Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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below the mark

poniżej wymaganego poziomu

Our profits last year were unfortunately below the mark.

bend over backwards to do something

bardzo starać się coś zrobić

I have been bending over backwards all week to make sure that the clients are happy. I did everything they wanted and they still aren’t satisfied with our service.

bend the rules

naginać przepisy

I handed my application in too late, but the company agreed to bend the rules and accept it.

beside the point

bez związku z tematem, nie na temat

This is really beside the point. I won’t discuss it any further.

best of all

najlepszy ze wszystkich/wszystkiego

It all sounds amazing, best of all we are going to visit the castle.

better and better

coraz lepszy

It’s getting better and better, I have nothing to complain about.

better luck next time

następnym razem będzie lepiej

Let’s hope I’ll have better luck next time. I don’t want to go through all that again.

better than ever

lepszy niż kiedykolwiek

It’s better than ever this time and it’s all thanks to Kate’s help.

beyond doubt

poza wszelką wątpliwość

His guilt was established straight away. It’s beyond doubt that he’s the one to blame.

big deal!

też mi coś!

Big deal! I would have done much better than he.

big fish

gruba ryba

Harry is a big fish in the world of financial management. There aren’t many others who are more influential.

birds of a feather

ludzie tego samego pokroju

“Birds of a feather flock together”, as the popular saying goes.

bite one’s tongue

ugryźć się w język

I was just about to criticise my manager when she turned up in my office. Thank god I bit my tongue in time and didn’t say anything!

bits and pieces


I didn’t have all the materials so had to use bits and pieces to work it out.

blind alley

ślepa uliczka; ślepy zaułek

We are all trying to realise that this type of music is a blind alley and we won’t get any further with it.

blindly obey somebody

być ślepo posłusznym komuś

I can’t believe Anne is blindly obeying her boyfriend at all times! She does whatever he tells her and never questions it!

block somebody’s view

zasłaniać komuś widok

I went to the cinema yesterday but didn’t really enjoy the film, mainly because the guy who was sitting in front of me was totally blocking my view.

blood type

grupa krwi

I decided to be a blood donor. I had to have a blood test to determine what blood type I was. It turns out that I am type A.

blue with cold

zsiniały z zimna

I got absolutely soaked and was blue with cold.

body and soul

duszą i ciałem

She always dedicates herself body and soul to whatever she does.

boil down to something

sprowadzać się do czegoś

It all boils down to the fact that he doesn’t want to do what he was asked for.

bored to death

śmiertelnie znudzony

The last lecture I went to wasn’t particularly interesting. In fact I was bored to death and left before it was finished.

botch a job

spartaczyć pracę

You should have been more careful and now you just botched the job.

bottoms up!

do dna! zdrowie! (przy toastach)

Bottoms up! It’s been a good year and we should celebrate it!

break a promise

złamać obietnicę

Mary told me she would keep what I told her to herself, but she broke the promise! She is such a gossip, now everyone knows my secret!

break a record

pobić rekord

I think Sam broke a record of not doing anything! How can you be that lazy?

break free

uwolnić się

I want to break free from your lies.

break into pieces

rozbić/rozlecieć się na kawałki

I was washing the dishes yesterday and dropped my mum’s favourite plate. It broke into pieces and she is now really upset.

break one’s back

harować, ciężko pracować

I am breaking my back, trying to do it all on time.

break somebody’s heart

złamać komuś serce

I don’t really want to break his heart.

break the habit

zerwać z nałogiem

I am trying to break the habit and quit smoking, but it’s not easy.

break the news to somebody

powiadomić kogoś

No one wanted to tell Luke he was to lose his job. In the end, I had to break the news to him.

bring bad luck to somebody

przynosić komuś pecha

She brings bad luck to you.

bring credit to somebody

przynosić komuś chlubę

The team’s victory in the finals has brought credit to the school.

bring good results

przynieść/dać dobre wyniki

We just introduced a new ad campaign and it’s bringing great results. We are selling more copies of the magazine than ever before.

bring pressure

wywierać nacisk

Our boss brings a lot of pressure when he talks about sales results and nothing else.

bring shame on somebody

przynieść komuś wstyd

Sally brought shame on me when she got really drunk at Peter’s party. No one else knew her, so she didn’t really make a good first impression.

bring something to an end

doprowadzić coś do końca

I am about to change jobs, but I want to bring all of my current projects I am currently responsible for to an end.

bring up a subject

poruszyć temat

Don’t even bring up the subject. I don’t want to talk about it, yet.

bring up children

wychowywać dzieci

Their grandmother brought up my children as I was working at two different companies.

bundle of nerves

kłębek nerwów

Kate is a real bundle of nerves. She gets stressed at even the most trivial of things.

burn the midnight oil

pracować do późna w nocy

Sam is now asleep after burning the midnight oil and trying to finish his essay.

burst into flames

buchnąć płomieniem

It was a really scary sight when the car burst into flames.

burst into tears

wybuchnąć płaczem

I was managing myself really well all through the wedding, but I finally burst into tears. I couldn’t help myself, I was really moved.

burst out laughing

wybuchnąć śmiechem

I couldn’t stop myself. I burst out laughing in the middle of the meeting.

but for you

gdyby nie ty

I couldn’t have done it in time but for you.

but that’s another story

ale to już inna historia

We are going on Holiday to Spain this year. I wanted to go to Norway. Peter said no, but that’s another story.

but then again

ale z drugiej strony

I would like to go to Italy. Then again, I have already been there and there are so many other places to see.

by a process of elimination

przez eliminację

I really did not know the answer to question 5, but by process of elimination I chose answer A.

by a strange twist of fate

dziwnym zrządzeniem losu

By a strange twist of fate, I met Sarah in the middle of London.

by birth

z pochodzenia

I am Polish by birth, but I grew up in England.

by chance


I met Sam totally by chance yesterday. We originally planned to meet next week.

by common consent

za ogólną zgodą

We decided, by common consent, that we were going to sell grandma’s house.

by day

za dnia

I am a teacher by day and a DJ by night.

by default

standardowo, domyślnie

By default, we only used headed paper.

by fair means or foul

nie przebierając w środkach

He always gets what he wants, by fair means or foul. I’m scarred to think of what he could potentially resort to.

by force

przemocą, siłą

The squatters refused to leave the building and had to be removed by force.

by heart

na pamięć

We had to learn about 200 words by heart to pass our first English test.

by lot

w drodze losowania

There was a parking space shortage and I got mine by lot.

by means of something

za pomocą czegoś

This is a one-year course taught by means of seminars and field trips.

by mistake

przez pomyłkę

I am really sorry, I called you totally by mistake. I meant to call Mike.

by nature

z natury (np. agresywny)

Smoking is addictive by nature. The majority of people who start just can’t help but to get addicted sooner or later.

by night


Paris by night looks totally different than during the day.

by no means

w żadnym wypadku

This is by no means out of the ordinary! In fact, it’s quite typical for the Spanish to have a siesta after lunch.

by now

do teraz, do tej pory

You have been our student for over a year. You should have learned by now that we do not accept lateness.

by profession

z zawodu

I am a teacher by profession but I currently work as a journalist.

by the back door

tylnymi drzwiami

His father works there so he got in by the back door.

by the way

przy okazji, nawiasem mówiąc

Can you go to the shop and buy some sugar? By the way, do you know that Sam works there?

by trial and error

metodą prób i błędów

A large number of scientific discoveries have been found by trial and error.

by turns


His tone was by turns angry and aggravated.

by way of something

w charakterze czegoś, tytułem czegoś

“I get very worried about things like that”, she said by way of explanation.

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