Small Reporter November 2009

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Small Reporter

November 2009

School News
Dear Readers!

We have the new School Council. Te election was won by Anita Bugaj from class VIA- she is the new leader, the vice-leader is Klaudia Hamera from class VIB.


school council – samorząd szkolny, election – wybory, leader-przewodniczący,

On 13th October students from our school held

a performance to celebrate The Day of Education. There were also a lot of wishes for teachers!

hold (held) a performance – występować, celebrate – świętować, wishes – życzenia

11th November Independence Day
On 10th November, we celebrated Polish Independence Day. The date 11th November 1918 is very important for Polish people. In our school the children sang patriotic songs and presented rhymes about Polish history.

celebrate –świętować independence – niepodległość important – ważny rhymes – wiersze


27th November
This is an American

celebration commemorating

the first severe winter

which the first

American settlers

managed to survive.

celebration – święto, commemorate – upamiętniać, severe winter – surowa zima, settlers – osadnicy, manage – zdołać, survive – przetrwać

30th November

St. Andrew's Day is connected with Advent, which begins on 30 November.

On this day, Scots all around the world celebrate their national day. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, Greece and Russia and was one of the Twelve Apostles.

The cross St. Andrew was crucified on has been adopted as the national flag of Scotland.

celebrate – świętować connected – związany begin - zaczynać (się) national – narodowy cross – krzyż adopt – przyjmować crucified - ukrzyżowany

6th December

Santa Claus is coming…

Hurry up! Write a letter!

Easy English

Greetings and small talk



Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening

Good night

Good bye

How are you?

What's your name?

Where are you from?

Pleased to meet you

Good luck

Cheers/Good health

Excuse me


How much is this?

Thank you

Where's the toilet?

Have a nice day

Get well soon

Would you like to dance?

I love you

Culture zone

Advent is a term from the Latin word 'adventus' which means "arrival". It is a time of waiting for the arrival of Christmas, the coming of Jesus to earth when he was born as a baby at Bethlehem about two thousand years ago.

When does Advent start?

Advent begins on the Sunday nearest to 30th November (St. Andrew's Day) and lasts until midnight on Christmas Eve. Advent Sunday is the first of the four Sundays before the 25th December.

29 November 2009 First Sunday of Advent

06 December 2009 Second Sunday of Advent (St. Nicolas Day)

13 December 2009 Third Sunday of Advent

20 December 2009 Fourth Sunday of Advent

24 December 2009 Christmas Eve

25 December Christmas 2009

term – termin Latin – łacina arrival – przybycie, nadejście waiting for – oczekiwanie na earth – ziemia begin - zaczynać nearest – najbliższy eve - wigilia

Girls’ corner

The meaning of girls’ names
Anna (Hebrew) – Grace (wdzięk) Beata (Latin) – Blessed (błogosławiona)

Agnieszka (Greek) – Chaste (cnotliwa) Barbara (Greek) - Foreign, strange (obca)

Angelika (Greek) – Messenger (posłana) Dominika (Latin) – Lord (pan)

Boys’ corner

The meaning of boys’ names
Adam (Hebrew) - earth (ziemia) Dariusz (Persian) - Maintain well

Andrzej (Greek) - warrior Daniel (Hebrew) - God is my judge (Bóg jest moim sędzią)

Bartosz (Greek) - Son of Talmai Edward (English) - Wealth protector (opiekun bogactwa)


- What do you call a beautiful cat?

- A pretty kitty!

  • What do you call a rabbit who tells jokes?

  • A funny bunny!

  • What do you call a goat dressed like a clown?

  • A silly Billy!

Time for a quiz

What are the jobs?
This person flies an aeroplane.

p _ _ _ _

This woman works in a restaurant.

w _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This man works in business.

b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This person drives a car.

c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

You can see this person at the

Olympic Games.

a _ _ _ _ _ _
You can see this man at the

theatre or in films.

a _ _ _ _




The winners of the October quiz were:
Mateusz Kowalski

Bartek Stefański

Karolina Brodnicka

Agata Murzyn


Have a lot of fun!

Opiekun redakcji gazetki: Katarzyna Skit

The next issue in December!

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