Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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call a strike

ogłosić strajk

When it was announced there would be no pay raise, the workers of Tom’s company decided to call a strike.

call something into question

zakwestionować coś

When I called one of my teacher’s theories into question yesterday, she wasn’t pleased at all.

can ill afford something

nie móc sobie pozwolić na coś

We can ill afford another scandal. It would simply ruin us!

can’t make head or tail of something

nie móc się w czymś połapać

I have been trying to understand the task for more than three hours now, but I can’t make head or tail of it. Can you please explain it to me?

carrot and stick

metoda kija i marchewki

The government wants to use a “carrot and stick” approach to force the President and Prime Minister to negotiate.

carry out an experiment

przeprowadzić eksperyment

Einstein had to carry out many experiments in order to arrive at his famous theories.

cast one’s vote

oddać głos (wyborczy)

I decided to cast my vote for the Democrats in the last Presidential election.

catch a cold

przeziębić się

I feel really bad. I have a sore throat and runny nose. I must have caught a cold again!

catch sight of something

dostrzec coś

I just changed my haircut and every time I catch sight of myself in a mirror, I feel rather surprised about the way I look. I still haven’t got used to it.

catch somebody doing something

przyłapywać kogoś na czymś

I used to steal sweets from the pantry when I was five, but my Grandma caught me doing it and I was scared to do it again.

catch somebody red-handed

złapać kogoś na gorącym uczynku

The police caught the burglar red-handed. He was arrested and charged with robbery.

catch somebody’s attention

przyciągnąć czyjąś uwagę

The girl in the blue top caught my attention. I just couldn’t stop staring at her all night long.

catch somebody’s interest

wzbudzić czyjeś zainteresowanie

Rob feels superior to everybody and it’s really difficult to catch his interest.

chain of events

splot wydarzeń

The chain of events in 2005 led to his hasty departure to Spain. I wonder what really happened.

change beyond recognition

zmienić się nie do poznania

Anna moved to Spain a few years ago. She recently came over to visit, but has changed beyond recognition. We found it difficult to talk. She is simply a different person now.

change for the better

zmiana na lepsze

I decided to apply for a new job. I really believe it will be a change for the better. I feel that the new position will bring new challenges.

change for the worse

zmiana na gorsze

I was hoping to have a much more interesting job here, but it turned out to be a change for the worse. I should have stayed with the previous company.

change hands

zmieniać właściciela

The firm has changed hands many times throughout the past few years. The current owners are planning on selling it again soon.

change one’s mind

zmienić zdanie, rozmyślić się

Sally was going to apply to study psychology but she changed her mind. She is now planning to study Spanish.

change the subject

zmieniać temat

Can we please change the subject? You know how I hate talking about politics all the time.

cheap to run

tani w eksploatacji

We decided to buy a German car because it’s said to be cheap to run.

chilled to the bone

przemarznięty do szpiku kości

I forgot to take warm clothes and I got chilled to the bone.

chip off the old block

wykapany ojciec/matka

Tom looks just like his father when he was younger. He really is a chip off the old block.

claim damages

żądać odszkodowania

I wasn’t really satisfied with my last holiday. We didn’t get the service and programme we paid for. We’re now going to claim damages with the travel agency.

classic example

klasyczny przykład

William Shakespeare is a classic example of a British Renaissance playwright.

clear conscience

czyste sumienie

I’d rather pay the fine and have a clear conscience rather than wait and hope they will forget about it.

clear the table

posprzątać ze stołu

Laura, can you please help me clear the table now that the guests are gone? It will be much quicker with your help.

clear the way!

z drogi! usunąć się!

Excuse me! Can you clear the way? Can’t you see we are trying to get through with the trolley?

clip somebody’s wings

podciąć komuś skrzydła

The new legislation is aimed at clipping the President’s political wings.

close at hand

w zasięgu ręki

I like reading books in Spanish, but I need to have a dictionary close at hand. There are still many words I don’t understand.

come as a shock to somebody

zaszokować kogoś

The news about Mike’s sudden death came as an absolute shock to me. I still can’t believe what happened!

come as a surprise to somebody

zaskoczyć kogoś

Jude’s marriage proposal came as a surprise to me as we’ve only been dating for three months. I didn’t realise he took me so seriously.

come as no surprise to somebody

nie być zaskoczeniem dla kogoś

It came as no surprise to me that Tina got a place to study at Oxford as she’s always been at the top of her class.

come down to earth

wrócić (z obłoków) na ziemię

I know you would love to go study abroad, but come down to earth! It costs a lot of money and we can’t afford it. Besides, we have equally good universities here.

come down to something

sprowadzać się do czegoś

The chances of doing a post-graduate degree are very low if you can’t cover the fees. Even if you are really bright, it still comes down to money.

come in useful

przydać się

Many thanks for your knowledge in math. It came in very useful in our last meeting.

come into effect

wchodzić w życie

The new law comes into effect at the beginning of January.

come into fashion

stać się modnym

Long skirts came into fashion last spring and are still quite popular.

come into somebody’s head

przyjść komuś do głowy

There are certain tunes that simply come into your head and stick.

come of age

osiągnąć pełnoletniość

What about all the fifty-thousand youngsters who come of age this spring? Who will they be voting for?

come off well

dobrze wypaść

The last presentation came off really well. Good job, Tom!

come on!

daj spokój! dalej! rusz się!

Come on and don’t be so lame! You never go out with us. Just this one time! It’s Friday and you don’t have to go to work tomorrow.

come to a bad end

źle skończyć

I always knew the company was not going to last. It was clear that sooner or later it would come to a bad end.

come to a dead end

utknąć w martwym punkcie

The negotiators came to a dead end and they needed to involve a third party to be able to progress.

come to a decision

podjąć (ostateczną) decyzję

We came to a joint decision that it would be best for you to go and study abroad.

come to an arrangement

dojść do porozumienia

Anna didn’t want to go on holiday to Africa, so we came to an agreement. We’re going to Spain and organising a day trip to Morocco, instead.

come to an end

dobiegać końca

All good things come to an end. I can’t believe those two weeks of my holiday are gone already.

come to light

ujrzeć światło dzienne, wyjść na jaw

When the financial scandal came to light, our managing director got fired.

come to one’s senses

pójść po rozum do głowy

I wonder how long it will take you to come to your senses. I am really glad you realised what a mistake you’re making.

come to power

dojść do władzy

When Henry VIII came to power, England was still dependent on Rome in the matters of religion.

come to somebody’s aid

przyjść komuś z pomocą

I really struggled with the task, but Sam came to my aid and we managed to solve it together.

come to somebody’s defence

przyjść komuś z pomocą, stanąć w czyjejś obronie

Sarah made a mistake by criticising her manager, but quite a few of her colleagues came to her defence by supporting her views.

come to somebody’s ears

dojść do czyichś uszu

It just came to my ears that you’re about to move to England. Is that what you’re really planning?

come to terms with somebody

dojść do porozumienia z kimś

She’s never really come to terms with her daughter.

come to the point

przejść do sedna sprawy

Please, come to the point because we haven’t got much time.

come true

spełnić się (np. o marzeniach)

I hope all your dreams will come true. You deserve the best!

commit a crime

popełnić przestępstwo

I have never committed a crime before. Does this help my situation at all, or am I going to go to jail?

commit to memory

nauczyć się na pamięć

I don’t have anything to write down your number with. I’ll simply try and commit it to memory. Let’s hope I won’t forget it by tomorrow!

common sense

zdrowy rozsądek

Organising a conference is no rocket science; it really is all about good organisation and common sense!

conflict of interests

konflikt interesów

The Prime Minister and the President are known to have a conflict of interests. It doesn’t seem like the situation is going to change any time soon.

contrary to popular belief

wbrew powszechnemu przekonaniu

Contrary to popular belief, British people are not overly polite, and they are extremely serious at all times.

correct me if I’m wrong but

popraw mnie, jeśli się mylę, ale

Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t you be at school now?

cost of living

koszty utrzymania

The cost of living in Britain has increased drastically over the last few years and many people can’t afford to live as comfortably as they used to.

cough it up!

wykrztuś to z siebie!

Oh come on! Just cough it up! Say it! It’s not going to change anything, anyway.

count down


Count down to 10 and then you can start walking back. Just don’t follow me straightaway.

country of origin

kraj pochodzenia

Nationality: Polish
Country of Origin: Poland
Place of Birth: France
Date of Birth: 23.03.1975

course of events

bieg wydarzeń

In a natural course of events cows would need to be milked at least twice a day.

cover the cost of something

pokryć koszt czegoś

Don’t worry, I’ll cover the cost of the drinks. You can pay for our taxi back, if you want to.

covered by insurance

objęty ubezpieczeniem

I broke my leg while skiing in Austria, but all the treatment costs were covered by insurance.

cross my heart!

słowo honoru!

I really want to go on holiday with you, not with Anne! Cross my heart! Why don’t you believe me!

curiosity is eating her up

zżera ją ciekawość

Anna still doesn’t know if she won the award. It will be announced tomorrow, but curiosity is eating her up.

cut and run

wziąć nogi za pas, uciec

When his company started having problems, he decided to cut and run rather than face financial ruin.

cut down on something

ograniczyć coś

It turned out I should be on a gluten-free diet, so I have to cut down on bread and pasta.

cut it out!


Cut it out! It just can’t be true! I couldn’t have won the competition!

cut somebody to the quick

dotknąć kogoś do żywego

I was cut to the quick by his harsh remarks.

cut the crap!

przestań pieprzyć!

Cut the crap and just tell me the truth! I am sure you can explain it somehow!

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