Przasnyski Konkurs Językowy- test dla klas VI 9 maja 2012

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Przasnyski Konkurs Językowy- test dla klas VI

9 maja 2012


I Uzupełnij wypowiedzi 4 osób podanymi niżej słowami. (11pkt)

card, cash, browsing, offer, online, spending, sale, quality, price, pocket, save

1. „I love shopping and I don’t mind ………. money. It’s great now that in so many shops you don’t have to pay in ………... but you can pay by credit ……..…. “ Emma
2. “ I think the …………. of the product you buy is very important. When you buy cheap product in a ….…… you’re fooling yourself. I don’t think you can buy anything really good at half ………….. ’’ Jason
3. “ I love shopping centres, I love ………….….. in the shops but I’m careful not to spend too much. It’s because I don’t have so much ….…….. money. Well, I look for things which are on special ….……. ’’ Eva
4. “ I prefer buying things …….……. to traditional shopping. I’m really busy and in this way I can …..…… money and time.” Jack

II Wykreśl słowo, które nie pasuje do pozostałych. (7 pkt)
1. waist – scarf – sock – belt

2. chilly – windy – wet – hoody

3. tuna – salmon – herring – prawn

4. thermometer – plaster - bandage – herring

5. kiwi – parsley – beetroot – lettuce

6. honest – polite – reliable – mean

7. ferry – ship – boat – moped


III Połącz wyrazy z ich definicjami. (6pkt)




in a good mood, happy




fairly angry




sad, without enthusiasm or hope




ready to attack or quarrel




tired because there is nothing to do




showing/feeling eagerness and enthusiasm

1….., 2……, 3……., 4……, 5……, 6…….
I Znajdź i wykreśl 1 niepotrzebny wyraz w każdym zdaniu. Następnie wpisz go w wyznaczone miejsce obok zdania. (10pkt)
1.They don’t have to must cook lunch on


2. Has he been met your sister? ………

3. You must to make notes on what the teachers

says. ………..

4. My parents are going to go buy a new car. ….

5. The students who have finished their tests can

to leave. ……….

6. I can’t not hear very well with my right ear. …..

7. He did built his house on the coast. ……….

8. What did you do on when you finished work

yesterday? ……….

9. We did went to the cinema last Saturday night.


10. They have to seen the Rocky Mountains.…….
II Wybierz i zaznacz a), b) lub c). (12 pkt)

1. Who are you waiting…….?

a) at b) for c) on
2. ……. does the match begin?

a) Who b) Why c) When
3. What …….. have to do today?

a) do you b) are you c) you are
4. ……. your sister have to go to school today?

a) Did b) Has c) Does
5. The bag is ……. !

a) me b) mine c) my
6.He .... in Warsaw and then he moved to London.

a) grows up b) is growing up c) grew up
7. Mary …….. play the piano when she was young.

a) used to b) didn’t to c) use to
8. My mum ……. English last summer.

a) learn b) taught c) thought
9. We ……. at the sea when we saw a boat.

a) did look b) were looking c) looked
10. I’m not hungry because I ……… breakfast.

a) have b) had c) have had
11. ……….. Max swim when he was 10 years old?

a) Can b) Could c) Were
12. There is …….. milk in the bottle.

a) a little b) any c) a few

III Uzupełnij zdania wybranymi słowami: who, which, whose, where. (10pkt)
1. An architect is a person ….designs buildings.

2. Monica is the girl ……… brother is a singer.

3. George works for a company …….

manufactures cars.

4. The woman …….. lives next door is a doctor.

5. A dryer is a machine ….… we use to dry hair.

6. What’s the name of the girl …….….. brother

is Tom Smith?

7. A dictionary is a book ……... gives you the

meaning of the words.

8. Laura met a man ……… knows you.

9. That’s the company ……… my father works.

10.Can you give me the book ……. is on the top


I Połącz zdania 1-6 z reakcjami A-F. (6pkt)
1. What size do you take? - ……….

2. How was your weekend? - ………

3. So how does it suit me? - ……..

4. Are there smaller ones? I’m a size 36. - …….

5. I’d like a ticket to London, please. - …..

6. Is this the right size.? - …….

A I’m a 10.

B Single or return?

C Sorry, only the big ones are left.

D It was terrible.

E Perfectly, you look fantastic.

F No, it’s too tight.
II Przyporządkuj każdej sytuacji właściwą reakcję. (10pkt)
1. Poproś przechodnia o wskazanie drogi do najbliższego hotelu.

a) Excuse me, have you ever stayed at a hotel?

b) Excuse me, what’s the nearest hotel like?

c) Excuse me, how do I get to the nearest hotel?

2. Poproś o bilet powrotny do Londynu.

a) I’d like a return ticket to London, please.

b) Can you tell me the way to London?

c) I’d rather go to London if you don’t mind.

3. Chcesz pożyczyć od kolegi książkę. Jak o nią poprosisz?

a) Can I borrow your book?

b) Can I lend your book?

c) Can you borrow me your book?

4. Mum says I have to stay in bed for a week.

a) I’m afraid she’s right.

b) Good for her!
5. Guess who called me last night – Terry!

a) All right.

b) Really?
6.Is he in some sort of trouble?

a) He could be.

b) No, he isn’t there.
7. This is a waste of time.

a) I agree.

b) No, not yet.
8.Can you pass the salt, please?

a) Yes, I can.

b) Yes, here you are.
9. What a picturesque village!

a) Sounds great!

b) It’s lovely, isn’t it?
10. When did they set off?

a) Before they left.

b) Early this morning

III Uzupełnij dialog wypowiedziami A-G. Jedna wypowiedź nie pasuje. (6pkt)

Mark: Hi, Ian. Where are you going?

Jan: 1) _______________

Mark: Do you often walk there?

Jan: 2) ______________

Mark: What’s the new swimming pool like?

Jan: 3) _______________

Mark: Can I come swimming with you one day?

Jan: 4) _______________

Mark: To see the new swimming pool!

Jan: 5) _______________

Mark: No. I have to visit my grandma on

Saturday. What about Sunday?

Jan: 6) _______________

Mark: OK! Have a nice swim.

A) I sometimes take the bus but not today.

B) It’s amazing. It’s really big and not expensive.

C) Oh right! Shall we go on Saturday?

D) To the swimming pool.

E) OK. Let’s meet at the pool at eight o’clock.

F) I’m not sure yet.

G) Sure, but why? You hate swimming!
I Przeczytaj teksty reklamowe A-D,

a następnie odpowiedz na pytania (1-6), zaznaczając odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli.

(6 pkt)

Come to the original ice hotel

Situated in Sweden, north of the Arctic Circle, the ice hotel is an amazing experience. The rooms are made of ice but don’t be put off by the temperatures of minus five! Warm bed clothes will keep you cosy. See the ice sculptures and enjoy drinking from ice glasses. Every year, between December and April.


London to Australia …by bus!

It’s the newest way to travel to Australia. A single ticket costs £3,75 and the journey is long – about 12 weeks-as the bus makes its way through twenty countries. More environmentally friendly than a plane and much more sociable!


New Year Cruise

Spend New Year’s Eve on a ferry sailing between England and Holland. We depart at 6 p.m. and sail all night. A return ticket is just £80 including the party and two-bed cabin.



Spend the night in a tent on white sand!

Spend the day swimming in tropical seas or sunbathing. Explore the village buildings and eat in exotic restaurants. And all of this a short train ride from Berlin!

No matter what the weather outside is like, inside it’ll feel like paradise.


Which attraction….






Lets you visit many countries on the way


Lasts three months


Offers accommodation in a hotel which is not open in the summer


Offers a beach holiday near the city


Lets people celebrate a special occasion at sea


Guarantees perfect weather throughout the year

II Przeczytaj reklamę restauracji. Określ które z podanych zdań (1-7) są prawdziwe (true ), a które fałszywe ( false ). (6 pkt)

Looking for a quiet place to enjoy your dinner with family or close friends?
Need to bring your children along?

No need to look further!

Our spacious restaurant will meet your expectations.

We offer quiet dining rooms for business lunches as well as playing rooms for families with children.

Cosy atmosphere.

Reasonable prices. Delicious dishes.

An unforgettable chance to prepare your own salad at an extra £2.50 per person.

Free mineral water!

Pets welcome!

The restaurant is open daily from 10.00 am till 11.30 pm.

Close to the Tube Stop and bus lines.

Taxi rank nearby.



1.Dishes are expensive here.

2. Children can play during meals there.

3. Mineral water is extra paid.

4. You can make a salad for yourself without paying.

5. You can bring your cat along.

6. The restaurant is open every day.

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