Podcast for learning basic Polish words

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Podcast for learning basic Polish words


We are going to introduce you to the Polish language. Our language has a very difficult grammar and pronunciation; however, a lot of formal and informal expressions are so easy that everyone can learn them quickly. Of course, it's only the matter of practice how to use them to comunicate in everyday situations. So here are some useful tips:

When we meet someone we say Hello. In our language we say: Cześć.

More formal way to say Hello in the morning is: Dzień dobry.

In the evening we say: Dobry wieczór.

Then we introduce ourselves: My name is (Imię). In Polish: Mam na imię (imię)

We can say where we come from: I come from Poland. In Polish: Jestem z Polski.

We can tell where we live: I live in Chorzów. In Polish: Mieszkam w Chorzowie.

We can say something about our family members: I have a sister: Mam siostrę

or I have a brother. In Polish: Mam brata

We can ask what time it is: Can you tell me what the time is? In Polish it is: Która godzina?

If we want to know what a friend is doing in the evening we say Co robisz wieczorem?

If we want to go for a drink we say: Let’s go for a drink. In Polish: Chodźmy się napić.

If we want to thank we say: Dziękuję It means Thank you.

If we want to thank a friend its enough to say: Dzięki

If we want to say Yes, please we say: Tak poproszę

When we are leaving we say: Do zobaczenia or Cześć. It means Bye

We can be formal and say Do widzienia. It means Goodbye.

Or be totally informal and say Pa!Do jutra!. It means See you tomorrow!

We can ask the way and say How can I get to the hotel? In Polish: Jak dojść do hotelu?

If we want to ask for the price, how much is it? We ask Ile kosztuje?

Tak means Yes. Nie means No.

If we don't know what we see, we ask What is it? In Polish Co to jest?

And if you don't understand anything you say Nie rozumiem!

We hope that you will find our podcast for learning first Polish words useful, especially when you come to Poland in spring 2013. We are looking forward to teaching you more words from our langauge, and of course learning some of your language!

Author: Michał Garbiec

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