Ma seminar – Modern British Drama sources

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MA Seminar – Modern British Drama
Literary theory and criticism (further sources can be found in the books below):
A. The main anthologies:
Bates, W. J., ed. Criticism. The Major Texts.

Burzyńska, A., Markowski, M. P. Teorie literatury XX wieku. Antologia.

Leitch, V. B. The Norton Anthology of Theory & Criticism.

Lodge, D., ed. Modern Criticism and Theory. A Reader.

Rivkin, J., Ryan M., eds. Literary Theory: An Anthology.

Selden, R., ed. The Theory of Criticism: From Plato to the Present. A Reader.

Wellek, R., Warren, A. Theory of Literature.

Wolfreys, J., Baker, W., eds. Literary Theories. A Case Study in Critical Performance.

B. Reference texts (selection):
Barry, P. Beginning Theory. An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory.

Burzyńska, A., Markowski, M. P. Teorie literatury XX wieku. Podręcznik.

Cuddon, J. A. The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory.

Culler, J. On Deconstruction. Theory and Criticism after Structuralism.

Culler, J. Structuralist Poetics. Structuralism, Linguistics and the Study of Literature.

Dobie, A. B. Theory into Practice. An Introduction to Literary Criticism.

Eagleton, T. Literary Theory. An Introduction.

Głowiński, M. et al. Słownik terminów literackich.

Groden, M., Kreiswirth, M. The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism.

Guerin, W. L., Labor, E. G., Reesman, J. C., Willingham, J. R., A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature.

Hawkes, T. Structuralism and Semiotics.

Holman, C. H., Harmon, W. A Handbook to Literature.

Holub, R. Reception Theory: A Critical Introduction.

Kasperski, E. “Wprowadzenie” [in:] M. Bachtin, Dialog, Język, Literatura.

Mitosek, Z. Teorie badań literackich.

Murfin, R. C., Ray, S. Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms.

Podbielski, H. „Wstęp” [in:] Arystoteles. Poetyka. Biblioteka Narodowa.

Sawicki, Stefan. “Uwagi o analizie utworu literackiego.” Poetyka. Interpretacja. Sacrum. Warszawa: PWN, 1981. 123-153.

Scholes, R. Structuralism in Literature.

Selden R. Practicing Theory and Reading Literature. An Introduction.

Selden R., Widdowson, P., Brooker, P. A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory.

Sławiński, Janusz. “Analiza, interpretacja i wartościowanie dzieła literackiego.” Problemy metodologiczne współczesnego literaturoznawstwa. Ed. Janusz Sławiński and Henryk Markiewicz. Kraków: Wydawnictwo Literackie, 1976. 100-130.

Sławiński, Janusz. “O problemach ‘sztuki interpretacji.’” Dzieło – Język – Tradycja. Kraków: Universitas, 1998. 148-158.

Wright, E. Psychoanalytic Criticism. A Reappraisal, 2nd ed.

Wysłouch, Seweryna. Literatura i semiotyka. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, 2001.

Studying drama (selection):
A. Anthologies:
Brandt, G. W. Modern Theories of Drama: A Selection of Writings on Drama and Theatre, 1850-1990.

Degler, J. Problemy teorii dramatu i teatru. Vol. 1&2 (contains an outstanding bibliography of sources – incl. English – on drama and theatre).

Krasner, D. Theatre in Theory, 1900-2000.

Udalska, E., ed. Od Arystotelesa do Goethego: poetyki, manifesty, komentarze. (Seria „O dramacie: źródła do dziejów europejskich teorii dramatycznych).

Udalska, E., ed. Od Hugo do Witkiewicza: poetyki, manifesty, komentarze. (Seria „O dramacie: źródła do dziejów europejskich teorii dramatycznych).

Udalska, E., ed. Od Sartre'a do Mrożka: poetyki, manifesty, komentarze. (Seria „O dramacie: źródła do dziejów europejskich teorii dramatycznych).

B. Reference texts:
Altenbernd, L., Lewis, L. L. A Handbook for the Study of Drama.

Beckerman, Bernard. Dynamics of Drama. Theory and Method of Analysis.

Buse, P. Drama + Theory: Critical Approaches to Modern British Drama.

Elam, K. The Semiotics of Theatre and Drama.

Esslin, M. An Anatomy of Drama.

Esslin, M. The Field of Drama. How the Signs of Drama Create Meaning on Stage and Screen.

Esslin, M. The Theatre of the Absurd.

Hayman, R. How to Read a Play.

Levitt, P. M. A Structural Approach to the Analysis of Drama.

Nicoll, A. The Theatre and Dramatic Theory.

Page, A. The Death of the Playwright? Modern British Drama and Literary Theory.

Pavis, P. Słownik terminów teatralnych.

Pickering, K. Studying Modern Drama.

Sarrazac, J.-P. Słownik dramatu nowoczesnego i najnowszego.

Styan, J. L. Drama. A Guide to the Study of Plays.

Styan, J. L. Modern Drama in Theory and Practice. Vol. 1-3.

Styan, J. L. The Dramatic Experience. A Guide to the Reading of Plays.

Szondi, P. Theory of the Modern Drama: A Critical Edition.

Wallis, M., Shepherd, S. Studying Plays.
Modern British Drama (selection):
Billington, M. One Night Stands: A Critic's View of Modern British Theatre (Nick Hern Books).

Billington, M. State of the Nation: British Theatre since 1945.

Brown, J. R. A Short Guide to Modern British Drama.

Carpenter, Ch. A. Modern British Drama.

Cornish, R., Ketels, V. Landmarks of Modern British Drama, vol. 1: The Sixties.

Cornish, R., Ketels, V. Landmarks of Modern British Drama, vol. 2: The Seventies.

Dooley, R. B. Review Notes and Study Guide to Modern British & Irish Drama, (Monarch review notes and study guides).

Innes, Ch. Modern British Drama, 1890-1990.

Innes, Ch. Modern British Drama: The Twentieth Century.

Lane, D. Contemporary British Drama (Edinburgh Critical Guides to Literature).

Luckhurst, M. A Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama: 1880-2005 (Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture).

Megson, Ch. Modern British Playwriting: The 1970s: Voices, Documents, New Interpretations (Decades of Modern British Playwriting).

Milling J., Boon, R. and Roberts, P. Modern British Playwriting: The 1980s: Voices, Documents, New Interpretations (Decades of Modern British Playwriting).

Peacock, K. D. Radical Stages: Alternative History in Modern British Drama (Contributions in Drama & Theatre Studies).

Popkin, H. Modern British Drama.

Rebellato, D. 1956 and All That: The Making of Modern British Drama.

Rebellato, D., Boon, R. and Roberts, P. Modern British Playwriting: 2000-2009: Voices, Documents, New Interpretations (Decades of Modern British Playwriting).

Shepherd, S. The Cambridge Introduction to Modern British Theatre (Cambridge Introductions to Literature).

Sierz A., Middeke, M. and Schnierer, P. P. The Methuen Drama Guide to Contemporary British Playwrights (Plays and Playwrights).

Sierz, A. In-yer-face Theatre: British Drama Today.

Sierz, A. Modern British Playwriting: the 1990s: Voices, Documents, New Interpretations (Decades of Modern British Playwriting).

Sierz, A. Rewriting the Nation: British Theatre Today (Plays and Playwrights).

Sternlicht, S. A Reader's Guide to Modern British Drama (Reader's Guides to Literature).

Sternlicht, S. Masterpieces of Modern British and Irish Drama (Greenwood Introduces Literary Masterpieces).

On writing theses and dissertations (selection):
Cooley, L., Lewkowicz, J. Dissertation Writing in Practice. Turning Ideas into Text.

Cottrell, S. Critical Thinking Skills. Developing Effective Analysis and Argument.

Deane, M., Borg E. Inside Track to Critical Thinking and Analysis.

Gillett, A., Hammond A., Martala, M. Inside Track to Successful Academic Writing.

Godfrey, J. How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays.

Lester Jr., J. D., Lester, J. D. Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide (International Edition).

Murray, N., Beglar, D. Inside Track to Writing Dissertations and Theses.

Murray, R. How to Write a Thesis.

Rudestam, K. E., Newton, R. R. Surviving Your Dissertation: A Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process.

Winkler, A. C., Metherell, J. R. Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook.

Useful links (selection): - audio content about British theatre. - full performances, live events, archive and interactive collections - reference source for students of drama and theatre. - online library of diverse and acclaimed productions from some of the finest theatre talent. - The Harold Pinter Society site, dedicated to studying, celebrating, and appraising the works of Harold Pinter. - an independent web site on British theatre. - Aleks Sierz's in-yer-face theatre website, which celebrates the best in new British drama today by offering plenty of free info about new writing for the theatre. - The Literary Encyclopedia - a reference work written by scholars and university teachers around the world. - site with resources which model the way the humanities are organized for research and teaching as well as the way they are adapting to social, cultural, and technological changes. - virtual library for theatre and drama.

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