James Pardoe, PhD

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James Pardoe, PhD

Przynależność do wydziału/instytutu/zakładu:

Wydział Studiów Stosowanych

Instytut Kulturoznawstwa

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budynek H, pokój H-01

Adres email: j.pardoe@chester.ac.uk

  1. Wykształcenie: University of London (LSE) 1979-82; University of Edinburgh 1988-89; University of Manchester 2004-11

  2. Stopnie i tytuły naukowe : BSc (Econ) (Hons), MSc, PhD

  3. Zainteresowania naukowe: Heritage Management; Literary Tourism; Museology; Landscape History; Country Houses; Modern History (eastern Europe)

  4. Przynależność do organizacji i towarzystw naukowych: Ancient Monuments Society (Fellow); Association for Heritage Interpretation (Associate); LitHouses Group (Associate); ICOMOS LinkedIn Group (Member)

  5. Pełnione funkcje : Senior Lecturer; Museum Officer; English Teacher

  6. Kształcenie kadry naukowej: Numerous – MA Landscape, Heritage & Society; MA Military History; MA Archaeology & Heritage Practice; MA Archaeology of Death & Memory; MPhil Medieval Architecture; MPhil/PhD Military Museums; MPhil/PhD Literary Landscapes

  7. Tematyka naukowo-badawcza: Heritage Management; Literary Tourism; Museology

  8. Realizowane projekty: EU SOCRATES European Co-operation Widening Access, 1996-99; EU LODIS-RECITE, 1999-2003; EU Leonardo Exchange, 2006; EU PORTICO Program, 2010 – on going

  9. Dorobek naukowy:

‘Ruins in British Romantic Art from 1988

Wilson to Turner’

Nottingham Museums Exhibition Catalogue
‘English Heritage – Access and/or 1990


Centre for Accessible Environments Seminar Report
‘Heritage Management/Fundraising 2000

for the Arts’

Hungarian Cultural Ministry (co-authored book)
‘Museums in a Market Economy’ 2001

Hungarian Cultural Managers Association,


National Museum of Hungary, Budapest (paper)

‘British Breweries – An Architectural History by 2001

Lynn Pearson’

English Historical Review (review article)
‘Telling the Whitby Story’ 2002

Journal for Heritage Interpretation (article)

‘The Ethics of the Restoration of Stone 2003


Transactions 2nd International Conference on

Archaeology & Conservation, Jordan (article)

‘Literary House Museums – the theory 2006

and practice’

LitHouses Annual Conference, Newstead Abbey

‘Dilettantes & Tourists: Literary House 2008

Visiting in the Romantic Age’

Centre for Museum Studies & Manchester Museum

‘Shrines to Dead Poets – Literary House 2009


University of Chester Research Forum (paper)
‘The Darker Side of Travel: The Theory 2010

and Practice of Dark Tourism (eds)

Richard Sharpley & Philip R. Stone’

Journal of Heritage Tourism (review article)

‘Newstead Abbey – 100 Significant Places 2010

In Britain’

BBC History Magazine (article)
‘The Keys & Principles of Interpretation’ 2010

EU PORTICO Project International Video


Chester, Ghent, Utrecht, Koln (Keynote paper)

‘Creating Out of a Crisis’ 2011

LitHouses Annual Conference, The Anna Freud

Centre, London (paper)
‘The Head that Wears the Crown: Decoding Royal 2012

Portraits in Chester’ Diamond Jubilee Exhibition

Lecture, Grosvenor Museum, Chester,
‘The Invention of Heritage in the UK’ 2012

International Seminar on Collecting and

Recollecting the Past, Arts Research Program

for Materials, Culture and Heritage, Moesgaard Vision,

Aarhus University, Denmark (paper)
‘Stalin’s Genocides by Norman M. Naimark’ 2013

Holocaust Studies: A Journal of Culture and

History (review article)
‘The Significance of Literary Houses’ 2013

11th International Conference on New Directions

in the Humanities, Eotvos Lorand University,

Budapest (paper)

‘Warehouse and power station among modern 2013

buildings added to Heritage List’

History Extra.Com – BBC History Magazine

article by Emma McFarnon (contribution)

‘Interpreting UK Literary Houses through 2013

Post-Writer Histories’

International Journal of Humanities and

Social Science Vol.3 No.17 September, 2013

pp.42-49 (article)
‘The Impact of Post-Writer Histories on the 2014

Significance of UK Literary Houses’

The International Journal of Literary Humanities,

Volume 11 (2014), Issue 1, pp.27-40 (article)

Pardoe, J. & Stone, C. (2014) Authenticity, 2014

Commodification and Sustainable Development:

Construction of Destination Image for Chester, UK,  

in Heritage 2014 – Proceedings of the 4th

International Conference on Heritage and

Sustainable Development,

Editors: Rogério Amoêda, Sérgio Lira &

Cristina Pinheiro, Publisher: Green Lines Institute,


(eBook ISBN: 978-989-98013-7-0) (paper) 

Pardoe, J. & Stone, C. (2014) Authenticity, 2014

Commodification and Sustainable Development:

Construction of Destination Image for Chester, UK

Paper given at Heritage 2014 – 4th International

Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development,

22-25 July 2014, Guimarães, Portugal (conference

organised by the Portuguese Green Lines Institute for

Sustainable Development NGO.  Book of Abstracts:

Amoêda, R., Lira, S., & Pinheiro, C. Barcelos,

Portugal; Green Lines Institute

(ISBN: 978-989-8734-05-1) (paper) 

  1. Uzyskane patenty: -

  1. Zajęcia dydaktyczne :

  • Living with the Past: An Introduction to Archaeological Heritage

  • Red Menace?: The Rise and Fall of Communism in Europe

  • Experiential Learning: Archaeology

  • Experiential Learning: History

  • Debates in History

  • Recreating the Past: Archaeological Heritage Interpretation

  • Collecting the Past: Museums and Material Culture

  • Preserving the Past: Managing Historical Buildings and Ancient Monuments

  • Professional Practice Specialism: Heritage and Cultures

  • The Past in the Present: An Introduction to Heritage

  • Archaeological Heritage in Practice

  • Investigating the Past

  • Research Skills in Archaeology

  • Research Project

  • Research Dissertation

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