Invitatio n we invite all riders to participate in the first ever Open 2 towers Wakeboard Championships of Poland in Gizycko

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Wakeboard and Wakeskate
Open Championships of Poland

On 2 tower cable


5-6 September 2015

We invite all riders to participate in the first ever Open 2 towers Wakeboard Championships of Poland in Gizycko.

  1. Organisers:

Polish Motorboat and Water Ski Federation

Nowogrodzka 40

00-691 Warszawa, Poland

Tel. +48 226174449

Fax. +48 226170984


Polish Watersports Federation Plus
2. Conditions of the Competition:

The competition will be held on the 2 tower „WakePark Gizycko“ cableway, ul. Stanisława Moniuszki/Turystyczna, Gizycko, Poland. The competition will be carried out according to the rules of the 2015 IWWF World Rulebook.

3. Categories:

The competition will be carried out in the following Categories:

U11 boys and girls, U15 boys and girls, U19 boys and girls, open men and women, masters men and women, veterans men and women.

There will be a minimum of 3 riders required to open a category.

4. Cable:

Primus 2 tower cable - 2014

6. Entry requirement registration:

Please register online at for the competition. Riders must register before 28.08.2015

7. Judges

The list of judges will be published in bulletin 2.

8. Entry fee:

The organiser collects an entry fee per rider: 30 € for +40, +30, Open, 20 € for U19 and 10 € for U15 and U11 category. The entry fee must be paid during the registration in Euros or equivalent in Zl.

9. Event schedule:

Friday, September 4




Official training

Saturday, September 5


Riders meeting





Sunday, September 6


Official traning






Awards ceremony

*The schedule can be altered according to the number of competitors.

10. Prizes:

Medals for the first, second and third place in all categories.

11. Liability:

All competitors take part on their own risk in every respect even if they are engaged out of the competition, e.g. in any additional program. With the entry of the competition they give up any claim from cases of loss of any kind arising indirectly or directly during this event. Actives ought to have effected a private accident insurance besides their health insurance. Damage to a third party (e.g. spectators) is insured only within the limits of the organiser's liability.

12. Special offer

The owner of the cable will arrange reservation of trainings before the official practice starts. The price is 50.00 € per hour.

E-mail reservation:

13. Accommodation:
All competitors shall book their accommodations on their behalf, we have selected a few places to contact. All prices given by us are just an indication of what are the usual rates these hotels charge, and do not represent the official offer.

  1. Gościniec „Pan Tadeusz” , 0,5 km to the town center
    2 person room – 25 euros per night
    Address: Warszawska 10, 11-500 Giżycko
    Tel:+ 48 502 550 010

  2. Hotel Cesarski, 0,1 km to the town center
    2 person room – 30 euros per night
    Address: plac Grunwaldzki 8, 11-500 Giżycko
    Telefon: 87 732 76 70

  3. Hotel Wodnik, 0,1 km to the town center
    2 person room – 31 euros per night
    Address: 3 Maja 2, 11-500 Giżycko
    Telefon:87 428 38 71

  4. Neptun Club, 0,5 km from the town center
    2 person room – 27 euros per night
    Address: aleja Wojska Polskiego 35, Giżycko
    Telefon:87 428 31 02

  5. Hotel Mazury, 1 mile from the town center
    2 person room – 36 euros per night
    Address: aleja Wojska Polskiego 56, 11-500 Giżycko
    1 mile from the city center

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