I. Uzupełnij wyrazy. (5 pkt)

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I. Uzupełnij wyrazy. (5 pkt)
1. There was very little furniture in the room: a bed, a small coffee table and two chairs.

2. He and his family usually spend their holidays in a luxury villa at the seaside.

3. Many crocodiles and other dangerous animals live in the Australian swamps.

4. We live in a detached house in the suburbs.

5. A snake bite or scorpion bite can be fatal, especially to young children.
II. Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami can / can’t / have to / don’t have to / must / mustn’t

w odpowiedniej formie oraz właściwymi wyrażeniami z listy. (6 pkt)
get lost do the washing up put up a tent

hide without moving live alone iron your shirt
1. Now that his wife is on holiday, David has to live alone for some time.

2. Alligators can hide without moving, which is why they are difficult to notice.

3. Visitors mustn’t put up a tent in this private area. It isn’t allowed.

4. You can’t get lost in this city, because there are famous landmarks everywhere.

5. He hates chores, but he must do the washing up this week. It is a rule.

6. You don’t have to iron your shirt, darling. I’ve already done it for you.
III. Uzupełnij zdania podanymi przymiotnikami oraz innymi podanymi wyrażeniami. (4 pkt)
1. Our house is more modern than (modern/than) John’s.

2. This is the worst (bad) restaurant in the city.

3. Mosquitoes are not as dangerous (not/as/dangerous) as poisonous spiders.

4. It is more expensive (expensive) to travel by plane than by car.

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