Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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under cover

w przebraniu

The police are going to go there under cover, so he won’t realise he’s being followed.

under cover of darkness

pod osłoną ciemności

We won’t have any problems breaking into that house under cover of darkness. No one will see us.

under discussion


We haven’t decided yet. The issue is still under discussion, but we should have an answer for you by the end of the day.

under false pretences


I could not go on living with someone who married me under false pretences.

under pressure

pod wpływem stresu, pod naciskiem

I work best under pressure. I can do twice as much when I’m stressed and know that a deadline is near.

under threat of something

pod groźbą czegoś

She only took the job under threat of unemployment.

until further notice

aż do odwołania

The shop will be closed until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

unwritten law

niepisane prawo

When it comes to extracurricular activities in the school, it’s an unwritten law that the seniors are given priority.

up to a point

do pewnego stopnia

It worked up to a point, but we had to change it slightly.

up to the mark

na przyzwoitym poziomie

My boss got rid of all those whose work was not up to the mark.

ups and downs

wzloty i upadki

I’ve been having my ups and downs recently, but I’m starting to stand on my feet again.

upside down

do góry nogami

You are holding the picture upside down, turn it round.


vanish into thin air

rozpłynąć się w powietrzu, zniknąć

Sarah was just there a minute ago, but she simply vanished into thin air.


wait one’s turn

czekać na swoją kolej

I will wait my turn. I don’t want to go yet.

walk out on somebody

porzucić kogoś, odejść od kogoś

We were such a good couple, and he just walked out on me. I really didn’t expect it.

walls have ears

ściany mają uszy

Be careful of what you say! Walls have ears.

watch the time

kontrolować czas

Watch the time! We can’t be late.

watch what you are doing!

uważaj, co robisz!

Sam, watch what you’re doing! Why are you always so clumsy?

we are short of money

brakuje nam pieniędzy

We are really short of money ourselves at the moment, so I can’t lend you anything.

we can never be sure

nigdy nie ma pewności

We can never be sure what will happen with our children in the future.

we ran out of coffee

skończyła nam się kawa

We ran out of coffee, so I will go to the shop next door and buy some.

weak spot

słaby punkt

Try to find weak spots in your opponent.

weather permitting

jeśli pogoda dopisze

We are going cycling tomorrow, weather permitting of course. We are not going to cycle if it rains.

weigh the pros and cons

rozważyć za i przeciw

I don’t know. I have to weigh the pros and cons and then I will make up my mind.

welcome somebody with open arms

przywitać kogoś z otwartymi ramionami

I didn’t know Tom’s family, but they all welcomed me with open arms. I felt at home straight away.

well done!

brawo! dobra robota!

Well done, Sam! I knew you could do it.

what a pity!

jaka szkoda!

What a pity you can’t come. I was so looking forward to the dinner.

what a waste!

co za marnotrawstwo!

What a waste! I can’t believe we are throwing all this food away!

what are the chances that

jakie jest prawdopodobieństwo, że

What are the chances that they will offer me the same job next year?

what are you driving at?

do czego zmierzasz?

I really don’t understand. What are you driving at?

what do you say?

co ty na to?

What do you say then? Should we go or not?

what happened?

co się stało?

What happened to Tim? He seems rather low.

what I mean is

chcę przez to powiedzieć, że

What I mean is, it’s really worth a try. You never know, it might pay off.

what is she like?

jaka ona jest?

What is she like? I heard she can be demanding and mean.

what is this supposed to mean?!

co to ma znaczyć?!

What is this supposed to mean? Don’t you dare talk to me like that!

what make is this car?

jakiej marki to jest samochód?

– What make is this car?
– I am not sure. All I can say about it is that it’s red. You know I know nothing about cars.

what on earth?

co u licha?

What on earth is going on here? Look at this mess! I only left for an hour.

what size are you?

jaki rozmiar pan/pani nosi? (ubrania)

What size are you now? I think you’ve lost a lot of weight.

what time is it?

która jest godzina?

What time is it now? I need to leave at 3 pm.

what’s eating you?

co cię gryzie?

Come on, tell me what’s eating you and you’ll feel better. Maybe I can help as well.

what’s happening?

co się dzieje?

What’s happening? What’s all this noise?

what’s so funny?

co w tym śmiesznego?

What’s so funny? I didn’t say anything funny.

what’s the date today?

którego dzisiaj mamy?

What’s the date today? Is it 8.12.?

what’s the matter?

o co chodzi? co się stało?

What’s the matter? Why are you so worried?

what’s the rush?

po co ten pośpiech?

What’s the rush? We have plenty of time. No need to hurry.

what’s the time?

która jest godzina?

What’s the time now? I am in a hurry.

when all is said and done

koniec końców

When all is said and done, we have nothing else to do but sign the contract.

when I last saw her

kiedy ją widziałem po raz ostatni

When I last saw her she was blond, and now she changed to black and looks very different.

when the need arises

w razie potrzeby

I will get a loan when the need arises. I can still manage without it at the moment.

when you come to think of it

jeśli się dobrze nad tym zastanowić

When you come to think of it, it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea in the end.

who would have thought

kto by pomyślał

Who would have thought Sarah would become a doctor? She’s never been a good student.

whose turn is it?

czyja kolej?

– Whose turn is it?
– I thought it was Tim’s.

will you join us for lunch?

czy zjesz z nami lunch?

– Will you join us for lunch?
– I can’t. I have to go to a meeting.

win a prize

zdobyć nagrodę

I have never won a prize of any kind.

win a victory

odnieść zwycięstwo

Sam won a legal victory over his local government concerning his plot of land.

win by a fluke

wygrać fuksem

We were not prepared for the match. We really won by a fluke.

win hands down

wygrać z łatwością

It was such an easy win! Almost no effort on his part was required. He won with his hands down.

win somebody’s confidence

zdobyć czyjeś zaufanie

It took me a while to win Kate’s confidence, but now we are best friends.

window of opportunity

niepowtarzalna okazja

I treat it as an unexpected window of opportunity and I hope it will all work out well.

with a bit of luck

przy odrobinie szczęścia

With a bit of luck, I will manage to get into the course.

with a heavy heart

z ciężkim sercem

I am signing the contract with a heavy heart. I don’t think buying the flat is a good idea.

with a view of the sea

z widokiem na morze

I have a lovely room with a view of the sea, if you are interested.

with a view to doing something

z zamiarem zrobienia czegoś

I am saving all the money I can with a view to buying a house.

with all due respect

z całym szacunkiem

With all due respect, I don’t think she is suitable for the job.

with all one’s heart

z całego serca

I am doing the job with all my heart, and no one appreciates it.

with bated breath

z zapartym tchem

I was waiting for the results with bated breath. It was really exciting!

with flying colours

świetnie, śpiewająco

I passed with flying colours, so now I don’t have to worry about getting into university.

with great skill

z dużą wprawą

She painted the picture with great skill. You can tell she has good training.

with no extras

bez dodatków

Can I please have the chicken with no extras?

with one’s eyes closed

z zamkniętymi oczami

I’ve been there so many times, I could get there with my eyes closed.

with respect to

odnośnie, w związku z, w nawiązaniu do

With respect to your last question, unfortunately we do not offer free courses for our employees.

with the aim of doing something

z zamiarem zrobienia czegoś

I am saving the money with the aim of going on holiday in June.

with the help of something

za pomocą czegoś

I could finish it all in time with the help of a computer.

within limits

w pewnych granicach

There is a lot of flexibility here, within limits, of course.

within reach

w zasięgu

I want to live somewhere within easy reach of the centre.

without a second thought

bez zastanawiania się

I decided to buy the car without a second thought, and now I am not sure it was the right choice.

without delay


We have to decide without delay, or they will sell the flat to someone else.

without question

bez wątpienia

This is, without question, the best house we’ve seen so far. I think we should buy it.

without regard to

bez względu na

All applicants should be considered without regard to race, religion or sexual orientation.

without risk to something

nie narażając czegoś

You are signing a three-month contract without a risk to get too involved. It’s three months only and then you can decide what to do next.

wolf in sheep’s clothing

wilk w owczej skórze

Don’t trust him. He’s not as nice as you think. He really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

words fail me

brak mi słów

You look amazing! Words fail me when I look at you today!

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