Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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save face

zachować twarz

I have to take better care next time if I am to save my face.

save somebody the trouble

zaoszczędzić komuś trudu

Sam wanted to save me the trouble and help, but in reality he generated more work for me.

save somebody’s life

uratować komuś życie

You saved my life! I don’t know how to thank you!

say something to somebody’s face

powiedzieć coś komuś prosto w oczy

I couldn’t believe it! He said to my face that I was not good at what I did.

search high and low

szukać wszędzie, przetrząsnąć wszystko

I was searching high and low to get the book, but it was not available anywhere.

see for oneself

zobaczyć na własne oczy

If you don’t believe me that it’s not doable, you can try and see for yourself.

see somebody to the station

odprowadzić kogoś na dworzec

I’ll see you to the station. I need to do some shopping in the nearby market anyway.

see to something

zająć się czymś, dopilnować

Don’t worry, I’ll see to the tea. Just sit down and relax.

see you soon!

do zobaczenia wkrótce!

See you soon! Let me know when you are in the area.

sense of humour

poczucie humoru

She has absolutely no sense of humour.

serve the purpose

być odpowiednim, nadać się

It serves the purpose very well. I don’t see the reason why we should introduce any changes.

set a date

ustalić datę/termin

Let’s set a date right away, it will be easier.

set a good example

dawać dobry przykład

Try to set a good example for all the younger students. They look up to you.

set a record

ustanowić rekord

The last world record in 100 meters was set two months ago.

set one’s heart on something

zapragnąć czegoś

I have set my heart on going to the seaside for the summer.

set somebody free

uwolnić kogoś

The prisoners were set free two weeks before the appointed date.

set something on fire

podpalić coś

He was accused of setting the school on fire.

set something to rights

uporządkować coś

Because all our procedures were in a mess, we had to set them to rights.

shake hands with somebody

uścisnąć komuś rękę

The old man shook hands with his son, and the tears came into his eyes as he did so.

shake one’s head

kręcić/potrząsać głową

She shook her head indicating her disagreement.

shame on you!

wstydź się!

Shame on you! You know you shouldn’t have behaved like that!

share somebody’s point of view

podzielać czyjś punkt widzenia

I don’t share your point of view at all. Do you really believe what you’ve just said?

she let it slip that

wymknęło jej się, że

She let it slip in front of our manager that she was applying for a different job with the competition.

show evidence of something

przejawiać oznaki czegoś

The car shows absolutely no evidence of having been broken into.

show respect to somebody

okazać komuś szacunek

You should show respect to your parents.

show somebody the door

pokazać komuś drzwi

She didn’t want to talk to me anymore and simply showed me the door.

show your stuff!

pokaż, co potrafisz!

Show your stuff Tim, I know you can do it!

shrug one’s shoulders

wzruszyć ramionami

I asked you a question. Don’t shrug your shoulders, answer me!

sign of the times

znak czasu

Globalisation is a sign of our times.

sleep like a log

spać jak kłoda

It is simply impossible to wake her up in the middle of the night, she sleeps like a log.

sleep on it

przemyśleć, przespać się z tym

I really don’t know. I will have to sleep on it and let you know tomorrow.

sleep tight!

śpij dobrze!

Sleep tight and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

smash something to pieces

rozbić coś na kawałki

I dropped the plate and it smashed to pieces.

smell a rat

przeczuć pismo nosem

There’s something not right; I smell a rat.

smile at the thought of

uśmiechać się na myśl o

I always smile at the thought of the holiday in Spain last year.

so be it!

niech tak będzie!

– I’m going to do that whether you like it or not.
– So be it!

so it appears

na to wygląda

The sales of the new book are increasing, at least so it appears.

so it would seem

tak by się wydawało

She should have an amazing career, at least so it would seem, with the education she has.

so much so that

do tego stopnia, że

I have been working diligently so much so that everything is ready before Christmas.

so to speak

że tak powiem

The five countries have now passed, so to speak, their test and will be admitted to the EU.

social life

życie towarzyskie

I have absolutely no social life at the moment, my job takes all my time.

some other time

innym razem

I really can’t make it. I’ll meet you some other time.

some people have all the luck!

niektórzy to mają szczęście!

Claire always gets what she wants. It seems like some people have all the luck.

somebody’s days are numbered

czyjeś dni są policzone

I think Sam’s days are numbered here. He’d better start looking for a new job.

somehow or other

jakoś, w jakiś sposób

We’ll manage to solve the problem somehow or other.

something like that

coś w tym rodzaju

I think Allan lives in near Bindley or Bromley, or something like that.

something runs in one’s blood

mieć coś we krwi

Acting runs in my blood, both of my parents are actors.

sorry to trouble you but

przepraszam, że przeszkadzam, ale

Sorry to trouble you again, but I have one more question to ask.

sound and safe

cały i zdrów

They are all going to come back sound and safe about 5 pm tomorrow.

sound familiar

brzmieć znajomo

This sounds really familiar. I am sure I must have heard this song before.

sounds like fun

brzmi nieźle

It really sounds like fun! I would love to go there sometime soon.

spare parts

części zamienne/zapasowe

I have to go and buy some spare parts for the car.

speak badly of somebody

źle o kimś mówić

I have never heard anyone speak badly of Sarah, everybody likes her.

speak for yourself!

mów za siebie!

Speak for yourself! I am the total opposite, I hate summer!

speak highly of somebody

dobrze się o kimś wyrażać

Sam speaks very highly of Tim. I really can’t wait to meet him.

speak one’s mind

mówić, co się myśli

Tim always speaks his mind and doesn’t care what others think.

spend money like water

szastać pieniędzmi na prawo i lewo

I always spend money like water, and I have to borrow from my parents at the end of the month.

split hairs

dzielić włos na czworo

Stop splitting hairs, you know very well what I mean.

split the cost

podzielić się kosztami

May we split the cost of the present? I can’t afford all of that.

split the difference

pójść na kompromis, dobić targu

We’ve managed to split the difference and have finally agreed on the final cost.

split up with somebody

zerwać z kimś

I’ve just split up with my boyfriend and am not ready for a new relationship yet.

spread like wildfire

szybko się rozprzestrzeniać

The flu is spreading like a wildfire in our office. I’d better take care of myself. I don’t want to be ill, as well.

spring to one’s feet

zerwać się na równe nogi

I sprang to my feet when Sam turned on the music.

stage by stage


I have been going through the project stage by stage and I’m almost finished now.

stand at the crossroads

stać na rozdrożu

I am standing at the crossroads at the moment and I don’t know what to choose.

stand in somebody’s way

stanąć komuś na drodze

I always encouraged her. I didn’t want to stand in her way.

stand on one’s head to do something

stawać na głowie, aby coś zrobić

I would honestly stand on my head just to get into the university of my choice.

stand on one’s own two feet

stanąć na własnych nogach

I finally managed to stand on my own two feet after I got the new job.

stand out in the crowd

wyróżniać się

Sam dresses very originally and he always stands out in the crowd.

stand somebody a drink

postawić komuś drinka

Let’s go out tonight and I will stand you a drink.

stand trial for

stanąć przed sądem za coś, zostać oskarżonym

Tom is standing trial next week for armed robbery.

start a family

założyć rodzinę

We hope to start a family soon.

start a new life

zacząć nowe życie

I am moving abroad where I hope to start a new life.

start from scratch

zacząć od początku

I lost all my savings and now I have to start from scratch.

state of affairs

stan rzeczy

The current state of affairs means that our government must work twice as much to keep the economy going.

state of mind

nastrój, stan ducha

Happiness is a state of mind.

stay the night

zostać na noc

May I stay the night on Sunday? I will be in the area.

steady income

stały dochód

I’d much rather have a steady income than to work freelance.

steady relationship

stały/trwały związek

Steady relationships are boring.

step by step

stopniowo, krok po kroku

Learning a language is a long process. You can only do it step by step.

stick to the facts

trzymać się faktów

I don’t want to listen to all of that. Let’s just stick to the facts.

stone’s throw

blisko, o rzut kamieniem

We don’t need to go by bus. It’s just a stone’s throw. It’s going to take us less than 10 minutes to walk there.

stop at nothing to do something

nie cofnąć się przed niczym, aby coś zrobić

Sam would stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

storm broke

rozpętała się burza

The storm broke suddenly, and we had to finish the barbeque.

strangely enough

co dziwne

She said she was ill but strangely enough, I saw her in town yesterday.

strike a balance between

znaleźć kompromis między

It is important to strike a balance between work and personal life.

strike fear into somebody’s heart

napawać kogoś strachem

I wasn’t worried about the test, but Mark really struck fear into my heart. Now, I am not so sure I’ll pass.

stroke of luck

szczęśliwy traf

It was just a stroke of luck. I got easy questions, otherwise I wouldn’t have passed the test.

struggle for existence

walczyć o byt/przetrwanie

Her earnings are well below the minimum wage, and at the moment, she is really struggling for existence.

study for an exam

uczyć się do egzaminu

I can’t go out because I have to study for my next exam.

supply and demand

podaż i popyt

The products we release on the market depend on supply and demand.

suppose you have this job

załóżmy, że masz tę pracę

Suppose you have this job, do you think it will change anything?

sure enough

jak można było oczekiwać, faktycznie

Sure enough, he didn’t turn up.

swing of the pendulum

zwrot, radykalna zmiana

It was a quite sudden swing of a pendulum in our company’s policy; nobody expected it.

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