Accept an offer przyjąć ofertę I was reluctant at first, but I finally decided to accept the offer accept the fact that

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hand in hand

trzymając się za ręce

I saw them walking hand in hand in the city centre a few days ago.

hand in one’s resignation

złożyć rezygnację

I handed in my resignation today and I will cease to work in my current company in two weeks.

hands off!

ręce przy sobie! precz z łapami!

Hands off! It’s my bag!

hang around with somebody

zadawać się z kimś

I like to hang around with my older brother and his friends.

hang in the air

wisieć w powietrzu

A bad atmosphere hangs in the air. Something is definitely going to happen.

hang on!


Hang on! You forgot to take your wallet!

happen to do something

przypadkiem coś zrobić

If you happen to be in the city centre any time soon, come over and visit!

happy birthday!

wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin!

Happy birthday! I can’t believe you’re turning 22 already.

hardly ever

rzadko kiedy, prawie nigdy

I hardly ever go to the cinema. I much prefer DVDs.

have a breath of fresh air

zaczerpnąć świeżego powietrza

Let’s have a break. I need to have a breath of fresh air.

have a clean record

nie być karanym

He has a clean record.

have a command of three languages

władać trzema językami

Anna has a command of 3 languages: she is fluent in Spanish, French and German. And now she’s learning Chinese.

have a day off

wziąć wolne, mieć wolny dzień

I need a day off on Monday to go to see a doctor.

have a fear of doing something

bać się coś zrobić

I have a real fear of flying so I’d much rather go to London by train.

have a good night’s sleep

dobrze się wyspać

I need to have a good night’s sleep; the past week has been really exhausting.

have a heart!

zlituj się!

Have a heart! It’s Christmas next week and we are all stuck here till 8 pm every day! I am sure some of the work could wait till the New Year.

have a high opinion of somebody

mieć o kimś wysokie mniemanie

I had a very high opinion of my English teacher. He was always well prepared and very competent.

have a rough night

mieć ciężką noc

I’m ill and had a really rough night. Now I’m struggling to stay awake.

have a safe journey!

szczęśliwej podróży! szerokiej drogi!

Have a safe journey and let us know when you get back home!

have a sharp tongue

mieć ostry język

Sarah has a really sharp tongue and she often finds it hard to control herself, so often says unsuitable things at work.

have a sweet tooth

lubić słodycze

I could eat chocolate all the time, I have a really sweet tooth.

have a temperature

mieć gorączkę

I am afraid I have a temperature and won’t be able to come to work today.

have a voice in something

mieć coś do powiedzenia w jakiejś sprawie

I really need to have a voice in that case; I am the managing director in the end.

have a way of doing something

mieć na coś sposób

Matt has a very unique way of painting that is easy to recognise.

have a weakness for

mieć słabość do

I have a real weakness for chocolate; I could eat it all the time.

have a wide selection

mieć szeroki wybór

We have a wide selection of excellent wines. Do you prefer sweet or dry?

have a word with somebody

zamienić z kimś słowo

I am not sure if Mike is all right. I need to have a word with him.

have a working knowledge of something

mieć praktyczną wiedzę na temat czegoś

I only know basic Spanish but have a working knowledge of French.

have an early night

wcześnie położyć się spać

I’d rather have an early night tonight, I am absolutely exhausted.

have an off day

mieć zły/pechowy dzień

It’s one of my off days. I simply can’t do anything right.

have clean hands

mieć czyste ręce

I really haven’t done anything wrong. I have clean hands.

have every reason to

mieć wszelkie powody, aby

You have every reason to complain about the package. It really was different from what you were originally sold.

have fun

dobrze się bawić

We really had fun in Portugal. I just wish we could have stayed longer.

have it all worked out

mieć wszystko dokładnie opracowane/zaplanowane

Sam always has it all worked out in advance, so I am sure he’ll come well prepared this time too.

have mixed feelings

mieć mieszane uczucia

I have mixed feelings about this new girl. I am not sure if I like her yet.

have nerves of steel

mieć nerwy ze stali, mieć żelazne nerwy

David has nerves of steel, is never afraid of anything and you can dare him to do the most challenging things.

have no choice

nie mieć żadnego wyboru

I have no choice but to say yes – you’re extremely persuasive.

have no equal

nie mieć równego sobie

You have no equal when it comes to cooking.

have no head for something

nie mieć głowy do czegoś

I have no head for it today. Is it really that urgent or can we wait till tomorrow?

have no manners

być źle wychowanym

Try and behave for once. Do you really have absolutely no manners?

have nothing to hide

nie mieć nic do ukrycia

I have absolutely nothing to hide. Ask whatever you like.

have one’s hands full

mieć pełne ręce roboty

I have my hands full of work at the moment so I would only be able to do it for you in two weeks.

have other ideas

mieć inne plany

I really don’t like the first suggestion but I’m sure Tom has some other ideas he could show us.

have somebody in one’s pocket

mieć kogoś w kieszeni

I have no choice but to do what he asked me; he’s got me in his pocket.

have somebody’s blessing

mieć czyjeś błogosławieństwo

Mother, we’re getting married and wanted to ask for your blessing.

have something in view

mieć coś na uwadze/celu

Have you got anything particular in view or are you just talking in general?

have something on the tip of one’s tongue

mieć coś na końcu języka

I’m sure I know the answer. I have it on the tip of my tongue.

have the courage to do something

mieć odwagę, aby coś zrobić

Have the courage to tell him your decision.

have the support of somebody

cieszyć się czyimś poparciem

You have my full support whatever you do.

have thick skin

być gruboskórnym, niewrażliwym

I don’t worry about what he says – I have thick skin.

have trouble doing something

mieć trudności w robieniu czegoś

I have serious trouble learning foreign languages.

have you considered that

czy wziąłeś pod uwagę, że

The flat is really expensive. Have you considered that the prices on the property market have fallen drastically?

having said that

chociaż z drugiej strony, jednak

I have been learning German for about 10 years and I can speak it well. Having said that, I must admit I haven’t used it for awhile. As a result, it has got a bit rusty.

he is sure to do that

on na pewno to zrobi

Paul is sure to pass the exam. He is really well prepared.

heads or tails?

orzeł czy reszka?

– Heads, you wash the dishes, tails I do.
– Heads or tails?
– Heads.

heaven on earth

niebo/raj na ziemi

This is a real heaven on earth. I wish I could stay here forever.

he’s doing fine

świetnie mu idzie

He still needs to fit in, but it’s normal when you are a new student. Overall, he’s doing just fine.

history repeats itself

historia lubi się powtarzać

Be careful before making any decisions, history often repeats itself.

hit below the belt

uderzać poniżej pasa

In the pre-election period, politicians won’t hesitate to hit below the belt.

hit the bottle

często zaglądać do kieliszka

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Sam started hitting the bottle.

hitch a lift

łapać okazję (autostop)

I missed my last bus, but managed to hitch a lift home without any problems.

hold a seat for somebody

zarezerwować komuś miejsce, zająć miejsce dla kogoś

Don’t worry if you run late. I will hold a seat for you.

hold down a job

zachować/utrzymać posadę

He’s so unreliable that he can’t hold down a job for more than a few months.

hold office

sprawować urząd

The president will hold his office for three more years.

hold one’s breath

wstrzymać oddech

He held his breath when he saw her wearing the wedding dress for the first time.

hold out hope

dawać nadzieję

The recently developed treatment holds out hope for the breast cancer victims.

hold somebody in high regard

darzyć kogoś wielkim szacunkiem

I hold my maths professor in very high regard.

hold your tongue!

trzymaj język za zębami!

Hold your tongue! Have I not taught you language like that is rude and inappropriate?

home sweet home

nie ma to jak w domu

Home, sweet home! It feels so good to be back.

how are things?

co słychać?

Sarah, how are things? I feel like I haven’t seen you for ages!

how are you getting along?

jak sobie radzisz?

How are you getting along? How much work have you got left?

how can you tell?

skąd wiesz?

How can you tell if he’s done it on purpose?

how dare you!

jak śmiesz!

How dare you speak to me like that! I am not your friend. I am your mother’s friend!

how do you feel about

co sądzisz o

How do you feel about the current situation in the Middle East?

how do you know?

skąd wiesz?

How do you know that Sam and Sarah are getting married? Did they tell you?

how do you mean?

nie bardzo rozumiem, co masz na myśli

– They won’t let you in even if you have a ticket.
– How do you mean?

how far is it to

jak daleko jest do

Excuse me. Do you know how far it is to the nearest bus stop?

how much do you charge?

ile wynosi opłata? ile to kosztuje?

Excuse me. How much do you charge for 15 minutes of Internet access?

how was I to know?

skąd mogłem wiedzieć?

How was I to know that we were not allowed to enter after 4 pm? I have never been here before.

how’s it going?

jak leci?

How is it going? Any news?

human nature

natura ludzka

Jealousy of someone else’s success is simply human nature.

human relations

stosunki międzyludzkie

Conflict has always been a big part of human relations.

hurry somebody up

poganiać/popędzać kogoś

Hurry Tom up or we’ll be late for the bus.

hurry up!

pospiesz się!

Hurry up, Sam, or we’ll miss the bus.

hurt somebody’s feelings

zranić czyjeś uczucia

You really hurt my feelings by saying I was rude to Tom.

hurt somebody’s pride

urazić czyjąś dumę

I think Laura really hurt Rory’s pride by telling him he wasn’t right in front of all his friends.

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