy/gorzej

Sarah is a really good volleyball player and I am none the worse. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be in the team.

not count for much

nie mieć większego znaczenia

My experience doesn’t count for much here.

not for the world

za nic na świecie

I wouldn’t live anywhere else but London; not for the world.

not on your life!

nigdy w życiu!

– You should have given him a lift!
– In that condition? Not on your life!

not to be outdone

żeby nie być gorszym

I have to work more and more simply not to be outdone. My company is extremely competitive.

nothing compares to

nic nie może się równać z

Nothing compares to a long lazy evening with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, when it’s freezing outside.

nothing ever happens here

tu się nigdy nic nie dzieje

It’s such a boring little town, nothing ever happens here.

nothing of interest

nic ciekawego

– What’s that?
– Nothing of interest to you.

nothing of the kind

nic podobnego, nic z tych rzeczy

– You are most likely planning on buying a new car!
– Nothing of the kind. You are totally wrong.

nothing succeeds like success

sukces rodzi sukces

From the moment she got promoted, it’s been going well for her. Nothing succeeds like success in the end.

nothing to speak of

nic, o czym warto mówić

We have absolutely nothing to speak of. I am really disappointed with what you’ve done.

nothing to write home about

nic szczególnego

It’s really disappointing here. I have nothing to write home about.

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