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Poznań, September 2014


From September 27 to October 2, at the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, the most comprehensive in Central and Eastern Europe event dedicated to food and catering, hotel, packaging and logistics industries will be held. The entire exhibition surface will be occupied by the Tastes of Regions Fair, the POLAGRA-TECH International Trade Fair of Food Technologies, the POLAGRA FOOD International Trade Fair for Food and Catering Products, the POLAGRA GASTRO International Trade Fair for Gastronomy, the INVEST-HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair, and the TAROPAK International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Logistics.
The exhibition will be held under the Honorary Patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Economy, Polish Trade and Distribution Organization, and Polish Chamber of Hotel Industry.
This year's edition of this enormous trade fair block includes an impressive exhibition of the latest solutions dedicated to the food, catering and hotel industries, as well as a presentation of achievements boasted by the packaging and logistics sector. It will be created by 1,300 exhibitors from 45 countries of the world. They will present a total of over 450 new products, including for example innovative technological solutions for the food and catering industry, scrumptious baked goods, confectionery and dairy products, sweets, drinks and unique regional products, innovative packaging and transport and storage products.
In addition, visitors will have an opportunity to see the 52 products awarded the MTP Gold Medal. This prestigious award is primarily a confirmation of high quality of a product.
The event block will begin on September 27 with the opening of the TASTES OF REGIONS Fair, where you will be able to taste delicacies from almost all Polish regions. This colourful, traditional food festival will last until September 30. On September 28, the Baker's Day will begin the POLAGRA TECH International Trade Fair of Food Technologies. On September 29, in turn, an official inauguration of other fair events will take place, namely:

  • POLAGRA-FOOD International Trade Fair for Food and Catering Products,

  • POLAGRA GASTRO International Trade Fair for Gastronomy,

  • INVEST-HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair,

  • TAROPAK International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Logistics.

The accumulation of all these events in one place and at the same time is for exhibitors not only an opportunity for promotion. It is primarily a broad spectrum of opportunities to establish business contacts, both with domestic and foreign customers. It is also worth mentioning that the exhibition and discussions on cooperation will be accompanied by numerous industry events – conferences, training sessions, demonstrations, tastings.


For all four days (September 27-30, 2014), the admission to the TASTES OF REGIONS Fair is free of charge

Visitors will have an opportunity to taste delicacies from virtually all regions of our country at the TASTES OF REGIONS Fair (September 27-30, 2014), which for years have been a true celebration of Polish, regional, traditional and certified food. Each voivodeship at their stand will present the best local delicious products: traditional bread, cakes, sausages, cheese and preserves.
For all exhibition days, visitors will not only be able to see and taste these delicacies, but to buy them as well. In addition, the Fair will be accompanied by performances of folk bands and regional dishes cooking shows. TASTES OF REGIONS Fair is in fact a celebration of Polish, traditional and certified food.
Mini-bakery for children

During the Fair, the Association of Bakery Craftsmen of the Republic of Poland, for the second time in a row, will invite children to play the baker. In a specially arranged mini-bakery the youngest visitors, under the guidance of experts, will prepare, using their own hands, rolls and croissants which then will be baked in a real baking oven. They will be then able to take the self-made baked goods home! Hall 6A, Stand 74

Other activities for children are also planned, for example jewellery making using plastic straws, making pictures using colourful pasta, XXL soap bubbles show, fruit face painting, quizzes and contests with prizes and art workshops with Mr Foam. Hall 6, Children Zone
Western Pomerania as a Partner Region

This year, the Fair partner region is Western Pomerania; therefore, the Fair stage will host not only song and dance bands from the region, but also Grzegorz Turnau's concert for visitors. Furthermore, the Slavs and Vikings Centre Association is preparing demonstrations of medieval crafts, and for all those who long for beach vacation a real sandy beach will be waiting there. After a healthy and tasty meal, everyone deserves a moment of rest on a beach lounger.

Grzegorz Turnau's concert, Saturday, September 27, 2014, 4.00 pm, Hall 6 (Main Stage)

Culinary Pearls

On Sunday, September 28 (during the Fair), the winners of the 14th edition of the "Our Culinary Heritage - Tastes of Regions" competition will be announced. Best traditional, regional and local products and dishes will receive the "Pearl 2014" statuette. The "Keys to Polish Larder" will be also awarded – it is a prestigious award for individuals, organizations and institutions who contributed to the promotion of traditional products. The competition, held under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Voivodeship Marshals, is mainly organized by the Polish Chamber of Regional and Local Product.

POLAGRA TECH Fair is the largest business meeting for the food technology sector in Central and South-Eastern Europe. This year's edition begins on Sunday - September 28 - with the Baker's and Confectioner's Day. The Baking and Confectionery Technology Exhibition will be open then, and from Monday, September 29, it will be accompanied by the Food Processing Technologies Exhibition, and they will both last until October 2, 2014. The exhibition will be imbued with market novelties and the presentation of innovative technologies. It will be all complemented by a comprehensive programme of accompanying events – presentations, conferences and training sessions.

The First World Congress of the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners in Poznań

The first Congress of the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC) will be held during POLAGRA-TECH 2014 International Trade Fair of Food Technologies on 1st and 2nd October. The event will be full of sessions and debates, where matters relating to the organisation, professional trainings, economics and social policy are to be discussed, also meetings available to the public will be held. For example, on October 1, during a panel discussion, the issue concerning the "Promotion Path of Bakery Products" will be discussed. On the following day, the debate will focus on topics related to the importance of marketing in the development of a bakery or pastry shop. The whole event will be summarised at a press conference. → Hall 15

Bakery Forum

This year's Forum will be held under the slogan "Healthy Bread". In a specially arranged area, lectures and demonstrations of bread baking, including an entire baking production chain, will be presented. Not only will the visitors have an opportunity to become familiar with the technology of traditional or specialised (e.g. gluten free) bread baking and nutritional information, but also to taste and evaluate the taste of the goods baked on the spot. Another important fact is that the Forum will provide a great opportunity to learn industry news, engage in discussions with the bakery craft representatives and renew or establish business contacts.Hall 5A, Stand no. 48

The sweetest place - the Confectionery Forum

During the POLAGRA TECH Fair, a confectionery zone will be also created, where for all fair days demonstrations and seminars will be held. The programme includes, among other things, the presentation of chocolates making, sugar paste decorating show performed by Iga Sarzyńska and Marta Truskolawska, and variations on caramel, which will be presented by Kazimierz Rak and his sons: Jakub and Radosław. On Wednesday, the winners of international competitions: Maciej Pięta and Ryszard Wawrzyniak will tell visitors about their sweet profession that has become a passion while decorating in the English style. Jan Kachlicki, confectionery owner, master and teacher, will talk about the shaping of talents. Whereas the members of the Polish national team for the Junior World Confectionery Championship, Mateusz Górecki and Michał Kumur, will be our guests on the last day of the forum.

Hall 5A, Stand no. 46
Bakeries and confectioneries that sell their products

In addition to impressive demonstrations of bakery and confectionery craft, in the Baking and Confectionery Forum zone, the organizers have prepared interesting meetings on the ways of solving industry problems, but also the issues on how to recognize and use the opportunities for the sweet business development. Marek Borowiński, a coach and colour psychology and Visual Merchandising specialist who has been involved in a wide range of sales support activities for many years, is the author of these lectures on marketing.

Hall 5A, Stand no. 46, 48
Niche, Innovation and Tradition

The organizers will help bakers and confectioners at POLAGRA-TECH find a niche and rediscover the potential of traditional technologies in creating innovative products. In the Niche, Innovation and Tradition Zone you will find inspiration and take advantage of consultations free of charge. Experts will discuss non-standard business development paths, such as traditional production based on organic raw materials, manufacture of ECOchocolate or production of taste-tantalizing, gluten-free and healthy products. Hall 5A, Stand 51, 52

Customers choose my store!

Competition in the market is still growing. Then, what to do to attract customers to your bakery or confectionery? In the Shops Zone – arrangement, equipment, management, located in Hall 5, visitors will be able to see never-before-presented, entirely new products! During the lectures on designing and decorating shops experts will show that the look of a bakery or confectionery directly translates into sales. The owners, bakers and confectioners will have an opportunity to verify if their stores are customer-friendly and ergonomic and what to do in order to optimally utilise the sales area. They will also learn what light colour they should choose to encourage customers to buy bread or pastry. During the meetings, the issue of expanding the offer taking into consideration changing consumers' expectations will be discussed. Hall 5, Zone no. 120

Revolution on labels and labelling of unpackaged products

There are just a few months left to adjust information on the packaging to the new coherent EU rules. Meeting the requirements of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on the provision of food information to consumers is necessary not only because it comes into effect as of 13th December 2014, but also because adequate preparation for the labelling changes provides new opportunities, and because the changes can improve the quality of communication between manufacturer and customer. Valuable knowledge in this field will be provided by the experts of the Polish Federation of Food Industry during the training session which will be held on September 30.Hall 7, Room no. 1D

Two days earlier, on the other hand, a debate with the participation of experts and the audience will take place, during which you will have an opportunity to talk about the need for labelling of unpackaged products and benefits of certain solutions for small manufacturers. The meeting will be held in the Niche, Innovation and Tradition Zone.

Hall 5A, Stand no. 51, 52


Industry meetings have always been the driving force of business, and at the same time they have made it possible to establish direct – the most valuable – relationships with potential customers. Participation in the Fair is also an indispensable way to develop diversification strategies. It is another reason for accepting the invitation of the organizers and see the enormous potential hidden in the packaging and logistics industry!

TAROPAK in numbers:

50,000 visitors; 500 exhibitors; 200 new products; 12 Gold Medals;

5 Halls – 1,2, 3, 3A, 4;4 days of packaging and logistics celebration; 1 and only event of that kind!
1st Warehouse Safety Forum

The educational and training project, debuting at the TAROPAK Fair, aiming at improving the safety of warehouse management, internal logistics and distribution. The event will present in an interactive way scientific and technological achievements in the field of safety, health and life protection in warehouses, distribution centres, wholesale companies and other places where transshipment of goods takes place. Technical Partners of the 1st Warehouse Safety Forum : Arpol A. Braszak R.Wybieralski sp.j., Baumalog Sp. z o.o., Olejnik Systemy Magazynowe Sp. z o.o., Still Polska Sp. z o.o., P.U.H. NESTOR. September 29 - October 2. Hall 3A, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

2nd Packaging Industry Congress at TAROPAK for the second time

This year's Congress will be the most important event in the packaging industry this year. The aim of the Congress organized by the Polish Chamber of Packaging is to determine the directions of packaging development in the upcoming years. A dozen or so lectures, the authors of which are both scientists and practitioners, will be presented. An important participant of the event will be the President of the World Packaging Organisation and the representatives of international packaging manufacturers' organizations. They will share their opinions on the future of the packaging industry.October 1. Hall 15 Room 1.G, 9:30 am -6:00 pm

Innovative packaging again at the fair in Poznań

Everything about the process of packaging creation and production. The organizer, Polski Drukarz Sp. z o.o., the publisher of "Świat DRUKU”, and co-organizers, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and Bobst, Digiprint, Fujifilm, Multifol, Weilburger Grafik-Polska, Vinfoil, and X-Rite companies are pleased to invite you to the 4th "Innovative Packaging" Conference. The programme includes, for example, the event entitled "From Design to a Finished Box – How Modern Packaging Is Created? Innovative Laminated Packaging; New Trends in Digital Label Printing; Why It Is Worth to Refine Packaging? Increasing the loyalty of existing customers through the acquisition of new ones.

September 29. Blue Room Eastern Hall, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Art of Packaging Exhibition – Pearls of Packaging

The idea behind the ART OF PACKAGING competition, the aftermath of which we will be able to see at TAROPAK, is to consistently promote innovation, creativity and competitiveness of Polish packaging. This year, once again, the "pearls" have been selected both among young artists, designers, students and graduates – as part of ART OF PACKAGING DÉBUTS - and among professional experts in the packaging industry, designers, manufacturers, brand owners – as part of ART OF PACKAGING PROFESSIONAL.

September 29 – October 2 Eastern Hall, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Safe food product

Institute of Logistics and Warehousing invites you to participate in a free workshop devoted to current issues related to the implementation of EU Regulation no. 1169/2011. New food labelling rules will come into force on December 13, 2014, and they refer not only to products sold in traditional shops, but also to those available on the Internet, where Polish people are increasingly willing to do grocery shopping.

September 29. Hall 15 Room 1.A, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
IN4LOG – combining in a process. The only event of its kind in logistics

For the fourth time already, during the TAROPAK Fair you will have an opportunity to take part in the Innowations for Logistics project, organized by the Medialog publishing house. 2014 edition is a continuation of the idea of combining innovative internal logistics solutions with flow production and the concept of Lean Management, which are the basis of modern management. In Hall 3A of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, a Model Distribution Centre will be established, including a reception, storage, completion and exit zone, which will be operated by devices adapted to the implementation of the Lean Management concept. September 29 - October 2. Hall 3A, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

SZTAPLAR SHOW 2014 – a unique demonstration of forklifts' possibilities

During the TAROPAK Fair, the Mark's Square will transform into a warehouse of more than 1,500 square metres of surface, equipped with high storage racks, pallets or professional warehouse information management system. In such an arranged area, numerous presentations and forklifts rides will take place, which will verify the vehicles' technical capabilities in performing daily warehouse operations. As part of the project, cutting-edge storage solutions will be presented, including for example forklifts, racks, pallets and containers, packaging, IT systems. September 29 - October 2. Mark's Square, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Food Packaging Workshop

Special event dedicated to marketers and creative designers. During the TAROPAK Fair, a dynamic workshop will be held for the industry associated with the food industry, organized by the editorial team of the "PACKAGING POLSKA" monthly magazine. The workshop will focus on trends, creation, production and technological capabilities in the food packaging industry. The invitation to participate in the event is addressed mainly to persons associated with marketing and packaging purchasing departments, packaging manufacturers and designers, and anyone interested in modern technologies and possibilities of using in practice.

Hall 15, Room 0.B, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Safe packaging

The editorial teams of "Poligrafika" and "Opakowania" magazines and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie invites you to the conference the aim of which is to introduce the requirements concerning the production of packaging and expectations of customers, as well as to present the technologies that enable their implementation and to exchange experience with market leaders. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie is a partner of the event. The meeting sponsors include, for example, EyeC, Hamilton Poland, Heidelberg, Huber and MetsaBoard companies. Time and place: September 30. Hall 15 Room 1.A, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Recycling logistics

A green office as a source of raw materials, business environmental responsibility, logistics of recyclable materials recycling processes – it is just a part of the issues discussed at the Recycling Logistics conference. There will also be discussions on returns and complaints in the context of logistics and attempts to define the very concept, setting both its potential and future in Polish enterprises.

September 30. Blue Room Eastern Hall, 10:00 am - 2:45 pm
Effective Packaging - take part in the training session during TAROPAK

The training session entitled "EFFECTIVE PACKAGING – how to use fully the potential of packaging in increasing the brand value", intended for all persons who are involved in packaging in their daily work. For brand managers, designers wishing to expand their knowledge of practical aspects of managing the product image and of packaging designer's workshop, as well as for those coordinating the implementation of own brands in commercial networks. October 2. Hall 10, Conference Room, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • POLAGRA FOOD – new opportunities

The POLAGRA-FOOD International Trade Fair for Food and Catering Products every year gathers an outstanding group of food producers who see their participation in the event as an essential part of their sales strategy. It is the place and time of opening new possibilities that are part of business plans of companies for the following year. It is also an opportunity for a discussion of industry problems, searching for new solutions, taking inspiration from the leaders and acquiring knowledge through meetings with experts.

What's new on the shelves?

The highlight of this year's edition of the Fair is an impressive exhibition of the dairy sector. The group of exhibitors will also include the manufacturers of sweets, fruit and vegetable preserves, confectionery, bulk goods, beverages and cold meat products. They will present their offer on a total surface area of almost 4,000 m2. In addition to the products being a permanent part of the exhibitors' offer, we will also have an opportunity to see the products which have recently appeared on the market or are to make their début at the Fair.

Those seeking innovative solutions in the field of food products will surely be interested in the conference organized by the Poznań University of Life Sciences and the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding of the Polish Academy of Sciences, entitled "Innovative lines of plant and animal food products with health-promoting properties – offer for the industry". The results of two research projects on the development of technology for the production of health-oriented food and food with high nutritional value, as well as food limiting the incidence of lifestyle diseases. Hall 15, Room 1.B
New export markets

The POLAGRA FOOD International Trade Fair for Food and Catering Products is an important place to talk about future export directions for Polish food. In light of the situation in which Russia has withdrawn from the trade with Poland, it is necessary to attract new business partners. The organizer of POLAGRA FOOD this year decided to intensify the efforts aimed especially at attracting visitors from countries that may be prospective for Polish entrepreneurs. This year, the Fair is expected to be visited by the traders from, for example, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Yemen, Algeria, Palestine, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania.

The issues of exploring new markets for food products will be also discussed by experts at the conference entitled "Export potential of Polish speciality food industry", organized by the Agricultural Market Agency Hall 15, Room 1.E
The project supporting establishing new business contacts will be the

International Cooperation Fair, organized as a PARP project, which will be held on September 30.Hall 7, Room AB

Get to know customer's mind

Marketers are constantly looking for solutions that enable to enhance shopping experience and turn a potential purchaser into a buyer. Surely the conference entitled "Shopping at the shelf and in front of the monitor – TNS Poland debunks the shopper marketing myth and suggests the principles of effective communication in the digital world" will be a real treat for them. It is worth noting that the selected issues concerning consumer behaviour will be presented based on the latest research results in the field of shopper marketing. Hall 7, Room EF

  • POLAGRA GASTRO – kitchen for professionals

Entrepreneurs manufacturing and distributing equipment for professional catering companies are still a small group in Poland. However, the products supplied by them are high-end devices, developed with utmost care and maintaining the standards to be met by equipment in contact with food.

POLAGRA GASTRO is a presentation of devices that help improve the cooks' work and thus the service for gradually more demanding customers. The exhibition will also include kitchen accessories for professionals, as well as food and confectionery products targeted for catering industry.
Demonstrations, workshops and tastings are a magnet for visitors

An attraction for visitors will certainly be live cooking demonstrations, planned by some of the exhibitors. Those looking for tasty products to their bars and restaurants will have an opportunity to taste the dishes prepared on the basis of the SELGROS company's offer. The food zone of that food products distributor will be lead by a culinary expert, Krystian Zalejski. The HENDI company, in turn, will reveal at their stand the secrets of preparing food using the sous-vide method. The moderators, Rafał Sajur and Marek Oses, will also talk about the tangible benefits associated with the method, like for example the optimization of product waste management.Hall 7A, Stands no. 24 and 19

Zone with tempting coffee aroma

During the POLAGRA GASTRO Fair, participants will also have an opportunity to get acquainted with some coffee inspirations. In a specially arranged area, a zone for baristas and café managers will be established, in which specialists will not only reveal the secrets of preparing delicious coffee, but also suggest solutions for efficient operation of a café. On September 29, a series of business workshops will be held, during which coaches, consultants and manufacturers will share their knowledge and passion in running the coffee business, focusing for example on issues such as quality of service, attention to the products served in a café, with an emphasis on coffee itself or café marketing. The second day of the Fair will be extremely spectacular due to the fact that La Marzocco Barista Challenge competition, dedicated to the enthusiasts of coffee and Latte Art, will take place then. Inspiration associated with coffee serving, on the other hand, will be offered on October 1. That day in the coffee zone will be dominated by the Polish Barista Champions, who will conduct workshops and give lectures on such issues as alternative methods of coffee brewing, speciality coffee cupping or Latte Art Masterclass. Hall 7A, Coffee Zone

Well-planned arrangement of an eating place

The success of a catering facility depends not only on the dishes served or its location, but also on its arrangement – both the part available to customers and the one hidden from their sight, in which the process of preparing food takes place. Valuable guidance in this area will be offered during the meeting with Barbara Koziorowska, PhD, a consultant of the Foodservice Consultants Society International. The expert will share her knowledge and experience on how to select, depending on the assumed menu, technological equipment and how to lay out the rooms to make it possible for the processes related to food preparation and customer service to be carried out in an optimal way. Hall 7, Room F

The owners of catering facilities will be able to find similar inspiration at the conference entitled "Stylistic, functional and design trends in the arrangement of catering establishments."Hall 7, Room C
Master kitchen

During this year's POLAGRA GASTRO Fair, the 14th edition of the Polish Culinary Cup will take place - the most prestigious competition for professionals in the Polish catering industry. In the 2014 edition, 12 teams that have shown the highest craftsmanship during the nominated competitions will compete with each other. In the semi-finals this year, the participants will have to impress the jury not only with an exquisite appetizer based on scallops, quince and pumpkin, but also with a dessert including white chocolate, raspberries and... beetroot. It is a great challenge for the cooks, but also an impulse to extend the range of their skills. The competition finalists will then compete preparing the main course. Perfect compilation of veal tenderloin with kale and cowberries will bring its author the title of the "Best of the Best", the opportunity to participate in a training session abroad and recognition from the authorities of the world of gastronomy, since in the Jury of the Polish Culinary Cup there are culinary experts from Poland and abroad – the chefs of popular restaurants and authors of interesting culinary projects. Hall 7A

In addition to the Polish Culinary Cup, the final of Primerba Cup 2014, organized by Unilever Food Solutions, will also take place. The topic of this year's competition will be one of the elements – EARTH, which means that the main course apart from the basic ingredient – veal – needs to include in its recipe the plants the edible portion of which is underground. As always, Primerba KNORR is obligatory. Hall 7A

  • INVEST-HOTEL – business in a great atmosphere

The platform of knowledge and exchange of experience and unique a place where hoteliers, investors, architects and interior designers, as well as the representatives of sanatoriums, health resorts, spa and wellenes facilities will have an opportunity to see the latest developments in the field of hotel equipment.

Extensive trade relations

The INVEST-HOTEL Fair supports the development of the hotel industry, creating perfect conditions for business customers to establish business contacts with Polish and foreign entrepreneurs. INVEST-HOTEL is also an opportunity to present new products, and thus it is a very important event enabling the promotion among professional visitors. An extremely important advantage of the Fair is a wide range of presented products and services. Every year, the offer is presented for example by manufacturers and distributors of furniture, lighting, textiles, sanitary fittings and fixtures, audiovisual and lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as by the representatives of construction and finishing, catering, spa-related, specialist clothing and hotel equipment services.

Platform for exchanging knowledge and experience

Numerous conferences and lectures, which will be attended by outstanding Polish authorities, will complement this year's exhibition. The honourable group of speakers includes, among others: Zbigniew Bugaj, Tim Mutton, Włodzimierz Błądek, Grzegorz Dżus, Piotr Tabor or Krzysztof Gąbiński.

"Hotel Design Meeting National Conference of Hotel Industry Design and Trends"

Surely, the "Hotel Design Meeting National Conference of Hotel Industry Design and Trends" will encourage the participants to take part in the discussion in a group of specialists. The meeting will be organized by the Hotel Market Institute, which, in cooperation with Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, will present the issues concerning hotel design principles, shaping trends in the hotel industry, functionality of particular rooms or new designer projects. The conference will be held on September 29. Hall 7A, Room GH

"Revenue Management" and "Personnel Management in a Hotel" lectures

For September 29, two other very interesting lectures are also planned: "Revenue Management" and "Personnel Management in a Hotel", which will be given by Krzysztof Gąbiński and Piotr Tabor. The organizer of this series of meetings is Forum Media Polska Sp. z o.o., the publisher of a magazine for hotel managers, "Biznes Hotel".

Hall 7, Room 1.B

" Hotel Marketing Conference 2014"

On September 30, visitors to the Fair that are professionally involved in the hotel industry will be able to get some knowledge on the novelties in the area of management, sales and marketing of hotel services, taking part in " Hotel Marketing Conference 2014", which is organized by Profitroom in collaboration with Google and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. The lectures will be conducted, among others, by Stefan Trienen, Krzysztof Kowalczykiewicz or Waldemar Antonowicz.

Hall 7, Room GH

15th "Innovation for Hotel Industry" Conference

On September 30, the programme of events will be enriched by the 15th "Innovation for Hotel Industry" conference, during which issues related to innovative hotel kitchen ventilation systems and live cooking posts, market demand for rooms for allergy sufferers and modern air conditioning, control and automation solutions for hotels will be discussed. Those issues will be brought closer to the visitors by Robert Dzikowski, Lech Piotrowski, PhD, Engineer Krzysztof Grzonka, MSc, and Engineer Bartosz Daroszewski. Hall 14, Room 3.A

"Current Situation on the Hotel Market in Poland" conference

The third day of the Fair (October 1) will begin with a discussion on the "Current Situation on the Hotel Market in Poland." Participants will be invited to a constructive by Jerzy Miklewski representing the Projekt Hotel company.  Hall 7, Room 1.B

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