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Specialized English in Public Health

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Specialized English in Public Health


Faculty of Health Sciences

Unit conducting module

Zakład Informacji Naukowej

Course unit title

Specialized English in Public Health

Course unit code

Language of instruction


Course objectives and learning outcomes


1. The student has a high level of competence in the English language - understands the main ideas of various texts on both concrete and abstract topics, he/she also understands the discussion of topics related to public health;


2. The student can communicate in English using clear, detailed oral and written statements and explain his/her position in the matters being discussed, taking into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions;

3. Has and develops the ability to integrate theoretical knowledge with practice in the field of communication and teamwork;
Social competences:

4. Appreciates the diversity of views and their contribution to the overall picture of population health.

5. The student can work in a group on the strategy of a chosen problem of public health and has the knowledge of the principles of designing and writing reports and scientific papers in English.

Type of course unit (compulsory/optional)


Year of study (if applicable)



1 i 2

Teacher responsible

mgr Maja Nowak-Bończa, mgr Grażyna Trembecka

dr Barbara Niedźwiedzka

Name of examiner

Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning)

practical classes


knowledge of English at the upper-intermediate or advanced level

Delivery length

practical classes: 60

Number of ECTS credits allocated


Estimation of the student workload needed in order to achieve expected learning outcomes

- class participation: 60 hours - 2 ECTS

- the student's own work, course preparation: 60 hours - 2 ECTS

Teaching & learning methods

Directed study of material in textbooks, small-group activities, brainstorming sessions; class discussions, case studies, presentations, communication games

Assessment methods and criteria; course grading

evaluation of oral presentations, written assignments, in-class tests and evaluation of individual work, team work, group discussions

Form and conditions for the award of a credit

The final grade for Specialized English in Public Health is computed as follows. 30% for the average of all homework, including written assignments and quizzes. 30% for in-class participation and attendance. 40% for the final exam.






< 59% gives a 2

Course topics

familiarize students with major issues of public health in the English language and develop the ability to use the English language within the discipline with the skilful use of specialist terms.

Recommended and required reading

articles published in English for European Public Health. A Specialised Course for Students and Professionals, Maastricht University Press 2007

- Materials developed by person running the course

- Other educational materials are provided to students during class

Duration, rules, and form of work placement(s)/internship, if envisaged by programme of study

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