Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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gain advantage over somebody

zyskać przewagę nad kimś

Sarah learned Spanish while in Spain so she gained advantage over other students in her class.

gain experience

zdobyć doświadczenie

It’s important to gain professional experience while at university.

gain time

zyskać na czasie

I didn’t know what to do next so I simply tried to gain time.

generally speaking

ogólnie mówiąc

Generally speaking, I am interested in music and culture.

get a beating

dostać lanie

Sam got a beating for no reason.

get a grip of yourself!

weź się w garść!

You can’t spend your whole life being depressed. Get a grip of yourself and do something with your life!

get a job

dostać pracę

I really should get a permanent job, I need the stability.

get a life!

zrób coś z sobą!

You’re spending all of your time online. Get a life!

get a rise

dostać podwyżkę

I ran a very successful project, and as a result I got a pay rise.

get back on one’s feet

stanąć znów na nogi

I really struggled for a while, but I managed to get back on my feet.

get even with somebody

wyrównać z kimś rachunki

My sister was always really mean to me, but recently I was able to get even.

get in somebody’s way

wchodzić komuś w drogę

Sarah always gets in my way whatever I am trying to do.

get into a conversation

nawiązać rozmowę

I always find it hard to get into a conversation with people I don’t know.

get into an argument with somebody

wdać się w sprzeczkę z kimś

Mike gets into arguments with his mum all the time.

get into debt

wpaść w długi

I got into serious debt when I bought my new car.

get lost!


Get lost! I really don’t need your mercy!

get married

pobrać się, wziąć ślub

I was married at the age of 16 and divorced at 21.

get moving!

rusz się! pospiesz się!

We’d better get moving if we’re to get there on time.

get off somebody’s back

odczepić się od kogoś

Get off my back and find something else to do.

get on somebody’s nerves

działać komuś na nerwy

You are really getting on my nerves. Why can’t you just leave me alone.

get one’s revenge

zemścić się

Anna always plays tricks on me, but this time I finally got my revenge!

get oneself into something

wpakować się w coś

What have I got myself into! I didn’t realise how difficult it was going to be.

get out of debt

wyjść z długów

I finally managed to get out of debt after two years of paying it back.

get something across to somebody

wytłumaczyć coś komuś

It’s very hard to get any message across to Sandra so I am not looking forward to working with her.

get something right

dobrze coś zrozumieć

I’m not sure if I got it right. Can you explain it to me again?

get the feeling that

mieć/odnosić wrażenie, że

I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be an amazing party.

get the hang of something

opanować coś, nauczyć się czegoś

It took me a while to learn how to ski, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.

get the message

zrozumieć aluzję

It took me a while to explain it to the class, but they finally got the message.

get to sleep


I have to get to sleep early tonight. I have to be at work at 8 am tomorrow.

get to work

wziąć się do pracy

You’d better get to work if you are to finish on time. Just 30 minutes left!

give a speech

wygłosić przemówienie

Our new president gave a welcome speech in front of all the employees.

give an account of something

zdać z czegoś relację

The book gives a really good account of the history behind the last presidential elections.

give birth to a baby

urodzić dziecko

Sarah has given birth to three children and she looks absolutely amazing.

give false evidence

składać fałszywe zeznania

Giving false evidence at court is a criminal offence.

give first aid

udzielić pierwszej pomocy

You should only give first aid if you know how to, otherwise it’s better to call an ambulance.

give it a rest!

daj temu spokój! odpuść sobie!

Oh, come on, give it a rest! Do you really believe what you’ve just said?

give it a try!


Just give it a try! I know that windsurfing for the first time can be scary, but you’ll grow to enjoy it!

give orders

wydawać rozkazy

Sam is not used to talking to people he works with; he only gives orders.

give pleasure

sprawiać przyjemność

Listening to classical music gives me a lot of pleasure.

give somebody a free hand

dać komuś wolną rękę

My manager gave me a free hand with the project.

give somebody a hand

pomóc komuś

I found the project really challenging so I asked Tara to give me a hand.

give somebody a hard time

dać się komuś we znaki

I had been away from work for two days. Afterwards my manager gave me a really hard time.

give somebody a lift

podwieźć kogoś

Can you give me a lift? I’m in a real hurry.

give somebody the sack

wylać kogoś z pracy

I had to give Amy the sack when, for no reason, she missed work three days in a row.

give somebody wings

dodać komuś skrzydeł

The promotion gave me wings and I am really keen on taking the challenge.

give the game away

zdradzić sekret

It’s a secret so make sure you don’t give the game away.

give up one’s work

porzucić pracę

When she gave birth, Sarah decided to give up her work for a while longer.

go abroad

jechać za granicę

I’ve always wanted to study abroad.

go against the grain for somebody

wbrew czyjejś naturze

It goes against the grain for me to give up.

go ahead!

proszę bardzo!

Go ahead and try it! Skydiving is amazing!

go and see somebody

odwiedzić kogoś

I have to go and see my tutor tomorrow.

go back on one’s word

nie dotrzymać słowa

We were supposed to go on holiday together, but Claire went back on her word and it didn’t work out.

go camping

jechać na obóz/biwak

We are going camping next weekend so I have to buy a sleeping bag.

go down in history

przejść od historii, zapisać się w historii

The last elections will go down in history as the most broadcast ones.

go down in value

tracić na wartości

Houses were down in value recently because of the crisis.

go from one extreme to the other

popadać w skrajności

You never know what to expect from Rob. He always goes from one extreme to the other.

go halves

dzielić się po połowie

Shall we go halves on the bottle of wine?

go into details

wdawać się w szczegóły

I don’t want to go into details; let’s just say I am moving abroad.

go on a date

iść na randkę

I can’t join you at girls night out because I am going on a date tomorrow.

go on a journey

wyruszyć w podróż

I am going on a journey to France next summer.

go on a trip

pojechać na wycieczkę

We always go on two school trips a year.

go on holiday

jechać na wakacje

I work a lot and rarely go on holiday these days.

go one step further

pójść o krok dalej

I think I might go one step further and move to Asia next year.

go out of fashion

wychodzić z mody

Mini skirts went out of fashion last year.

go through a difficult stage

przechodzić trudny okres

My family are going through a difficult stage at the moment because of my grandfather’s death.

go to ruin

popaść w ruinę

My grandma’s house went to ruin because no one lived there for about ten years.

go too far

posunąć się za daleko

I think you went too far. You shouldn’t get too friendly in a professional environment.

God willing

jeśli Bóg pozwoli

God willing, everything will work out just fine.

good luck!


Good luck. I’m sure you’ll do just great at the exam!

grab the chance

skorzystać z szansy/okazji

This is such an amazing opportunity. I think you should grab the chance, it might not happen again!

great deal of something

dużo czegoś

You need a great deal of patience to be able to work with little children.

ground is burning under somebody’s feet

grunt pali się komuś pod nogami

He always does everything on his own and never asks for help, unless he’s got ground burning under his feet.

grow out of something

wyrosnąć z czegoś

I bought Anna a lovely dress last year, but she has already grown out of it.

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