Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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race against time

wyścig z czasem

We are working within very tight deadlines. It is a race against time.

rack one’s brains for something

łamać sobie nad czymś głowę

I racked my brain for hours trying to recall her name.

raise one’s voice

podnosić głos

Don’t raise your voice! There is really no need to get annoyed.

raise somebody’s hopes

robić komuś nadzieję

The company raised my hopes for the job when they told me they would get back to me soon. Unfortunately they never did.

raise the alarm

wszcząć alarm

We unnecessarily raised the alarm. It turned out there was no need to panic.

ranging from... to...

począwszy od..., a skończywszy na...

We have a number of different laptops to offer: ranging from very basic older models to the most modern developments.

rate a mention

być wartym wspomnienia/wzmianki

I am not sure if this new product rates a mention at our annual summary meeting.

rate of interest

stopa procentowa

What’s the rate of interest for the loan?

reach an agreement on

osiągnąć porozumienie w

After 3 days of animated discussion we managed to reach an agreement on the issue.

reach as far as

sięgać aż do

The mobile network signal only reaches as far as the centre of the village. I have no reception at home.

read somebody’s mind

czytać komuś w myślach

You read my mind! How did you know that I wanted this book for Christmas?

refresh somebody’s memory

odświeżyć komuś pamięć

I don’t remember. I have to refresh my memory and then I’ll be able to answer you.

regular customer

stały klient

Mr Brown is our regular customer. He has dined with us for the past 10 years.

remain a mystery

pozostawać tajemnicą

I lost my ring approximately a year ago, and where I left it remains a mystery.

resort to force

uciekać się do użycia siły

Even though I didn’t want to I had to resort to force to solve the problem.

result in failure

zakończyć się niepowodzeniem

Their attempt to climb Mount Everest resulted in failure.

result in something

kończyć się czymś, spowodować coś

The advertising campaign resulted in increased sales of the book.

retire from public life

wycofać się z życia publicznego

I retired from public life at the age of 67.

return a call


Why are you not returning my calls? I have been trying to contact you for approximately two weeks now.

return to normal

wracać do normy

I have to return to normal now after 3 weeks on holiday.

reveal a secret

zdradzić tajemnicę/sekret

I will tell you, however, make sure you don’t reveal my secret to anyone.

right now

właśnie teraz, w tej chwili

I can’t talk right now. Call me in 15 minutes.

right on the spot

na miejscu, natychmiast

Can we do it right on the spot? Unfortunately not, you have to book in advance.

ring a bell

brzmieć znajomo

The name rings a bell. Let me think, I must have met him somewhere.

rise to fame

zdobyć sławę

She rose to fame as a singer at the age of 16.

rise to the occasion

stanąć na wysokości zadania

Sam rose to the occasion during the last presentation. I am really impressed with his recent work.

risk one’s neck

nadstawiać karku, ryzykować

I have been risking my neck to help you, and you didn’t even say thank you.

run a test

przeprowadzić test

We are currently running a test on the new TV model, and we hope it will be on sale in January.

run for office

ubiegać się o urząd

Our president is running for office for the second time in a row.

run for one’s life

ratować się ucieczką

We have to run for our lives, that’s our only hope!

run for shelter

szukać schronienia

There’s no point in walking, it’s pouring down rain. Let’s run for shelter!

run of bad luck

zła passa

Nothing was going right; he was having a run of bad luck.

run of good luck

dobra passa

My run of good luck has come to an end.

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