Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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face to face

twarzą w twarz

I don’t like face-to-face interviews. They are much more stressful than phone interviews.

fail an exam

nie zdać egzaminu

I failed my math exam in June and had to resit it in September.

fall apart

rozpaść się

My last relationship fell apart after I moved to England.

fall flat

nie powieść się, zakończyć się fiaskiem

He told us a few jokes and all of them fell flat.

fall in love with somebody

zakochać się w kimś

I fell in love with my first boyfriend when I was 16.

fall into a trap

wpaść w pułapkę

I fell into a trap of working long hours because I wanted to impress my new manager.

fall into the wrong hands

wpaść w niepowołane ręce

Take good care of those documents. I don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands.

fall short of expectations

nie spełnić oczekiwań

We thought she would be perfect for the post, but unfortunately she fell short of expectations and she’s going to be demoted.

fall silent


Everyone fell silent when the singer stepped onto the stage.

fall to one’s knees

paść na kolana

My boyfriend fell to his knees when he proposed to me.

fall victim to something

paść ofiarą czegoś

I fell a victim to fashion the first time I bought a designer bag.

family matters

sprawy rodzinne

Please don’t interfere, it’s a family matter.

fasten one’s seatbelts

zapiąć pasy bezpieczeństwa

You should fasten your seatbelts when driving.

fear of the unknown

strach przed nieznanym

It’s normal to feel the fear of the unknown when you’re going to a new place.

feed on something

żywić się czymś

Fascism feeds on poverty.

feel at home

czuć się jak u siebie w domu

I really feel at home here. I think we should buy the flat.

feel awkward

czuć się niezręcznie

I feel awkward staying at your place for such a long time. I don’t want to use you.

feel fit enough to do something

czuć się na siłach, aby coś zrobić

I am still recovering from pneumonia and I don’t feel fit enough to go out on my own yet.

feel free

nie krępować się, czuć się swobodnie

Feel free to call me whenever you want to.

feel like a fool

czuć się jak głupiec

I felt like a fool when my phone rang in the middle of the meeting.

feel like doing something

mieć ochotę coś zrobić

I really feel like watching a movie. Let’s go and rent a DVD.

feel low

być przygnębionym

This weather makes me feel really low. I can’t wait for spring.

feel sympathy for somebody

współczuć komuś

She went through so much these past few months. I feel a lot of sympathy for her.

few and far between

bardzo rzadki

Houses that are both central and reasonably priced are few and far between.

fight a losing battle

być z góry skazanym na porażkę

I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. We will never win with the authorities.

fight to the end

walczyć do końca

I am going to fight to the end, no matter how hard it may be.

fill a role

pełnić rolę

John filled the role of our manager when Peter left.

find an excuse to do something

znaleźć pretekst/wymówkę, aby coś zrobić

I can always find an excuse to go on holiday.

find fault with somebody

czepiać się kogoś, szukać wad

Sarah is very critical and finds fault with everyone.

find it necessary to

uważać za konieczne, aby

Do you really find it necessary for us to work till 7 pm? Can’t we leave at 5 pm?

find out about something

dowiedzieć się o czymś

I’ve just found out about Sarah’s party tonight and I won’t be able to make it. Had I known earlier, I would have scheduled my time differently.

find pleasure in doing something

znajdować przyjemność w robieniu czegoś

I find great pleasure in snowboarding so I go to the mountains at least twice a year.

find something heavy going

uważać coś za trudne

I tried reading Ulysses twice but found it heavy going to read and never managed to finish it.

find something impossible

uważać coś za niemożliwe

I find learning how to ski absolutely impossible. I have tried so many times and I still haven’t mastered it.

fire somebody

zwolnić/wyrzucić kogoś z pracy

Recently I had to fire Sarah because she was not doing her job.

first and foremost

przede wszystkim

I really like history but first and foremost I am interested in fine arts.

first come, first served

kto pierwszy, ten lepszy

The tickets to the workshop are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, so we should book them quickly.

first things first

wszystko w swoim czasie, po kolei

I really want to go out tonight, but I have a lot of work to finish. First things first.

fix one’s eyes on

utkwić wzrok w

I really couldn’t concentrate on the lecture as I felt that the girl in front fixed her eye on me.

fling oneself into work

rzucić się w wir pracy

I have had some personal problems recently so I have diverted my attention by flinging myself into work.

fly into a rage

wpaść w gniew

I asked to speak to her manager and she flew into a rage.

fly off the handle

wpaść w gniew

He gets annoyed easily and flies off the handle at the slightest thing.

follow in somebody’s footsteps

iść w czyjeś ślady

I followed in my mother’s footsteps and became a doctor.

follow one’s heart

pójść za głosem serca

My parents wanted me to study economics, but instead I followed my heart and chose acting.

follow somebody with one’s eyes

podążać za kimś wzrokiem

I followed Sam with my eyes for about 30 minutes, and he still didn’t realise he was being watched.

follow somebody’s example

iść za czyimś przykładem

I never followed my parents’ example and I preferred to do my own thing.

foot the bill for

zapłacić/uregulować rachunek za

Who is going to foot the bill for all the repairs?

for a change

dla odmiany

We always go on holiday to the South. Maybe we should try Scandinavia for a change.

for a good cause

na szlachetny cel

Twice a year I donate money for a good cause.

for a number of reasons

z wielu powodów

I decided not to take the job for a number of reasons, mainly because I didn’t want to move abroad.

for a time

przez jakiś czas

For a time, we all thought Sheila would become a doctor, but she decided not to go to university after all.

for all I know

o ile wiem

For all I know, Ali is going to travel with Sam. I don’t know where they are planning to go.

for all practical purposes

praktycznie, ze względów praktycznych

I love the flat we saw yesterday, but for all practical purposes I think we should buy a small house instead.

for ever

na zawsze

I could stay here forever.

for example

na przykład

Let’s go somewhere warm and sunny, for example to Spain or Italy.

for God’s sake

na miłość boską

For God’s sake, stop sitting there and do something!

for hours on end

godzinami, nieustannie

He used to stay in his room for hours on end and listen to music.

for no apparent reason

bez wyraźnego powodu

She decided to quit her current job for no apparent reason.

for one reason or another

z jakiegoś powodu, z niewiadomego powodu

She is always unhappy for one reason or another.

for one thing

po pierwsze

– Why don’t you go to the USA to learn English.
– For one thing, I don’t like flying, and besides, I can’t afford it.

for personal use

na użytek własny

This movie is only available for personal use. You can’t show it in a cinema.

for reasons best known to oneself

z sobie tylko znanych powodów

I made the decision for reasons best known to myself. I don’t have to explain anything to you.

for sale

na sprzedaż

My car is for sale.

for somebody’s own good

dla czyjegoś własnego dobra

She should try to learn a foreign language for her own good.

for that matter

jeśli o to chodzi

I have never been to Chicago, or any American city for that matter.

for the moment

chwilowo, na razie

Unfortunately, we have no vacancies for the moment, but you could contact us later this month to see if anything becomes available.

for the most part

w przeważającej części

For the most part, they were all really helpful.

for the sake of argument

na potrzeby dyskusji, hipotetycznie

For the sake of argument, let’s just say that the fourth option is best for the company.

for the time being

na razie

I am living with my parents for the time being but I hope to rent a flat for myself soon.

force of character

siła charakteru

She was able to make him change his mind just by force of character.

forget it!

nie ma mowy! zapomnij!

Forget it! I am never going to move to London!

fortune smiles on somebody

fortuna/los się uśmiecha do kogoś

It seems like good fortune is smiling on me at the moment. I got the job I wanted and now I am moving to a new, bigger flat.

free of charge


All the drinks and snacks are free of charge.

freedom of choice

wolność wyboru

Democracy is characterised by freedom of choice.

freedom of speech

wolność słowa

Freedom of speech is essential in modern society.

freely available

łatwo dostępny

Our new CD is freely available in all High Street stores.

frighten somebody to death

śmiertelnie kogoś przestraszyć

Oh my God, you just frightened me to death!

from all sides

ze wszystkich stron

I considered the issue from all sides and it seems that it will work out fine.

from beginning to end

od początku do końca

I found the book absolutely compelling from beginning to end.

from day to day

z dnia na dzień

I just live from day to day without planning too much.

from head to toe

od stóp do głów

Sarah loves pink. She dresses in pink from head to toe.

from now on

od teraz

From now on, I am the one who decides what we do in the evenings. You are far too indecisive.

from that moment forward

od tej chwili

It was only my first dance class but from that moment forward it became my real hobby.

from time to time

od czasu do czasu

I go to the cinema from time to time but mostly I watch DVDs.

from what I can gather

o ile się orientuję

From what I can gather, we are all supposed to meet in the main hall, but I don’t know why.

full board

pełne wyżywienie

You can book half- and full-board rooms with us. The full-board option includes 3 meals a day.

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