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Sri Sai Nilaya Publication No. 58

First Edition (English)

4000 Copies September, 2002.

Original Telugu Book First Published in the year 1960. Reprinted in the years 1968, 1979, 1988, and 1996.

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be translated into any other language or reproduced or copied in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or information and retrieval systems • without written permission of the Publisher.


I had the pleasure of going through the manuscript of the translated version of the book captioned 'Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi -A God!' written originally in Telugu by late Sri Bapatla Hanumantha Rao garu, an ardent devotee of Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi. Inspired by Sri Sai Maharaj, Sri Rao wrote as many as 28 books in his life time which indicates the level of his Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (Patience), the essential qualities of a true devotee.

This is a book pre-excellence in the sense that Sri Rao has beautifully amalgamated the deeds and sayings of Baba with the spiritual precepts of the Hindus and other religions. The vast knowledge of spiritual science and practices he has indicated in the context of Sri Sai is phenomenal. As one proceeds through the book, one invariably comes to the conclusion that Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi is much more than a Sadhu, Yogi, Saint or a Guru. It is not only His wonderful power that amazed every one who came in His contact at that time and which still continues to baffle His devotees but also His majestic personality consisting of utmost compassion tolerance and sacrifice that draws millions towards Him. In fact the universalism in Shri Sai has transcended the concepts of clan, race, religion and national barriers. A clear picture of 'Sai brotherhood' is emerging in the world in the form of a new religion, which tomorrows world will know as 'Saism”.

No doubt Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi was an Incarnation and like the play of all incarnations, after the departure, faith in Him is spreading throughout the world. Sri Rao, as an inspired soul has brought-out the 'Spirit of Sai’ in this book, as we may call it. Although he has quoted vastly from scriptures and religious treatises but intuitively he knew that Sri Sai is Parambrahma in Saguna Sahara form. The style of writing is lucid, poignant and emotive indicating truthfulness of the thought of the writer. The translators have done an excellent job in meticulously translating the original Telugu writing to English which is an extremely difficult job. I congratulate them for this noble endeavor.

No doubt Sri Rao was one of the chosen few to bring Baba's leelas to the people who then can be drawn towards Him for their own emancipation.


New Delhi (18.12.2001)



My salutes are to the lotus feet of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.

I feel it a privilege to write a few sentences appreciating the holy and divine book written by Sri Bapatla Hanumantha Rao Garu father of Sri. Bapatla Venkata Pardbasaradhy garu. Both father and son who happened to be exemplary devotees of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and the real followers of Sri Sai's preachings and the message preceptors and communicators to the human world. They are themselves holy people and eligible persons for receiving Sri Sai Baba's merciful love and protection and in - turn bestow it to the society. They have shaped number of people into staunch devotees of Sri Sai Baba and made lakh's of people the pure and wholly dependent and ardent devotees of Sri Sai Baba, so that millions of people are saved of their worldly ailments.

They have cleared the minds of so many fellow devotees regarding their devotion to Lord Sri Sai. Their gospel through their innumerable holy books of Sri Sai has spread to the core of the hearts of millions of devotees and saved them from mental, physical and spiritual agonies by becoming devotees of Sri Sai.

So it appears to us that Sri Sai Baba has selected them for this divine mission. They are the blessed devotees. Now Sri B.V. Pardbasaradhy garu is continuing his divine mission inspite of his advanced age with the assistance of his family members and disciples.

Supreme is the donor. The donor of life, life style, health, wealth, food and fortune. He is the donor of medicine for ailments, and a doctor of preventive medicine, giving treatment at various levels for needy devotees.

He is the judge of our behaviour and benevolent commander shaping us into beings with humanism and divinity.

He is the Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. The Supreme Power embodies into nameless form having no parents and of unknown origin expressing his Self as the teacher and ruler having lakhs of years on age and divinity as his origin, and called by his devotee Sri Mahalsapathi as Sai. Now all his devotees worship him as Sri Sai Baba. He protected, loved all who seeked his mercy and surrendered to him, no body in the world is independent of divine power and have nobody is a bar for his requirement of Baba's divine grace. Only the fact is some people may realize it at a later stage of life.

Bearing a good character and good will power makes one to reach his lotus feet even without their actual knowledge or ambition.

Divine power bestow from him on people with sathvik mind and mind without Arishadvargas, the six evil characters of mind.

The percentage of marks obtained by the devotee depends upon the sincere effort made by the student in his life time in Sri Sai Baba's school. Industrious, faithful, knowledgeable and holy student will get first class, and make lakhs of people pure and wholly dependent and ardent devotees of Sri Sai Baba, so that millions are saved of their worldly ailments by joining into school of Baba.

Later in the school of Sri Sai Baba these students will be given teacher posts working as guides to a number of other devotees and beggars seeking his divine help.

In the universal school of the Supreme Sai, some devotees grow to the stage of absorbing the divine power emnating from Him. Some of them turn into Sarva Sanga Parityagies and Yogies.

Sun's rays are absorbed by plants and made into high energy chemical bonds that make the lives of animals and plants alone with Panchabhuthas. This process is called Photosynthesis or Photophosphorelation.

Living beings get solar energy for life energy purpose and get cosmic energy for origin of life. Supreme is the source, generator and donor of the cosmic energy. Sri Mehar baba, Sri Sivananda of Rishikesh and a number of greatest yogies recognised and worshiped Sri Shirdi Sai Baba as the Supreme.

Sri Sivananda described Sai Baba as Parabrahma, Paramatma and Sachidananda in his message to his devotees.

Mehar Baba told that Sri Sai Baba is his first Guru and He is the Adiguru of this universe. He is Sakala Devata Swarupa and Sakala Guru Swarupa.

Our pranamams to the lotus feet of Lord Shirdi Sai baba. Blessings are to them who even chant His holy name.

Dr. K. Rama Kumar. B.Sc., M.D.

Professor and Head

Dept. of Biochemistry,

Guntur Medical College,

Guntur - 522004.

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