Konkurs przedmiotowy z języka angielskiego dla uczniów gimnazjów województwa lubuskiego w roku szkolnym 2012/2013 Zawody rejonowe

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dla uczniów gimnazjów województwa lubuskiego w roku szkolnym 2012/2013

Zawody rejonowe

Na wykonanie wszystkich zadań przeznacza się 90 minut.

Życzymy powodzenia!


Zad. 1.

(max 8 pkt)

Zad. 2.

(max 8 pkt)

Zad. 3

(max 8 pkt)

Zad. 4.

(max 8 pkt)

Zad. 5.

(max 8 pkt)


(max 40 pkt)

I Uzupełnij poniższe zdania. Liczba kresek równa jest liczbie liter brakującego wyrazu.

Nie wolno zmieniać żadnej z podanych liter. (0-8 pkt)

  1. They did a c _ _ _ _ ty performance on the first night, to raise money

for AIDS research.

  1. She leaned over and w _ _ _ _ _ _ ed something in his ear. Definitely,

she didn’t want others to hear.

  1. It's a bit s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s that no one knows where he was at the time

of the robbery.

  1. You chose exactly the same wallpaper as us - what a c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e!

  2. The cathedral was completely r _ _ _ _ _ t in 1425 after it had been destroyed by fire.

  3. We've got a s _ _ _ e room if you want to stay overnight with us.

  4. If you m _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7 by 15 you get 105.

  5. I'm burning with c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ y - you must tell me who's won!

II Wybierz, zakreślając kółkiem, jedną z czterech propozycji (a, b, c, d) uzupełnienia luk

w poniższych zdaniach. (0-8 pkt)
1. “I wanted to go to that show”

“Well, you _________ told me.”

a) shouldn’t have

b) would have

c) wouldn’t have

d) should have

  1. He wishes he _________ so he could be a basketball player.

    1. would be taller

    2. were taller

    3. is taller

    4. had been taller

3. “When are they arriving?”.

“They said they’d be here at 10 o’clock, _________ ?”

a) didn’t they

b) shouldn’t they

c) weren’t they

d) hadn’t they

4. Are you sure you’ve got enough money? I’d rather we _________ to the bank and got some more.

    1. went

    2. go

    3. to go

    4. had got

5. Would you mind _________ a few questions?

a) to answer

  1. to be answered

  2. answering

  3. for answering

6. “ Did you make the curtains yourself ?”

“No, I _________ by a professional.”

  1. had made them

  2. have made them

  3. got made

  4. had them made

7. “ I’d really like to go to Egypt.”

“_________ . It must be a wonderful country.”

  1. So do I

  2. So would I

  3. Neither would I

  4. Nor do I

8. I’ll take you to the park if you _________ yourself.

a) behaved

b) would behave

c) behave

d) are behaving

III Przeczytaj uważnie poniższy tekst. W punktach 1-8 wybierz, zakreślając kółkiem, jedną

z czterech propozycji (a, b, c, d) zakończenia zdań odnoszących się do jego treści.

(0-8 pkt)

General Information

SeaWorld is a total adventure park experience, combining entertainment, education and conservation. There are shows, exhibits and guided tours, as well as one of the world’s largest marine life rescue programs. SeaWorld Orlando is one of the biggest theme parks of its kind, and has attracted more than 75 million visitors since its opening.


SeaWorld Orlando is located at the intersection of Interstate 4 and the Bee Line Expressway. It is 10 minutes from Orlando and only 15 minutes from Orlando International Airport. If traveling by car, you should take exit 28 of Interstate 4 from Orlando, or exit 27A from Tampa.


SeaWorld has fun for everyone. ”Key West at SeaWorld” is only one example. Here, in a 5-acre section of

the park, you can be entertained by dolphins working with their trainers and see rare sea turtles weighing up to 300 pounds. Entertainers and musicians help create the atmosphere, and at sunset fireworks light the sky.

“Journey to Atlantis” is our largest attraction ever. Inside Atlantis, the evil spirit Allura causes your boat to drop from a height of 60 feet into the sea below. You are then pulled backwards and onto a wild, high-speed water ride. With its amazing special effects, “Journey to Atlantis” will give you the thrill of a lifetime.


SeaWorld programs combine fun with education. The new “Dolphin Interaction Program” allows you to get into a pool with dolphins, and to learn how they are cared for and trained. “To the Rescue!” is a 60-minute tour

which shows visitors the animal rescue programs of the park. For more information on these and other programs, call the Education Department at (302) 624-1423.


We’ve thought of everything at SeaWorld. We have foreign currency exchange offices and 24-hour automated teller machines. There is a 3-acre play area for children and, depending on your needs, you can choose from nine restaurants or the many snack bars and kiosks. Parking is available at $5 per car.


SeaWorld is also part of the group of Anheuser-Busch Theme Parks – a leader in conservation and education. SeaWorld has many programs to save endangered sea animals. The park protects the rare Florida manatee

and has also saved nearly 300 sea turtles since 1985. SeaWorld animal rescue team works 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


Various tickets are available to suit your needs. For all prices quoted, “children” are aged 3-9 years, while “adults” are aged 10 years and above. Under-threes enter the park free. Prices are exclusive of tax, which will

be payable on entry. A one-day ticket is $42 (adults) or $36 (children). Passes that can be used at several locations are also available. The 3-park Orlando Flex Ticket may be used for up to 7 days at SeaWorld Orlando, Wet ’n’ Wild Orlando, and Universal Studios Florida. The 4-park Flex Ticket is valid for up to 10 days at the above locations, as well as at Busch-Gardens Tampa Bay.


SeaWorld is open year-around, from 9 am to at least 7 pm. In the summer, the park’s hours are extended

(for more information call the SeaWorld hot-line number). A minimum of eight hours should be allowed to see all of the shows and attractions.

  1. SeaWorld Orlando is …

    1. the biggest theme park in the world.

    2. one of the biggest marine life adventure parks.

    3. a marine life rescue program.

    4. only for people who want to be entertained.

  2. To get to SeaWorld Orlando …

    1. you must drive through Tampa.

    2. you can take the express train.

    3. you can use Interstate 4.

    4. you can take exit 27A or 28 of the Bee Line Expressway.

  3. The attractions at SeaWorld …

    1. are all found at “Key West at SeaWorld”.

    2. include rare sea turtles working with their trainers.

    3. may use special effects.

    4. are all funny.

  4. The Education Department …

    1. allows you to help with the animal rescue program.

    2. likes to separate entertainment from education.

    3. lets you train dolphins.

    4. can show you how SeaWorld’s conservation programs work .

  5. One of the things offered is …

    1. free parking.

    2. a children’s amusement park.

    3. a special area for the handicapped.

    4. banking services.

  6. In terms of conservation …

    1. SeaWorld has the most programs every year.

    2. Anheuser-Busch Theme Parks are a leader.

    3. SeaWorld is concerned with all animal and plant life.

    4. SeaWorld has a part-time animal rescue team.

  7. If you went to SeaWorld Orlando …

    1. you could get into Busch-Gardens for free.

    2. you would pay $42 + tax for one adult.

    3. your 3-year-old son would get in free.

    4. you wouldn’t have to pay tax.

  8. You can visit SeaWorld Orlando …

    1. for fewer hours in the summer.

    2. only if you stay at least 8 hours.

    3. no later than 6 pm in the winter.

    4. after 7 pm in the summer.

IV Przeczytaj poniższy tekst. W niektórych linijkach (1-8) występuje błąd – jedno zbędne słowo. Wpisz je w odpowiednim miejscu w kolumnie po prawej stronie (przykład 0). Jeśli dana linijka nie zawiera zbędnego wyrazu, wpisz symbol √ (przykład 00). (0-8 pkt)


In my town, students like to celebrating Students’ Week,



which begins with a party on the first day of spring.


There is a whole week of activities which organized by all


the schools in the area, and students like to invite them


their parents and teachers to the party so that everyone


can have a really good time and enjoy of the celebrations.


First, I am going to tell you something about the preparations


made up in advance. Students build stands, which are


large tables where they can be put all the food


for the party. Music is very important, so that the students

who can play instruments get together to practice

the songs they are going to play. Everyone looks forward

to Students’ Week!

V Uzupełnij poniższe zdania, wpisując w lukę odpowiednią formę wyrazu podanego pod tekstem (1-10). Zdanie (0) stanowi przykład. (0-8 pkt)
Summer is in the air and it’s only (0) ____natural____ for people to feel good

and (1) _____________ about going on holiday. Everyone needs to relax and get away,

so they try to use their yearly leave in the best possible way.

Some people find it (2) _____________ to stay at a holiday resort and have everything done

for them. Of course, if you are (3) _____________, money is not an issue whatsoever.

A more (4) _____________ alternative would be a camping holiday, which many people consider to be much more (5) _____________ and challenging. Exploring nature as well

as relaxing (6) ____________ in the mountains is a great way to recharge your batteries.

(7) _____________ to say, getting away and escaping from your routine reduces stress.

Any (8) _____________ will tell you of the benefits a holiday offers. So, even if you have

to economise in order to afford a holiday, do it. In the end, it’s worth it!










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