Issue 88 Ann Arbor, Michigan May – June, 2006

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Issue 88

Ann Arbor, Michigan

May – June, 2006

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of PAC Ann Arbor

From left to right: Mr. Michal Olszewski, Mr. Marcin Szuberla, Mrs. Wanda Walasek, Mr. Marcin Osuchowski, Mrs. Iwona Wertenberger, Ms. Aneta Terlecka, Ms. Anna Petryniak and Mrs. Krystyna Bobowska.

Our General Meeting took place at the Michigan Union building, on April 23, 2006 and was attended by 40 members of our chapter, which constitutes a quorum. Mr. Mariusz Szajnert, Vice President for American Affairs of Michigan Division of PAC was present at our General Meeting. We would like to acknowledge his time and insightful comments. Several important issues were voted on and were all approved by vast (overwhelming) majority of votes

a) We voted to continue to use our Bylaws from the year 1992.

b) We approved three minor amendments to the bylaws, and our updated By-laws are being sent to the State Division of PAC in Hamtramck for a review and final approval.

c) The General Meeting approved all of the decisions and the financial state of our organization during the 2005/2006 term by "Absolutory Vote".

d) The new Executive Board was elected for the 2006 / 2007 term.

A newly elected government consists of:

Mr. Marcin Szuberla – President

Mr. Marcin Osuchowski – Vice President

Mrs. Wanda Walasek – Vice President

Mr. Michal Olszewski – Treasurer

Mrs. Iwona Wertenberger – Secretary

Mrs. Krystyna Bobowska – Senior Adviser

Ms. Anna Petryniak – Community Adviser

Ms. Aneta Terlecka – Community Adviser

Thanks to everyone who worked with the PAC during the previous year, departing officers and everyone who came to the meeting and cast the vote.
Farewell to Mr. Idzikowski

We are sorry to inform that the longtime member of PAC Ann Arbor, Mr. Tadeusz Idzikowski had passed away. A holly mass for his soul took place at the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic church in Ann Arbor. Accordingly, with his last wish, PAC Ann Arbor donated to the National Kidney Foundation.

Congratulations new graduates!

We congratulate all new high school and college graduates for our community. Lukasz Myc, Marta Malecka, Olga Petryniak, Michal Magiera, Agnieszka Guzik, Krzysztof Fidler, Marta Walasek – congratulations on your achievement.

Who is who in our community – Aneta Terlecka

Nazywam się Aneta Terlecka. Urodziłam się w Kluczborku, województwo Opolskie. Studiowałam turystykę w Polsce i International Business / Languages w Anglii. Mieszkałam w Niemczech, Anglii, od około 3 lat mieszkam w U.S. Pracuję w przemyśle samochodowym. Cieszę się ogromnie, że mam możliwość poznania i współpracowania z tak wyśmienitymi osobami, jakimi są członkowie PAC. Bardzo ważnym jest dla mnie pielęgnowanie polskich korzeni jak i reprezentowanie ich jak najlepiej wśród innych narodowości. Wierzę, iż nasza współpraca będzie bardzo owocna.

Meeting with Cardinal Maida

Congratulations to his Eminence Cardinal Adam Maida on his 50th jubilee of ordination. The delegation from our Chapter attended the ceremony at the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, on May 2, 2006 to congratulate his Eminence on this splendid occasion. A week ago, Cardinal Maida accompanied Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Poland.

Katyń Memorial in Baltimore

(Thanks to Anna Bielinska and Andrzej Myc for the pictures)

Contact Us

Whenever you have a question, comment or complaint, please contact us:

President: Marcin Szuberla

Phone: 734-678-3201


Vice-President: Wanda Walasek

Phone: 734-557-3259


Treasurer: Michal Olszewski

Phone: 734-677-4216


Vice-President: Marcin Osuchowski

Phone: 734-975-1628


Secretary: Iwona Wertenberger

Phone: 734-747-9992


Senior Adviser: Krystyna Bobowska

Phone: 734-973-1226


Community Adviser: Anna Petryniak

Phone: 734-663-9461


Community Adviser: Aneta Terlecka

Phone: 734-255-2144



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