April 19th – 21st. 2007 Warsaw Hotel Radisson sas centrum, 24 Grzybowska St., 00-132 Warsaw

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XI Workshop on Interventional Cardiology

April 19th – 21st. 2007 Warsaw

Hotel Radisson SAS Centrum, 24 Grzybowska St., 00-132 Warsaw

Working Group on Cardiovascular Interventions of the Polish Cardiac Society

Main Topics:

  1. DES vs BMS

  2. Carotid & Peripheral Angioplasty

  3. Acute Coronary Syndrom – pharmacologic facilitation

  4. Percutaneous Valve Therapy

  5. Congenital Heart Diseases

  6. Contrast Media in Angiography, MSCT & MRI

Venue: Hotel Radisson SAS Centrum, 24 Grzybowska St, 00-132 Warsaw
Live cases: Cardioangiography Laboratory, Central Clinical Hospital of Ministry of Internal Affairs & Administration, Warsaw and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw.
Workshop Directors:

Robert J. Gil, MD, PhD, FESC, Warsaw

Adam Witkowski, MD, PhD, FESC Warsaw
Organization Committee: Hanna Rdzanek MD, PhD (secretary); Jarosław Rzezak MD (secretary); Maciej Dabrowski MD; Tomasz Deptuch MD (secretary); Aneta Gziut MD, PhD; Sławomir Gołębiewski MD; Jacek Kądziela MD, PhD; Cezary Kępka, MD, PhD; Rafał Krzyżewski MD; Tomasz Kulawik MD; Piotr Kwiatkowski MD; Agata Milewska; Tomasz Pawłowski MD; Jerzy Pręgowski MD, PhD; Piotr Seweryniak MD; Zbigniew Sliwinski MD.
Faculty: Piotr Andziak MD, PhD (Warsaw) Waldemar Banasiak MD. PhD, FESC (Warsaw), Jacek Białkowski MD, PhD, FESC (Zabrze); Andrzej Bochenek MD, PhD (Katowice); Andrzej Budaj MD, PhD, FESC (Warsaw); Paweł Buszman MD, PhD, FESC, FACC (Katowice); Grażyna Brzezińska MD, PhD (Warsaw); Zbigniew Chmielaki MD, PhD (Warsaw); Lidia Chojnowska, MD, PhD (Warsaw); Anna Członkowska MD, PhD (Warsaw); Marek Dąbrowski MD, PhD (Warsaw); Marcin Demkow MD, PhD (Warsaw); Sławomir Dobrzycki, MD, PhD (Białystok); Janusz Drzewiecki MD, PhD (Katowice); Dariusz Dudek MD, PhD (Krakow); Marcus Flather MD (London, UK); Mariusz Gąsior MD, PhD (Zabrze); Eulogio Garcia MD, FESC (Madrid, Spain); Robert J. Gil MD, PhD, FESC (Warsaw); Stefan Grajek MD, PhD (Poznan); Magdalena Januszewicz MD, PhD (Warsaw); Tomasz Jargiełło MD, PhD (Lublin); Jarosław Kasprzak MD, PhD, FESC (Łódź); Andrzej Kleinrok MD, PhD (Zamosc); Waldemar Kostewicz MD, PhD (Warsaw); Jacek Kubica MD, PhD (Bydgoszcz); Antoine Lafont MD, PhD, FESC (Paris, France), Andrzej Lekston MD, PhD (Zabrze); Giuseppe de Luca, MD (Italy); Carlo di Mario, MD, FESC (London, UK), Andrzej Ochała MD, PhD (Katowice); Grzegorz Opolski MD, PhD, FESC (Warsaw); Tomasz Pasierski MD, PhD (Warsaw); Mieczysław Pasowicz MD, PhD (Krakow); Piotr Pieniążek MD, PhD (Krakow); Lech Poloński MD, PhD (Zabrze); Tadeusz Przewłocki MD, PhD (Krakow); Olgierd Rowiński MD, PhD (Warsaw); Witold ( Poznan); Janina Stępińska MD, PhD, FESC (Warsaw); Jerzy Walecki MD, PhD (Warsaw); Adam Witkowski MD, PhD, FESC (Warsaw); Jarosław Wójcik MD, PhD (Lublin); Marian Zembala MD, PhD, FESC (Zabrze); Krzysztof Żmudka MD, PhD (Krakow).


April 19, 2007 (Thursday)
Session 1: 2007 hot topics in interventional cardiology: Drug Eluting Stents and Carotid Artery Angioplasty

Co-ordinator: Adam Witkowski

8.30-9.00: Follow-up of cases presented during 2006 Workshop.

Jarosław Rzezak, Tomasz Deptuch
9.00-9.40 Live transmission I. Moderators: Marcin Demkow, Jacek Kubica, Antoine Lafont, Jarosław Wójcik

Angioplasty in a patient with multivessel CAD

Operators: Hubert Krupa, Maciej Lesiak
9.40-10.00 Opening Ceremony: -Robert J. Gil, Workshop Director

-Adam Witkowski, Workshop Director, Chairman of Working Group on Cardiovascular Interventions of the PCS
10.00-10.20 Opening Lecture: DES – Where are we today? Antoine Lafont
10.20-10.50 Debate 1: Late thrombosis after DES and BMS. Moderators: Lech Poloński, Witold Rużyłło, Antoine Lafont

- Mortality and MI rate is higher after DES. Marcus Flather (10 min)

- There is not significant difference in mortality and MI rate between DES and BMS (10 min). Jacek Legutko

- Rebuttal: Marcus Flather (5 min).

- Rebuttal 2: Jacek Legutko (5 min).
10.50-11.20 Debate 2: DES versus BMS. Moderators: Dariusz Dudek, Marcus Flather, Eulogio Garcia, Mariusz Gąsior

- DES use should be unlimited (10 min). Adam Witkowski

- DES should be used only on evidence-based indications: Jacek Kubica (10 min).

- Rebuttal: Adam Witkowski (5 min).

- Rebuttal: Jacek Kubica (5 min).
11.20-12.00 Live transmission II. Moderators: Andrzej Kleinrok, Maciej Kośmider, Antoine Lafont, Tadeusz Przewłocki

Angioplasty in a patient with bifurcation lesion

Operators: Robert J. Gil, Andrzej Ochała
12.00-12.40 Debate 3: Does carotid angioplasty is standard of care? Moderators: Marek Dąbrowski, Tomasz Jargiełło, Jarosław Pniewski (debate in polish)

- The evidence is in: Piotr Pieniążek (10 min).

- Safety and efficacy is still compromised: Piotr Andziak (10 min).

- Rebuttal: Piotr Pieniążek (5 min).

- Rebuttal: Piotr Andziak (5 min).

- Neurologist view: Jarosław Pniewski (10 min).

12.40-13.20 Live transmission III. Moderators: Piotr Andziak, Marek Dąbrowski, Tomasz Jargiełło, Jarosław Pniewski

Carotid angioplasty with proximal protection system.

Operators: Dariusz Dudek, Dariusz Ciećwierz (transmission in polish)
13.30-14.30 Lunch (Restaurants „Ogrodowa” and „Ferdy’s”)

Session 2: New treatment strategies for STEMI

Co-ordinator: Robert J. Gil

Moderators: Andrzej Budaj, Paweł Buszman, Janina Stępińska

14.30-14.45 Unfractionated or low molecular heparin? Robert J. Gil/Hanna Rdzanek

14.45-15.00 Bivalirudin – a new player in primary PCI? Dariusz Dudek

15.00-15.15 Clopidogrel after CLARITY-PCI – an update for STEMI. Adam Witkowski

15.15-15.30 2b3a receptor blockage – in cath lab or upstream? Giuseppe de Luca

15.30-15.45 How should we reperfuse in the fastest and the most efficious way? Landscape after ASSENT-4 PCI and WEST? Maciej Karcz

15.45-16.00 Bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy following revasculariation. Witold Rużyłło

16.00-16.40 Live transmission IV. Moderators: Marek Dąbrowski, Stefan Grajek

Primary PCI in a patient with STEMI treated with bivalirudin.

Operators: Sławomir Dobrzycki, Jarosław Rzezak (transmission in polish)
Session 3: Percutaneous valve transplantation and repair – state of the art (session in polish)

Co-ordinator: Robert J. Gil
Moderators: Grażyna Brzezińska, Lech Poloński, Witold Rużyłło

16.40-16.55 Percutaneous aortic valve transplantation. Witold Rużyłło

16.55-17.10 Percutaneous pulmonary valve transplantation. Jacek Białkowski

17.10-17.25 Could echocardiography be helpful in percutaneous treatment of structural cardiac diseases? Jarosław Kasprzak

17.25-18.00 Live transmission V (videotaped presentation). Moderators: Paweł Buszman, Marcin Demkow, Jerzy Sadowski

Percutaneous mitral valve annuloplasty

Operators: Tomasz Siminiak (transmission in polish)
18.00-18.20 “Aortic team” – multidisciplinary approach. Jerzy Sadowski/Krzysztof Żmudka (presentation in polish)
18.20-19.00 Live transmission VI. Moderators: Dariusz Ciećwierz, Paweł Buszman, Waldemar Kostewicz

One stage PCI and peripheral angioplasty

Operators: Tadeusz Przewłocki, Janusz Rzeźniczak (transmission in polish)
19.00-19.30 Is fibrynolysis still usefull for interventionalist? (session in polish)

Unrestricted grant from Boehringer Ingelheim

Moderator: Adam Witkowski

- Pro: Stefan Grajek (10 min)

- Contra: Robert J. Gil (10 min)

- Rebuttal: Stefan Grajek (5 min).

- Rebuttal: Robert J. Gil (5 min).
19.30-22.00 Welcome Party in Radisson (Exhibition area) sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim

20.00-22.00 Faculty Dinner

April 20, 2007 (Friday)
Session 1: New generation DES

Co-ordinator: Robert J. Gil

8.20-9.00 Live transmission I. Moderators: Janusz Drzewiecki, Stefan Grajek, Antoine Lafont

Angioplasty in a patient with multivessel CAD and diabetes.

Operators: Giuseppe de Luca, Maciej Karcz
9.00-9.10 Endeavor stent system. Adam Witkowski

9.10-9.20 Costar stent system. Andrzej Ochała

9.20-9.30 Chopin stent system. Paweł Buszman

9.30-9.45 Xcience V stent system. Eulogio Garcia

9.45-9.55 Genous stent (Orbus Neich). Jarosław Wójcik

9.55-10.10 Futuristic stent platforms, polymers and new drugs. Robert J. Gil

10.20-11.00 Live transmission II. Moderators: Andrzej Bochenek, Eulogio Garcia, Krzysztof Reczuch

Angioplasty in a patient after CABG surgery.

Operators: Maciej Kośmider, Zbigniew Chmielak

Session 2. DES for unproven indications – part 1

Co-ordinator: Adam Witkowski
11.00-11.30 Debate 1: Primary PCI. Moderators: Dariusz Dudek, Giuseppe de Luca, Leszek Bryniarski

11.00-11.10 DES is better than BMS. Maciej Lesiak

11.10-11.20 BMS is not worse and less expensive. Mariusz Gąsior

11.20-11.25 Rebuttal. Maciej Lesiak

11.25-11.30 Rebuttal. Mariusz Gąsior
11.30-12.10 Live transmission III. Moderators: Carlo di Mario, Andrzej Bochenek, Piotr Pieniążek

Angioplasty in a patient with multivessel CAD and left ventricular dysfunction.

Operators: Jarosław Wójcik, Tomasz Deptuch
Session 2. Chronic total occlusion (session in polish)

Co-ordinator: Adam Witkowski
12.10-12.50 Live transmission IV. Moderators: Maciej Lesiak, Jarosław Wójcik, Andrzej Kleinrok

Case: Chronic total occlusion

Operators: Krzysztof Reczuch, Michał Ciszewski
Chronic total occlusion (CTO): when, who and how?

Moderators: Robert J. Gil, Mariusz Gąsior, Janusz Rzeźniczak

12.50-13.05: Viability of the myocardium and the pathophysiology of collateral circulation – what every interventional cardiologist should know before procedure. Stefan Grajek

13.05-13.20: Optimal management with CTO, the spectrum of angioplasty guide wires for CTO recanalisation. Maciej Lesiak.

13.20-13.35: CTO – retrograde technique – strengths and weaknesses. Janusz Rzeźniczak

13.35-13.50: New devices in management with CTO. Paweł Buszman

13.50-14.05: When and how to elect and when to withdraw from CTO recanalisation. Jarosław Wójcik

14.05-15.10 Lunch (Restauracja „Ogrodowa” i „Ferdy’s”)

14.05-15.10 Student Scientific Session: highlighted abstracts, Grand Hall (session in polish)

Moderators: Robert J. Gil, Adam Witkowski, Krzysztof Żmudka

Session 3. Controversies in NSTE-ACS (session in polish)

Co-ordinator: Robert J. Gil

Moderators: Waldemar Banasiak, Grzegorz Opolski, Tadeusz Przewłocki

15.10-15.25 Pre-interventional pharmacologic treatment in patients with NSTE-ACS. Stefan Grajek

15.25-15.40 UFH + 2b3a or Enoxaparin + 2b3a is the treatment of choice? Zbigniew Chmielak

15.40-15.55 Bivalirudin is the optimal pharmacologic facilitation. Dariusz Dudek

15.55-16.10 Fondaparinux may be used for pharmacologic facilitation as well. Janina Stępińska

16.10-16.25 Bleedings complications after treatment of NSTE-ACS. Andrzej Budaj
16.25-17.00 Live transmission V. Moderators: Stefan Grajek, Waldemar Kostewicz, Jacek Kubica

Complex coronary and peripheral angioplasty.

Operators: Piotr Pieniążek, Krzysztof Cedro (transmission in polish)
Session 4. Complex management of challenging patients (session in polish)

Co-ordinator: Adam Witkowski

Moderators: Leszek Bryniarski, Tomasz Pasierski, Andrzej Ochała

17.00-17.15 Patient with diabetes mellitus: revascularization and pharmacological treatment. Andrzej Kleinrok

17.15-17.30 Patient with chronic renal failure and post-contrast nephropathy: preventive approaches. Tomasz Pasierski

17.30-17.45 Patient with advanced left ventricular dysfunction: revascularization strategies, mechanical and pharmacological support. Tadeusz Przewłocki

17.45-18.00 Patient with coronary and peripheral atherosclerosis: one or two stage procedure? Piotr Pieniążek

18.15-20.00 General Assembly of the members of the Working Group on Cardiovascular Interventions of the Polish Cardiac Society.
18.15-20.00 Scientific Session for interventional cardiology nurses and technicians.

18.15-18.35 Percutaneous treatment for congenital heart`s defects. Jarosław Rzezak

18.35-18.55 New invasive techniques in contemporary catheterization laboratories. Tomasz Pawłowski

18.55-19.15 Spine problems among the nurses employed in Invasive cardiology Departments and Intensive Care Units – Honorata Łada-Krzymińska (Katowice)

19.15-19.35 Nurses role In cardiological rehabilitation - Ewa Molka (Katowice)

19.35-19.55 News from Rome – report from Joint Interventional Meeting’ 2007 – Lucyna Plewa (Katowice), Beata Korczak (Warszawa)

19.55-20.15 Organization of catheterization laboratory in Nowy Sącz as an example of contemporary interventional cardiology centre – Bernadeta Stafin

20.15-20.30 Presentation of the Catheterization Laboratory At the Central Clinical Hospital In Internal Affairs and Administration Ministry in Warsaw – Maria Stańczyk

20.30-24.00 Ceremonial Dinner and Social Meeting for the XI Interventional Cardiology Workshops.

Sponsored by BALTON

ANDREAS Award of the year 2007.
April 21, 2007 (Saturday)
Session 1. Non-coronary Interventions (session in polish)

Co-ordinator: Robert J. Gil
8.50-9.30 Live transmission I. Moderators: Grażyna Brzezińska, Jarosław Kasprzak, Izabela Domitrz, Marian Zembala

Operators: Cezary Kępka, Marcin Demkow.

Percutaneous PFO closure.
9.30-9.50 PFO, migraine, stroke and what follows? Izabela Domitrz

9.50-10.10 Stenting of the carotid arteries - Outcomes of Polish Registry POLKARD 2003-2005. Anna Członkowska

10.10-10.50 Live transmission II. Moderators: Paweł Buszman, Adam Witkowski, Tomasz Jargiełło.

Angioplasty in a patient with multivessel peripheral atherosclerosis

Operators: Stanisław Bartuś, Jarosław Rzezak
Session 2. Peripheral artery angioplasty (session in polish)

Co-ordinator: Adam Witkowski

Moderators: Dariusz Ciećwierz, Andrzej Ochała, Olgierd Rowiński

10.50-11.05: Angioplasty of the renal arteries. Magdalena Januszewicz

11.05-11.20: Arteries of the aortic arch – percutaneous angioplasty. Tadeusz Przewłocki

11.20-11.35: Angioplasty of the femoral arteries. Andrzej Lekston

11.35-11.50: Percutaneous procedures for SFA. Tomasz Jargiełło

Session 3. Des for unproven indication – part 2

12.00-12.30 Debate 1: Distal left main. Moderators: Adam Witkowski, Michał Krejca, Marian Zembala

12.00-12.10 PRO. Carlo di Mario

12.10-12.2 0 CONTRA. Andrzej Bochenek

12.20-12.25 Rebuttal. Carlo di Mario

12.25-12.30 Rebuttal. Andrzej Bochenek

12.30-13.10 Live transmission III. Moderators: Andrzej Bochenek, Marcin, Demkow, Giuseppe di Luca

Angioplasty in a patient with distal left main stenosis.

Operators: Paweł Buszman, Jacek Legutko

13.10-14.30 Lunch (Restaurants “Ogrodowa” and “Ferdy's”)

14.30-16.00 Symposium A: DES in complex coronary anatomy. Sponsored by CORDIS Poland.

Moderators: Carlo Di Mario, Dariusz Dudek, Robert J. Gil

14.30-14.45 Syrolimus vs other substances used in eluting stents – Belter, worse or the same? Lech Bryniarski

14.45-15.05 CYPHER® stent is effective and safe - analysis of multicenter, randomized trias. Carlo DiMario/Dariusz Dudek

15.05-15.25 Round table discussion: Do specific indications for CYPHER® stent exist? Moderator - Carlo Di Mario

15.25-15.50 Cypher Select Plus® stent – new quality in Catheterization laboratory. Presentation of „difficult” cases. Moderator: Dariusz Dudek

15.50-16.00 Summary. Robert J. Gil
14.30-16.00 Sympozjum B: Coronary and peripheral arteries imaging with angiography, MSCT & MRI (symposium in polish). Sponsored by BRACCO.

 Moderators: Olgierd Rowiński, Mieczysław Pasowicz, Jerzy Walecki

14.30-14.45 Magnetic Resonance (MRI). Łukasz Kownacki

14.45-15.00 Multi Scan Computer Tomography (MSCT). Paweł Banyś

15.00-15.30 Debate: Evaluation of the coronary arteries – angiography or MSCT?

Pro: Maciej Lesiak

Contra: Piotr Pieniążek

15.30-15.50 Cases review. Jerzy Walecki and his team

15.50-16.00 Closing remarks. Olgierd Rowiński

14.30-15.10 Live transmission IV. (room C)

Moderators: Lidia Chojnowska, Adam Witkowski, Marian Zembala

Alkohol ablaction in a patent with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with left ventricular outflow tract obstruction.

Operators: Marcin Demkow, Maciej Dąbrowski (transmission in polish)
15.10-16.40 Sympozjum C: Cardiomyopathies – ways of treatment (symposium in polish)

Moderator: Lidia Chojnowska, Robert J. Gil, Jerzy Sadowski

15.10-15.30 Endomyocardial biopsy- value for pathophysiology and diagnosis of ARVC/D. Katarzyna E. Włodarska

15.30-15.45 Ventricular arrhythmia in patients with HCM – new therapeutic options in the ablation area. Łukasz Szumowski

15.45-16.00 Treatment of atrial fibrillation in patients with HCM in the area of ICD and RF ablation Paweł Derejko

16.00-16.10 Conclusion remarks. Franciszek Walczak

16.10-16.30 Surgical methods of therapy in patients with heart failure due to "end stage" cardiomyopathies. Jerzy Sadowski, Karol Wierzbicki

16.30-16.40 Controversy

16.40 Meeting Adjourn

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