Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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work in an office

pracować w biurze

I hate working in an office! I’d much rather work from home.

work late

pracować do późna

I had to work late yesterday getting ready for a big conference which is approaching.

work like a dog

pracować jak mrówka, pracować za dwóch

I have been working like a dog recently and really need some holiday.

work one’s guts out

harować w pocie czoła

I have been working my guts out to make sure it all works out well, but it still hasn’t.

work the land

uprawiać ziemię

All his life my father worked his land and he really doesn’t want to move to the city and become a clerical worker.

write somebody off for dead

uznać kogoś za zmarłego

Nobody had seen him for years and he was written off for dead.

written in somebody’s face

wypisane na czyjejś twarzy

Love is written on her face. She can’t hide it.

wrong number

pomyłka (telefoniczna)

– Is that Peter?
– I’m sorry, you must have dialled a wrong number.


year in, year out

rok w rok, co roku

I go to Portugal on holiday year in year out. It’s time for a change.

yes, by all means

tak, jak najbardziej

Yes, by all means! I think it’s a great idea.

you are requested

uprasza się o

You are requested to leave the campus as soon as possible.

you asked for it!

sam się o to prosiłeś!

You really asked for it! Behaving like that you couldn’t expect anything else but getting fired.

you can say that again!

jeszcze jak! oczywiście! zgadza się!

– Jane looks absolutely gorgeous!
– You can say that again!

you can’t miss it

nie można tego nie zauważyć

You really can’t miss it. It’s a bright orange building just in the middle of the square.

you got it in one!


I am impressed! You got it in one! Not many people manage this exercise so quickly.

you have a point there

tu masz rację

You have a point here. I take back what I said.

you have to be good to be lucky

szczęście sprzyja lepszym

You have to be good to be lucky, though it doesn’t seem to apply to Tom. He is an excellent player but he’s lost three matches in a row by only one point.

you must be joking!

chyba żartujesz!

You must be joking! He got a promotion? He’s doing absolutely nothing all the time!

you should’ve known better

powinieneś był być mądrzejszy

You should have known better and thought it through before you made the decision. It’s too late now.

you took the words right out of my mouth

wyjąłeś mi to z ust

That’s exactly what I mean. You took the words right out of my mouth.

you’re always making excuses!

zawsze się wykręcasz!

You’re always making excuses and you never go out with us. Come on, it’s Saturday, let’s go for a drink!

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