Izabela Chlewińska

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Izabela Chlewińska

A dancer, choreographer, and independent artist. She graduated from the Karol Szyma- nowski Secondary School of Music in Warsaw, the Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź, and the Academy of Music in Kraków, where she obtained a degree in culture management in the European context. She has won the prestigious danceWEB scholarship for young dancers and choreogra- phers in Vienna, and twice received a scholar- ship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland. Izabela is a member of Centrum w Ruchu, an association of Warsaw- based choreographers, and Embassy of…, a collective bringing together over 70 artists globally. Her dance pieces, including Ophelia is not dead (2008) or Tralfamadoria (2011, presented at the Polish Dance Platform 2012), have been shown in Germany, Mexico, Japan, and the USA . Her latest artistic project DP1 (world premiere: Theatre X, Tokyo; shown at Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo; Polish premiere: Club Żak, Gdańsk [2013]; presented as part of the Dance in Theatre series of Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre / Stage for Dance 2014) is a collaboration with musician and visual artist Tomek Bergmann. Izabela collaborates with Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre and Ramona Nagabczyńska. Since 2008 she has been devising choreography for dramatic theatres (e.g. Studio Theatre, Dramatyczny Theatre, Warsaw Uprising Museum, the National Theatre).

Iza Szostak

A dancer and choreographer. She graduated from the Roman Turczynowicz Ballet School in Warsaw (2003) and the Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy (2008). Currently, she studies ethnology and anthropology at the University of Warsaw. She has won scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Dutch Corrie Hartong Fonds, SPAZIO, Alternative Dance Academy, and Solo Project of the Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk. Moreover, Iza has interned at Jan Fabre’s company, Troubleyn. She has collaborated with Michael Schumacher, Amy Raymond, Anna Holter, Taldans, Wojtek Ziemilski, Marysia Stokłosa, Edyta Kozak, and Kaya Kołodziejczyk. Pieces that she created or co-created have been shown in the Nether- lands, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, China, and Poland. Her works include: Karmi-go, Feedback (2010), From culture to nature (Solo Project, 2011), The glass jar next to the glass jar (Body/Mind Foundation, 2012), RE//MIX Merce Cunningham (Komuna//Warszawa, 2012), Body. Child. Object. (Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk, 2013), Europa. Śledztwo (Komuna//Warszawa, 2014). Iza collaborates with visual artist and experimental musician Kuba Słomkowski. She is a member of Centrum w Ruchu. For a few years now, the artist has been fascinated with working with people who are not professional dancers. She refers in her work to Authentic Movement, Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and elements of Forsythe’s improvisation. She finds great pleasure in teaching dance and movement composition, enjoys singing (yet thinks she can’t do it), and improvises on stage and in life. She dreams of skiing in the Alps and a journey to Greenland and New Zealand.

Daniel Stryjecki

A dancer, teacher, choreographer, and video artist. He is a certified dancer (registered with the Association of Polish Stage Artists ZASP, 2001), and graduate of the Poznań School of Banking (WSB). He joined the Polish Dance Theatre (PTT) in 1998, and is now a soloist of the company. He has danced in a range of PTT productions: B@ttle between Carnival and Lent, Carpe Diem, Spring –Effatha, Meetings in tow unfulfilled acts, It’s already dusk, FootBall@…, Wish You Were Here (choreographies by Ewa Wycichowska); Minus 2 (choreography by Ohad Naharin); Autumn – Nuembir (choreography by Jacek Przybyłowicz); Alexanderplatz, Desert and Architecture of light (choreographies by Paulina Wycichowska); Wo-man in tomatoes (choreography by Yossi Berg); Forty (choreography by Jo Strømgren); and SUMO (choreography by Agnieszka Fertała). He is a teacher at International Contemporary Dance Workshops in Poznań. In 2009 he made his debut as a choreographer at the Atelier of the Polish Dance Theatre with DSM-IV 301.8. For several years now, he has been successfully producing videos to theatre performances, multimedia presentations, and commercial ads. In 2008 he received the Biały Bez Audience Award as the most popular dancer of the Wielkopolska province. In 2011 Daniel presented “In-Vitro” Action at the Malta Festival in Poznań. His latest project, Halo Effect (2014) fuses movement and multimedia.

Magdalena Jędra

A dancer, choreographer, and performer. She started her dancing career at the Gdańsk Dance Theatre (GTT) of Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej (1997–1999). In 2005 Magdalena teamed up with Anna Steller and musicians Grzegorz Welizarowicz and Zbigniew Bieńkowski. Their first joint project was titled Good Girl Killer, and gave its name to the collective. Magdalena’s works have a strong affinity to performance art and the site-specific approach. She considers improvi- sation to be the foundation of the creative process: working on a piece is, according to her, an act of subjecting oneself to the process. In her artistic practice she likes to bring together different styles and means of expressions characteristic for so-called “pop culture” and “high culture”. She has received an award of the mayor of Gdańsk for young artists for Good Girl Killer (2006) and a scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, among others. She has taken part in the choreographic exchange programme between Poland and Philadelphia, USA, run by the Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk in Poznań, Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw, Polish Institute in New York, and Dance/USA Philadelphia (2012). Magdalena runs contemporary dance and improvisation classes. List of works: Teletransis (2002), Konstrukcja symboliczna (2003), Teoria hałasu (2004), Good Girl Killer (collaboration with Good Girl Killer, 2005), Junkie (2006), Action (collaboration with Good Girl Killer, 2008), Parallel (2009), Girls in Red Shoes (collaboration with Anna Steller, 2010), Konfetti (2010), Le sni (collaboration with Anna Steller, 2010), Have a Nice Hell (collaboration with Anna Steller, 2010), Lotta and Gula (collaboration with Anna Steller, 2011), Le Pas Jaques (2011), Gloria! (collaboration with Anita Wach, Magdalena Tuka, Anna Steller, 2013), Ruch myśli. Rekonstrukcja (2013), Europa. Śledztwo (collaboration with Iza Szostak and Weronika Pelczyńska, 2014).


(Group and Foundation)

A platform facilitating encounters, exchange of experiences, collaboration, and action. The group collaborates creatively, drawing on improvisation, contact improvisation, contemporary dance, physical dance, martial arts, and other forms of movement. Each member of KIJO has a different experience as performer and a different specialisation, bringing into the collective something unique, while movement is the group’s common denominator. The departure point for KIJO’s creative work and research is curiosity. Equally important in their endeavours is meeting each other in the process of creating art.

Repertoire: MIOKLOIIS (2011), DO (2012), Wszystko to, z czym się [nie] urodziliśmy (2013), Do Witolda (2013), Spokojnie… inni mają gorzej (2014), Gwiezdne Potyczki (2014).

Dance video: WindFall (2011), AEGIS (2012), Uwolnić Motyla (2012), ribcage (2012), TRESS (2014).

FRU Festival – Polish Contact Improvisation Festival

Members of KIJO: Michał Ratajski, Adrian Bartczak, Małgorzata Lipczyńska, Sara Kozłowska, Ilona Gumowska, Ela Stasiak, Emilka Biskupik, Adam Kuza, Maria Majeranowska, Żaneta Górska, Mariusz Marciniak.

www.kijogroup.com www.vimeo.com/kijo

Grupa Artystyczna Koncentrat

The group was founded in 2005 in Warsaw as a creative collective associating two choreographers and dancers, Anka Jankowska (co-founder of TRAVA Theatre Group) and Rafał Dziemidok, as well as lighting designer Ewa Garniec. Up until 2008 the group worked in its original line-up, producing five pre- mieres, adapted Rafał Dziemidok’s 2004 solo performance Dirty Pink, and developed an improvised project 3x I do not know (Dziemidok, Garniec). The Group’s premieres include: 2moreless (Dziemidok/Jankowska, 2005; presented on DVD at the Polish Dance Platform 2008), Potańcówka (with the participation of tango enthusiasts, 2006), Tell me I look divine (Dziemidok/Jankowska, 2006), Nawrotnik (Magdalena Jędra’s solo, 2007), Rabbit, Heath and Riding Contest (Dziemidok’s solo, 2008, presented at the Polish Dance Platform 2008). Since 2009 the group has been led by Rafał Dziemidok, with Ewa Garniec as lighting, stage and costume designer. The pair has produced: Floe (in collaboration with Nicole Seiler; named one of Top 10 best choreographies by Aerowaves, 2010); Nut. Squirrel (choreography created in collaboration with Jacek Owczarek, dance: Piotr Chudzicki, Rafał Dziemidok, Magdalena Jędra, Agnieszka Noster, Krzysztof Skolimowski, Aleksandra Ścibor, 2010); and Lamentation (a multidisciplinary project bringing together languages of theatre, opera and dance, 2012). In 2013 Koncentrat premiered My Life in Tears (created as part of a residency programme run by the Institute of Music and Dance in association with Mica Moca Project Berlin and Uferstudios). Currently, the pair collabo- rates with a group of international artists on Peter and the Wolf. Reinterpretation (shown as work in progress at the 2nd VarSoVie Festival).

www.koncentrat.com www.968566975574398360.weebly.com

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