Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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daily life

codzienne życie

The daily life of people in the Middle Ages was very different from the way we live today.

dash somebody’s hope

zniweczyć czyjeś nadzieje

Laura was expecting to inherit the house, but her dad dashed all her hopes by giving it to charity when he was 55.

day by day

dzień po dniu

I am not planning my future, I just live day by day, hoping it will all solve itself.

dead end

ślepa uliczka

We came to a dead end with the task and are struggling to come to the right conclusions.

declare war on somebody

wypowiedzieć komuś wojnę

America declared war on Japan in 1941.

deserve credit

zasługiwać na uznanie

I have been working really hard for the past month. I really think I deserve some credit, but all you do is criticise me.

die a natural death

umrzeć śmiercią naturalną

My granddad died a natural death at the age of 98.

difference of opinion

różnica zdań

Difference of opinion is a daily bread for me and my sister. We are never able to agree with each other.

dirt cheap

tani jak barszcz

I bought this dress on sale! It was dirt cheap! Just £10!

dirty joke

świński, nieprzyzwoity dowcip/kawał

Stop telling all those dirty jokes in front of the children!

disappear from view

zniknąć z oczu

I got really worried when Anna disappeared from my view as she is not supposed to go anywhere on her own.

disappear without a trace

zniknąć bez śladu

My brother left home one day and disappeared without a trace. We don’t know what happened to him.

disturb the peace

zakłócać porządek

Can you turn the music down? You’re disturbing my peace.

do a good turn

zrobić dobry uczynek

I decided to do a good turn by donating some money to charity.

do a great job

wykonać kawał dobrej roboty

You’ve done a great job and we would like to offer you a pay rise!

do as you please

rób, jak ci się podoba

Do as you please, but don’t ask me for advice when you’re in trouble again.

do exercises

robić ćwiczenia (np. w zeszycie)

I do exercises every morning.

do harm to somebody

wyrządzić komuś krzywdę

I don’t want to do harm to anybody. I just practice martial arts to stay fit.

do one’s duties

wypełniać swoje obowiązki

I always do my duties to the best of my abilities. That’s why I am a valued worker.

do something behind somebody’s back

zrobić coś za czyimiś plecami

Laura and I are no longer friends. She has been talking about me behind my back, and I just can’t accept such behaviour.

do something for money

robić/zrobić coś dla pieniędzy

I had to do it for money. I was in a really bad financial situation back then.

do something for the fun of it

robić coś dla zabawy/przyjemności

Let’s do it just for the fun of it. Come on! I am sure you’d enjoy being spontaneous once in a while!

do something from nothing

zrobić coś z niczego, od podstaw

Anne is an amazing cook. She can prepare a really tasty dish from absolutely nothing.

do something on the side

robić coś na boku

Heather is a teacher but she does some tour-guiding on the side. Teaching doesn’t pay too well.

do something out of habit

robić coś z przyzwyczajenia

I don’t really watch TV much but I always have it switched on when I am home – purely out of habit.

do the dishes

zmywać naczynia

Sam, do the dishes, please. The dishwasher is broken.

do voluntary work

pracować jako wolontariusz

I do some volunteer work every summer. It gives me a sense of achievement.

do whatever possible to

zrobić co tylko możliwe, aby

I’d do whatever possible to get this job. I am sure I would be great at it!

do wonders

czynić cuda, dokonywać cudów

Drinking 2 litres of water a day can do wonders for your skin.

do you follow me?

rozumiesz mnie?

I want you to do all the tasks from page 1, only the task nr. 1 from page 2, and the first half of page 3. Do you follow me? I don’t want anyone to tell me tomorrow that they did not know what to do for the homework.

do you happen to know

nie wiesz przypadkiem

Excuse me, do you happen to know where the nearest bank is?

do you have a light?

masz ogień? (zapałki, zapalniczkę)

– Do you have a light?
– No, I don’t smoke, sorry.

do you mind if I open the window?

nie będzie ci przeszkadzało, jeśli otworzę okno?

– Do you mind if I open the window?
– Not at all.

do you see what I mean?

rozumiesz, o co mi chodzi?

You really have to try and finish it by tomorrow. We have a deadline on Friday but we need everything double-checked, just in case. Do you see what I mean?

does it really matter?

czy to naprawdę ma znaczenie?

Does it really matter what I wear for the meeting?

does it work for you?

pasuje ci to?

Does that dress work for you? I really don’t feel comfortable in it.

does this mean anything to you?

czy to ci coś mówi?

Sarah says that you need to give the “thing” to her by tomorrow. Does it mean anything to you?

don’t ask me!

mnie pytasz? (sam chciałbym to wiedzieć)

Don’t ask me! I’ve never even been to Spain. How can I know what the most famous market in Barcelona is called?

don’t make me laugh

nie rozśmieszaj mnie

Don’t make me laugh now! They’ll kick us out of the class in a second if we keep on behaving like that.

don’t mention it!

nie ma za co! (odpowiadając na podziękowania)

– Thank you very much for driving me home.
– Don’t mention it.

don’t remind me!

ani mi nie przypominaj!

– The essay deadline is tomorrow.
– Don’t remind me! I haven’t even started working on it yet!

draw a conclusion

wyciągnąć wniosek

At the end of the meeting we managed to draw a conclusion from last year’s situation and came up with a new action plan.

draw attention away from something

odwracać uwagę od czegoś

Anne’s presentation was really good, but the road works outside our office drew everyone’s attention away from what she had to say.

draw lots

ciągnąć losy

None of us wanted to move into the smallest room so we decided to draw lots.

dress in black

ubierać się na czarno

I always dress in black when I have to look smart.

drink and drive

prowadzić w stanie nietrzeźwym, jechać po pijanemu

You really shouldn’t drink and drive. It’s dangerous!

drive somebody crazy

doprowadzać kogoś do szaleństwa

Your music is driving me absolutely crazy. Can you turn it down for a while! I really have to study!

drive somebody to despair

doprowadzać kogoś do rozpaczy

I have been applying for jobs for about a month now and nothing comes my way. The whole situation is really driving me to despair.

drop a hint

zrobić aluzję, napomknąć

It was already midnight and Anna was still at my place. I really needed her to leave as I was to get up really early the next day. I had to drop a hint, otherwise, she would never have left.

drop in the bucket

kropla w morzu

I am afraid that’s just a drop in the bucket of what it takes to help Africa.

drop somebody a line

napisać parę słów do kogoś

I’ll drop you a line later on this week to let you know how it’s going. What’s your e-mail address, anyway?

drum up support

pozyskać poparcie

We managed to drum up a lot of support for the cause and now it’s got national coverage in the media.


early bird

ranny ptaszek

I am really an early bird. I work best in the mornings but need to go to bed early as well.

earn one’s living

zarabiać na utrzymanie

I started earning my own living at the age of 16 and have been financially independent ever since.

ease the pain

złagodzić ból

I need to take some paracetamol to ease the pain, otherwise I won’t be able to carry on working.

easier said than done

łatwiej powiedzieć niż zrobić

It’s easier said than done. How do you want me to organise this conference with the means I have available?

easy come, easy go

łatwo przyszło, łatwo poszło

Oh well, easy come, ease go. I know I could have saved the money I won, but at least we had a good time on holiday.

either way

tak czy owak

We can stay at home or go to the cinema. Either way, the Browns are spending the evening with us.

element of surprise

element zaskoczenia

I like the element of surprise in opening Christmas presents.

emotions were running high

emocje wzięły górę

The concert was amazing! Emotions were running high when Robbie Williams got on stage.

end in a tie

zakończyć się remisem (w sporcie)

The first game ended in a tie, but France won the second 2:1.

enter one’s mind

wpaść do głowy

The thought just entered my mind, but I haven’t come up with any sensible solution to the problem yet.

even odds

równe szanse

We both practiced a lot, and the odds of winning the game are even.

even though

mimo że, chociaż

Even though I speak Spanish fluently, I have never wanted to visit Spain or South America.

every now and then

co jakiś czas

Every now and then I like to go to a gym but I’m not a regular.

every other day

co drugi dzień

I work part-time and only go to work every other day.

every time

za każdym razem

Every time I go on holiday I choose a different country.

exchange of views

wymiana poglądów

I really enjoyed studying abroad. I treated it as a chance for an interesting exchange of views.

experience shows that

doświadczenie pokazuje, że

My experience shows that it’s good to spend some time abroad if you want to learn a language well.

express a view

wyrazić pogląd

Don’t express such strong views if you have no experience to support them.

express an opinion

wyrazić opinię

Anne expressed an opinion about the movie that I didn’t agree with, but I didn’t say anything.

expressions of sympathy

wyrazy współczucia

I treated all the flowers as expressions of sympathy.

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