Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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at the crack of dawn

bladym świtem, skoro świt

We had to get up at the crack of dawn to be able to catch the plane.

at the earliest opportunity

przy najbliższej okazji

I am really sorry but I didn’t have time to look at your essay yet. I will do at the earliest opportunity though, I promise!

at the end of the year

pod koniec roku

At the end of the year we always have much more work to do.

at the mercy of something

na łasce czegoś

We are going away for a short break this weekend. It’s supposed to be a real outdoor trip and we are staying in a tent. So we are fully at the mercy of the weather! Let’s hope it doesn’t rain.

at the moment

w tej chwili

We are very sorry, but the book is not available at the moment. You could come back next week. Chances are we will have it.

at the point of something

u progu czegoś

I am currently at the point of nervous breakdown. I really can’t take it any more.

at the risk of something

ryzykując coś

I decided to say what I thought at the risk of losing my job.

at the same time

w tym samym czasie, jednocześnie

They did it at the same time.

at the sight of something

na widok czegoś

I was absolutely speechless at the sight of the painting.

at the start of something

na początku czegoś

I didn’t like him at all at the start of the play, but my approach changed later on.

at the top

na samej górze

We are at the very top of the building. You need to take a lift.

at the top of one’s voice

na całe gardło, z całych sił (np. krzyczeć)

I couldn’t stand her speaking at the top of her voice all the time. She was extremely loud and it really didn’t help my awful headache.

at the turn of the century

na przełomie wieków

My granddad was born at the turn of the century.

at this rate

w tym tempie

We will never manage to finish it at this rate.


back and forth

tam i z powrotem

Yesterday I was moving to my new flat at the other end of the building. So I had to walk back and forth to transfer all my stuff along the corridor all day.

backward country

zacofany kraj

I always thought Bulgaria was a backward country, however, I was positively surprised when I first went to see the country.

bad luck


It’s just bad luck. You can’t do anything about it.

bags under one’s eyes

worki pod oczami

I was preparing a presentation for today’s meeting and didn’t have time to sleep at all. So I am really tired and have awful bags under my eyes.

be a nobody

być nikim

I feel like I am a nobody whenever I talk to him.

be a perfect match for something

idealnie pasować do czegoś

I think Sam is a perfect match for the role.

be a tool in somebody’s hands

być narzędziem w czyichś rękach

Sarah is just a tool in his hands, she can’t make any decisions on her own.

be all smiles

promieniować uśmiechem

She is always all smiles. It’s a pleasure to have her around.

be all thumbs

mieć dwie lewe ręce

I am useless at all arts and crafts. I am all thumbs.

be at a loss what to do

nie wiedzieć, co zrobić

She got accepted into both Oxford and Cambridge and is really at a loss what to do. They are both amazing universities.

be at one’s wits’ end

nie wiedzieć, co zrobić

I feel like I’m at my wits’ end.

be back to square one

wrócić do punktu wyjścia

My last idea for the project was not accepted. I put so much work into it and now I am back at square one. I hate starting all over again with the project. It will take ages.

be between jobs

szukać nowej pracy

I am currently between jobs and have quite a lot of time on my hands.

be blind to something

być ślepym na coś

She is totally blind to what he’s really like.

be due to do something

mieć coś zrobić

I am due to hand in the paper tomorrow.

be dying for something

marzyć o czymś

It’s absolutely boiling in here. I am simply dying for a glass of ice cold water!

be expecting a baby

spodziewać się dziecka

Anna has worked all through her pregnancy. She is expecting a baby in January so she will be leaving work soon I suppose.

be fully aware of something

w pełni zdawać sobie sprawę z czegoś

I am fully aware of the fact that life will be much tougher in South Africa but I am really looking forward to my year there.

be getting on in years

starzeć się

I feel like I am getting on in years.

be hard done by

zostać źle potraktowanym przez

I can’t believe I was hard done by Peter, out of all the people I know.

be in a bind

być w trudnym położeniu

I really don’t know what to do, I don’t have much choice, I am in a bind.

be in a hurry

spieszyć się

I am sorry. I am in a hurry and can’t talk to you at the moment.

be in a state

być podenerwowanym

She is in such a state, better leave her alone.

be in a tight corner

znajdować się w sytuacji bez wyjścia

I feel like I am in a tight corner at the moment. I don’t have much of a choice as to what to do next.

be in good health

cieszyć się dobrym zdrowiem

Sam is already 80 and still feels great. But he’s always been in good heath.

be in league with somebody

być z kimś w zmowie

She is in league with Peter professionally.

be in line with something

zgadzać się z czymś

We are preparing new Christmas Cards for our company but we have to make sure that they are in line with company’s rules and regulations. Otherwise we won’t be able to use them.

be in no position to do something

nie być w stanie czegoś zrobić, nie mieć możliwości

I am only an assistant here. I am in no position to make any decisions. You will have to wait for my manager to come back to give you the answer.

be in one’s element

być w swoim żywiole

Kate was in her element, organising everything.

be in short supply

brakować czegoś

We are currently in short supply of water, so use sparingly.

be in somebody’s shadow

być/pozostawać w czyimś cieniu

Anne and Kate are twin sisters. Anne has always been in Kate’s shadow. Kate has always been the more talented one and was always favoured by their parents.

be in the habit of doing something

mieć zwyczaj coś robić

Now that I have moved into a shared flat, I have to get used to being really quiet in the morning not to wake everyone up. I used to be in the habit of switching the radio on really loud first thing when I got up every day.

be in the lead

być na prowadzeniu, prowadzić

Kate, you are in the lead for today.

be in the process of doing something

być w trakcie robienia czegoś

I am now in the process of writing it all up. It will be ready by tomorrow.

be in the public eye

być osobą publiczną, być w centrum zainteresowania

I hate being in the public eye, but that’s a big part of my job.

be in the same boat

jechać na jednym wózku

I totally understand what you mean; we are in the same boat.

be in use

być w użyciu

The bathroom is now in use, you’ll have to wait.

be looking for trouble

szukać kłopotów

Sam is always looking for trouble. He will be sorry one day.

be lost for words

nie móc znaleźć słów

I was delivering a speech in front of 100 people and suddenly forgot what to say next. I was simply lost for words for a while.

be lost in thoughts

być pogrążonym w myślach

I was lost in thought when the telephone rang.

be marked by something

charakteryzować się czymś

The decade was marked by rapid economic growth.

be master of something

być panem czegoś

Sam is a master of public speaking.

be meant for

być przeznaczonym dla

Don’t even try to ride this bike. It’s way too small for you. It is meant for children aged 5!

be more of a hindrance than a help

bardziej przeszkadzać niż pomagać

I feel like I am more of a hindrance than a help to you.

be my guest

nie krępuj się, proszę bardzo

– Can I have a look around?
– Be my guest.

be no match for somebody

nie dorównywać komuś

Sam is really no match for Tim when it comes to sailing.

be not long for this world

długo nie pociągnąć, długo nie pożyć

I am afraid that my computer is not long for this world.

be on everybody’s lips

być na ustach wszystkich

Laura has never been particularly controversial. Not many people noticed her, but since she dyed her hair blue, she is on everybody’s lips.

be on good terms with somebody

być z kimś w dobrych stosunkach

I am on very good terms with him so I will talk to him.

be on somebody’s side

być po czyjejś stronie

No matter what Peter says, Sam is always on his side. He always supports him.

be on the dole

być na bezrobociu

I have been on the dole for the past month, I really need to find a job.

be on the right track

być na właściwym tropie

I feel like I am finally on the right track to achieve what I want.

be on top form

być w szczytowej formie

I am on top form at the moment, so I have chances of winning this time.

be oneself again

być znowu sobą

I have been feeling rather depressed for a while, but now that I found a new and really satisfying job I am myself again.

be out of question

nie wchodzić w rachubę, być wykluczonym

My mum says that it’s out of the question for me to go on holiday on my own as I am only 15.

be out of work

być bez pracy

I have been out of work for 2 months and now I am struggling financially.

be par for the course

być czymś powszednim/normalnym

He said long hours were par for the course.

be playing a waiting game

grać na czas

We have to play a waiting game and hope we’ll manage on time.

be quick on the draw

szybko zrozumieć o co chodzi, w mig chwytać o co chodzi

He was quick on the draw answering the journalist’s questions.

be ranked third

być sklasyfikowanym na trzecim miejscu

I was ranked third after the competition.

be right about something

mieć rację w jakiejś sprawie

You are right about that, thanks for the advice.

be second to none

nie mieć sobie równych

You are second to none when it comes to cooking.

be seized with something

być ogarniętym czymś (np. strachem)

I was suddenly seized with fear of the unknown when I crossed the border.

be subject to something

podlegać czemuś

Everyone in UK is subject to police checks before they can start working with children.

be supposed to do something

mieć coś zrobić

I have to go home to study. I was supposed to start doing my homework at 3 pm. It’s already 5 pm and I still haven’t started.

be the opposite of somebody

być przeciwieństwem kogoś

Although Anne and Laura are twins, they are total opposites of each other. Anne is blond and really quiet while Laura is ginger and always the soul of the party.

be up and running

działać, być sprawnym

We still have a lot of preparations to do, but I hope that the shop will be up and running next week. We are planning to open on Wednesday.

be up to one’s ears in work

być zagrzebanym w pracy

I am up to my ears in work. I have been working all Saturday and Sunday. I have been staying at work long hours and still haven’t managed to cover everything.

beat around the bush

owijać w bawełnę

Stop beating around the bush and tell me whether you want to go on holiday or not. I am tired of waiting for your answer.

beat somebody black and blue

zbić kogoś na kwaśne jabłko, posiniaczyć

I told him not to go there on his own. He got beaten black and blue.

beat the breast

bić się w piersi

He keeps beating his breast and swearing that it’s all true, but I still don’t believe him.

because of something

z powodu czegoś

I was really late today because of terrible traffic in the city centre.

become a burden to somebody

stać się dla kogoś ciężarem

I really need to find a job soon. I graduated 6 months ago and still live with my parents. I really don’t want to become a burden to them.

become aware of something

uświadomić sobie coś

It was only after I moved abroad that I became aware of the fact that Warsaw has a lot to offer.

before somebody’s eyes

na czyichś oczach

We turned around the corner and there was an amazing view before our eyes.

behind the scenes

za kulisami

There are many things going on behind the scenes that we don’t know of.

behind the wheel

za kierownicą

Harry was lucky not to get injured in the accident he caused when he fell asleep behind the wheel.

below average

poniżej przeciętnej

The results of the last exam were below average. I don’t know what happened.

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