Solemn scientific seminary devoted to the 50th anniversary of Stability of Structures Symposia

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Solemn scientific seminary devoted to

the 50th anniversary of Stability of Structures Symposia


Lodz, May 17, 2013

Solemn scientific seminary devoted to jubilee of the 50th anniversary of Stability of Structures Symposia took place on 17th of May 2013 in Ambasador Hotel, Lodz.

In the seminary participated: Rector of Poznan University of Technology-Professor Tomasz Łodygowski, Rector of Higher School of Labour Safety Management in Katowice-Professor Marek Trombski, Vice-Rector of Czestochowa University of Technology-Professor Jacek Przybylski, Dean of Faculty of Organization and Management, Lodz University of Technology - Professor Ryszard Grądzki, Doctor Honoris Cause of Lodz University of Technology, –senior of Polish mechanical engineers - Professor Czesław Woźniak, Vice-President of The Committee on Civil Engineering and Hydroengineering of Polish Academy of Sciences - Professor Andrzej Garstecki. Official opening of the seminary was effectuated by Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of TUL Professor Bogdan Kruszyński.

The jubilee of the 50th anniversary of Stability of Structures Symposia was honoured by the presence of Friends - Professors from abroad: Dan Dubina (Romania), Vasyly Krasovsky (Ukraine), Martin Macdonald (UK), Arkady Manevich (Ukraine), Jan Ravinger (Slovakia), James Rhodes (UK), Shigeru Shimizu (Japan), Viorel Ungureanu (Romania), Christopher York (UK).

Besides that, following guests attended: from Poznan University of Technology: Professor Krzysztof Magnucki, Professor Jerzy Zielnica and Professor Ewa Magnucka-Blandzi; from Military University of Technology: Professor Tadeusz Niezgoda, Professor Wiesław Barnat and Professor Jerzy Małachowski. Guests from other universities in Poland also participated: Professor Czesław Szymczak from Gdansk University of Technology, Professor Aleksander Muc from Cracov University of Technology, Professor Czesław Cichoń from Kielce University of Technology, Professor Dorota Pawlus from University of Bielsko-Biala and Professor Andrzej Teter from Lublin University of Technology.

Two of the invited guests of the commemorative seminary were the participants of the I Symposium. Mainly speaking PhD Andrzej Młotkowski and Assistant Professor Janusz Lipiński were the ones from all six participants of the Symposium.

Numerous guests comprised of scientific staff of Lodz University of Technology. Together 57 participants took part in the seminary.

History of Stability of Structures Symposia was depicted and speeches of invited guests were given during the solemn seminary. In the scientific part three keynote lectures were presented: Professor Dan Dubina (University ‘Politehnica’ Timisoara, Romania) “Design and research assisted by testing in structural engineering”, Professor Christopher York (University of Glasgow, UK) “Thermo-mechanical tailoring strategies for uni-direction, woven-cloth and hybrid laminate systems”, Professor Maria Kotełko (Lodz University of Technology) “The Lodz Research Center of Stability”.

In the artistic part soloists Agnieszka Makówka and Rafał Songan appeared, with accompaniment of Ewa Szpakowska and leading of Grażyna Sikorska.

Conference banquet has ended the commemorative seminary.

Professor Jerzy Leyko - an originator of the “the stability of structures school of Łódź” well recognized in Poland- was the initiator of periodic organization of Stability of Structures Symposia. Etymology of the word ‘symposium’, from Latin, or 'symposion' from Greek, comes from ancient Greece and defines part of happy social meeting devoted to talks about specific topics, usually philosophical, joined with drinking wine and entertainment.

Nowadays it denotes a meeting of specialists from particular field dedicated to discussion of specific problems and sharing of views about given topic. It has narrower meaning than conference or congress and it corresponds usually to a meeting of specialists in particular field. The organizers of Symposia are loyal to this definition.

On 25th of May 2013 fell the jubilee of 50th anniversary of Ist Symposium of Stability of Structures, which took place in Lodz. It was a modest, one-day conference, within which 7 papers were presented and 27 participants took part in. The proceedings in the form of a thin brochure contained only abstracts of presented papers and were published using an old fashioned duplicator. The Symposium was organized by the Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (branch in Łódź) with the supportive co-operation of Professors: Włodzimerz Derski, Jerzy Gluza, Kazimierz Grossman, Jerzy Leyko, Zdzisław Parszewski and Jan Szmelter. There were six participants of I Symposia among invited guests of the commemorative Seminary: Tadeusz Gałkiewicz, Kazimierz Grossman, Janusz Lipiński, Andrzej Młotkowski, Roman Ratajczyk and Wacław Zwoliński.

Next two Symposia took place in an eight years cycle. II Symposium of Stability of Structures was held in Lodz in November 18-19, 1971, with 90 participants. 24 speeches were given.

Organizers of the Symposia were The Department of Applied Mechanics of Lodz University of Technology led by Professor Jerzy Leyko and the Łodź Branch of the Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (PTMTS).

Professor Jerzy Leyko initiated organization of symposia with the participation of foreign guests. He led the organizing committees of a few of first symposia, which became a permanent scientific event organized in Poland.

In October 26-27, 1979 in Lodz III Symposium of Stability took place. Permanent coorganizer of symposia up to XII-th Symposium was the Division of Stability of Structures-Committee of Machine Design of the Polish Academy of Sciences. At this conference the decision was made to organize the symposia every three years.

Martial law unabled organization of IV th Stability of Structures Symposium in 1982. It took place three years later in Sulejow in October 9-11, 1985.

The next Symposia were held as follows:

  • V Symposium on 3-7 October 1988 at Cedzyna near Kielce (southern Poland)

  • VI Symposium on 5-8 November 1991 at Spała on Pilica river (near Łódź)

  • VII Symposium on 7-9 November 1994 at Jaworze (near Bielsko-Biała)

  • VIII Symposium on 22-26 September 1997 in Zakopane

  • IX Symposium on 25-29 September 2000 in Zakopane

  • X Symposium on 8-12 September 2003 in Zakopane

  • XI Symposium on 11-15 September 2006 in Zakopane

  • XII Symposium on 7-11 September 2009 in Zakopane

  • XIII Symposium on 17-21 September 2012 in Zakopane

During last Stability of Structures XIII-th Symposium 9 keynote lectures were presented and 60 speeches were given. 82 guests participated in Symposium, 5 from Great Britain, 5 from Ukraine, 3 from Japan, 2 from Czech Republic, Slovakia and one from Portugal, Romania, Russia and Germany.

Proceedings of the Conference were dedicated to Professors: Arkadi Manevich, Marian Królak, James Rhodes, Czesław Szymczak, Lech Tomski and Jerzy Zielnica, due to jubilee of their 70th anniversary of birth.

From many years, numerous participation of foreign guests from UK, Japan, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Russia and Portugal underlines the rank of this closed-circle conference.

Meetings and longstanding cooperation fructified with numerous monographs, articles and papers.

Symposia cover wide subject area of nonlinear stability and dynamics of structures. Researches were conducted on rods, trusses, plates and shells, one- and multi-layered, sandwich structures and periodic ones manufactured from functionally graded materials. The topic of studies was stability, post critical states, load capacity, optimization and strength of a structure.

Of most concern deserve works describing experimental studies, which because of costs, time of preparation, duration and complexity are usually replaced by so called numerical experiment. Numerical simulations may limit scope of experimental works, but cannot exclude them.

Efficient organization would not be possible without sacrificial work of members of Organizing Committees during the time of preparation and right on symposia. Almost all of them are the members of the Łodź Branch of the Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (PTMTS) and simultaneously are the scientific staff of the Department of Strength of Materials from Lodz University of Technology.

Department of Strength of Materials is one of the leading research centre in Poland, which deals with stability, post critical states, critical load capacity, failure mechanisms and absorption of energy in thin-walled construction.

The originator of the “the stability of structures school of Łódź” was Professor Jerzy Leyko. After retirement in 1981, Professor Marian Królak continued development of “the stability of structures school of Łódź” with full engagement and numerous successes.

Current high and well recognized in Poland and abroad position of “the stability of structures school of Łódź” is a great merit of Professor Jerzy Leyko and Professor Marian Królak. They took care of high level of scientific works management, they were mentors of mechanics of thin-walled structures and led in paths of scientific promotions. We could always count on theirs support, care, attentive understanding, kind and insightful remarks.

On 50th anniversary of Stability of Structures Symposia we would like to express our great acknowledgments and words of respect to all of the participants. At the same time we would like to recall the memory and pay tribute to the deceased participants of our Symposia. Professor Jerzy Leyko will stay in our memory forever.

Fig. 1. List of participants of the I Stability of Structure Symposium
Łódź, 25.05.1963

Authors of papers printed in proceedings
of Stability of Structures Symposia within the years

  1. L. Adamiec II

  2. H. Akhawarz XIII

  3. I. Andrianow VII, VIII

  4. H. Aurich III

  5. J. Bakunowicz XII

  6. M. Banasiak I

  7. W. Banasiak X

  8. A. Banaś XIII

  9. P. Baranowski XIII

  10. W. Barnat IX, X, XI, XII

  11. E. Baron VIII, IX, X

  12. M. Barski XIII

  13. S. Bartholomé XIII

  14. J. Bauer II

  15. D. Beghin XI

  16. W Berczyński III

  17. P. Bereza VI

  18. A. Biegus III

  19. R. Bijak V

  20. A. Blum XI, XII

  21. P. Błażejewski XIII

  22. K. Błażejewski X

  23. A.A. Bobylov XII

  24. W. Bodaszewski VIII, IX

  25. M. Bogdaniuk IX

  26. A. Borisovich X

  27. M. Bourdeix VIII

  28. S. Bućko VIII

  29. D. Bugajny II

  30. E. Byskov VIII

  31. D. Camotim XII

  32. L. Chodor V

  33. D. Chodorowska XI, XII, XIII

  34. C.D. Christensen VIII

  35. J. Christoffersen VIII

  36. J. Chróścielewski VIII, X

  37. A. Chudzik X

  38. M. Chwał XIII

  39. M. Chybiński XIII

  40. C. Cichoń III, IV, IX, XII, XIII

  41. T. Comlekci XII

  42. W. Cykowski VII

  43. L. Czechowski XI, XII, XIII

  44. J. Czmochowski III, IV, V

  45. G. Czun-hen I

  46. R. Ćwik VII

  47. M. Dacko IX, X

  48. K. Damaziak XI, XIII

  49. R. Dabrowski II

  50. H. Dębski IX, XII, XIII

  51. P.B. Dinis XZII

  52. F. Dinu VIII

  53. J. Djubek V

  54. Z.Dobijewski IV

  55. L. Domagalski XIII

  56. J. Drewko IV

  57. D. Dubina VIII, XII, XIII

  58. C. Duong Nguyen III

  59. K. Dyk XIII

  60. J. Dymkowska X

  61. S. Dzielendziak IV, V

  62. A. Ewkin VI, VII

  63. M. Ferdynus VIII,XIII

  64. A. Figiel V

  65. G. Fiłatow VI

  66. P. Foryś XIII

  67. T. Fugiel IX, X

  68. G. Fujita XIII

  69. S. Fukasawa XIII

  70. T. Gałkiewicz I, II, III, IV, XI

  71. O.A. Ganilowa XI

  72. R. Garncarek VII

  73. A. Garstecki XII, XIII

  74. G. D. Gavrylenko X, XI

  75. G. Gąsiorowski XII

  76. O. Gendelman VII

  77. T.S. Gerasimov X

  78. T. Gibczyńska VI

  79. R. Gieleta XII

  80. D. Giraud VIII

  81. W. Glabisz VIII

  82. Z. Głażewski VII

  83. D. Goina VIII

  84. Z. Golan V

  85. M. Golubiewski XI

  86. M. Gołębiewska-Rozanow VIII, IX, X, XI

  87. J. Gottwald XIII

  88. R. Grądzki III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X

  89. D. Grecea VIII

  90. D.V. Gristchak XII

  91. S.V. Gristchak VI

  92. V.Z. Gristchak VI, X, XI

  93. F. Guarracino XI

  94. M. Guminiak X

  95. W. Gutkowski II

  96. M. Gwódź V, VIII

  97. K. H. Hahn III

  98. R. Hamilton XII

  99. J. Hańćkowiak IX, XI

  100. H. M. Heiyantuduwa XII

  101. P. Hemon VIII

  102. B. Husiar II

  103. N. Hussain XIII

  104. N. Iwamoto X

  105. P. Iwicki IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  106. J. Jachimowicz IX, XIII

  107. S. Jakubowski III, V, VI

  108. S. Janecki III

  109. J. Jankowski XI, XII, XIII

  110. M. Janowski III, IV

  111. F. Jarzyński III

  112. P. Jasion XIII

  113. L. Jaskuła XII

  114. T. Jastrzębski XI

  115. A Jaworski II

  116. S. Joniak II, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI

  117. A. Kabała IV, V

  118. T. Kacperski V

  119. Z. Kala XI, XII, XIII

  120. M.P. Kalatunga XIII

  121. M. Kameko IX

  122. A.G. Karasev XIII

  123. G.G. Karasev XIII

  124. M. Karmazinowa XII

  125. R. Kasperska IX

  126. T. Kasprzak IX, XII

  127. A. Kasprzycki X

  128. M. Kaźmierczak XIII

  129. W. Kąkol V

  130. A. Kelm III

  131. P. Kędziora XIII

  132. S. Kędziora VIII

  133. L. Kielski V, VIII, X

  134. M. Klasztorny IV

  135. K. Kluk III

  136. M. Kłosowicz V

  137. M. Kmiecik II, III, V

  138. J. Kobzdej III

  139. S. Koczubiej XII, XIII

  140. J. Kogemyakina VIII

  141. M.V. Kolesnikov XII, XIII

  142. Z. Kołakowski III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  143. S. Konieczny V, VII, VIII, IX, X

  144. L. Kopczyński V

  145. H. Kopecki II, III, IV, IX, XIII

  146. T. Kopecki XII, XIII

  147. Z. Kordecki III, IV

  148. J. Korentz XI, XII

  149. K. Kosiuczenko X

  150. V. Kostirko V, IX, XI

  151. M. Kotełko III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  152. Z. Kowal III

  153. M. Kowalczyk VII

  154. K. Kowal-Michalska III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  155. M. Krajewski XIII

  156. W. Krasoń IX, X

  157. V. Krasovsky V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  158. M. Krawczuk VI, VII, VIII

  159. J. Krivaćek V

  160. A. Królak XI

  161. M. Królak III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  162. T. Kubiak VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  163. M. Kujawa XIII

  164. J. Kukuczka III

  165. R. Kutyłowski III

  166. R.A. Laboube VIII

  167. S. Langier X

  168. Z.M. Laszczyk XI

  169. R.M. Lawson XII

  170. J. Lewiński III

  171. J. Leyko II, III, IV, V

  172. J. Lim XII

  173. S. Lipa X, XI

  174. J. Lipiński II

  175. P. Lis XIII

  176. J. Loughlan XI, XII, XIII

  177. I. Lubowiecka VIII, IX, X

  178. O.V. Lykhachova XIII

  179. V.V. Lysenko X

  180. W. Łaban III

  181. S. Łukasiewicz II

  182. P. Łużyniecki V

  183. M. Macdonald VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  184. E. Magnucka-Blandzi XI, XIII

  185. K. Magnucki III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  186. W. Majchrzak III

  187. W. Majewski III

  188. M. Malinowski VII, VIII

  189. J. Małachowski XIII

  190. A. Manevich VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  191. E. Manevitch VII

  192. L. Manevitch VII

  193. O. Manhes VIII

  194. R. Mania III, IV, V, X, XI, XII, XIII

  195. B. Mańko IV

  196. Z. Mańko III, IV

  197. J. Mańkowski XII

  198. V.A. Marchenko XII, XIII

  199. J. Marcinowski IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  200. Y. Matoge XIII

  201. M. Matyash VIII

  202. S. Mazur V, VI, VII

  203. P. Mazurek XII, XIII

  204. L. Mazurkiewicz XIII

  205. K. Mazur-Śniady VIII, X

  206. J. Mechler XII

  207. R. Mes X

  208. B. Michalak VIII, X, XII, XIII

  209. D. Miedzińska XIII

  210. G. Mielczarek VII

  211. T. Mikulski IX

  212. J. Misiak III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X,

  213. W. Morzuch XII, XIII

  214. A. Mróz XIII

  215. A. Muc VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  216. K. Murawski VI, VII

  217. J Murzewski II,V ,VI VII,VIII, IX, X

  218. D.V. Nagorny X, XI

  219. W. Nagórko X

  220. M. Nagyova XII, XIII

  221. P. Najdychor X

  222. D. Nash VIII, IX

  223. T. Niezgoda Xi,XII, XIII

  224. T. Niezgodziński IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  225. J. B. Obrębski VIII, IX, XI

  226. A. Omishere XI

  227. J. Osiński XI, XII

  228. W. Ostachowicz III, IV, VI, VII, VIII

  229. E. Ostrowska III

  230. M. Ostwald III, V, VI,VII, IX, XI

  231. P. Paczos X, XI, XII, XIII

  232. R. Panowicz XI

  233. A. Paschnik VII

  234. H. Pasternak XIII

  235. V.J. Pauk IX

  236. Z. Pawicki IV

  237. D. Pawlus VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  238. J. Perz IV, V

  239. J. Pieczara IV

  240. E. Pięciorak XI

  241. M. Piekarczyk V, XI

  242. J. Piekarski VII

  243. P. Pluciński IX

  244. J. Podczerwiński IV

  245. I. Podgórska-Brzdękiewicz VIII, X, XI, XII

  246. D. Pritchard XII

  247. J. Przybylski IV, VIII, XIIM. Psotny XI, XII, XIII

  248. M. Psotny XI, XII, XIII

  249. W. Puch IX

  250. L. Puklicky XII

  251. E. Pytel III, IV

  252. A. Raczyński IX

  253. M. Radwańska III

  254. M. Rahman XII

  255. S. Raksha IX, X, XI

  256. J. Ravinger VIII, XII, XIII

  257. J. Rhodes V, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  258. P. Riberio XIII

  259. M. Rodak XI

  260. F. Romanów III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X,

  261. M. Roszkowski I

  262. E. Rusiński III

  263. K. Rzegocińska-Pelech III

  264. K. Rzeszut XII, XIII

  265. F. Santi VIII

  266. R. Schmidt XIII

  267. Z. Sekulski III

  268. S. Shimizu IX, XI, XII, XIII

  269. V. Shvayko VI, VII, VIII

  270. T. Siegmuller V, VII

  271. J. Siepak II, V, VI

  272. J. Smykla IV

  273. G. Sobek VI

  274. J. Sobiech V

  275. K. Sobiesiak II

  276. T. Socha X

  277. W. Sochnacki XI

  278. K. Sokół XII

  279. M. Sondej XIII

  280. J. Spence X

  281. S. Spryszyński II

  282. S. Stachura VI, VIII, IX, X

  283. P. Stasiewicz VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  284. A. Stawiarski XIII

  285. Z. Stojek II

  286. L. Stricker III

  287. A. Strzelczyk III

  288. I.V. Stukalowa XI

  289. R. Sygulski III, IX, X

  290. O. Szlachetka XIII

  291. J. Szmelter I

  292. J. Szmidla IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  293. R. Szymański III

  294. W. Szyc II, VIII, IX

  295. Cz. Szymczak III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  296. E. Szymczak VI, VII, VIII, X, XI

  297. P. Śniady VIII

  298. Ł. Święch XIII

  299. J. Świniarski X, XI, XII, XIII

  300. E. Świtoński II

  301. M. Taczała VII, VIII, IX, XI, XIII

  302. N. Tanaka XIII

  303. V. Tarnowski VI, VII, VIII

  304. J. H. Teisseyre III

  305. E. Tertel VIII

  306. A. Teter VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  307. B. Tomczyk VIII, IX, X, XI, XII

  308. L. Tomski IV, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  309. M. Trombski II, III, V

  310. M. Trzebicki VIII

  311. M. Trzeciak XI

  312. A.G. Tyapin XIII

  313. V. Ungureanu XII, XIII

  314. M. Urbaniak XIII

  315. W. Urbanowski I

  316. S. Uzny XI, XII, XIII

  317. M.A. Varianichko X, XI, XIII

  318. D.L. Volchok XIII

  319. J. Walczak IV

  320. W. Walczak II, III, IV, V

  321. W. Walczyk IX

  322. J. Warmiński XIII

  323. P. P. Wasilewicz XIII

  324. Z. Waszczyszyn II, III, IV

  325. T. Watanabe XI

  326. A. Wawrzyniak IX

  327. M. Wągrowska XIII

  328. S. Weiss IV

  329. J. Weselak III

  330. Z. Wesołowski I

  331. M. Wieczorek IV

  332. M. Wieczorek VI, VII, VIII, IX, X

  333. E. Wierzbucki IX, X

  334. J.Wierzchowski III

  335. Z. Więckowski XI

  336. R. Wilde XI

  337. A. Wirowski XII

  338. L. Witek X

  339. J. Witkowska-Dobrev XIII

  340. W. Witkowski IX, X

  341. P. Włuka XIII

  342. S. Wojciech III, IV

  343. M. Wojtasiewicz VIII

  344. Cz. Woźniak VII, VIII, IX, X, XIII

  345. M. Woźniak VIII, IX

  346. Z. Wójcicki IV

  347. P. Wrzecioniarz III, IV, V

  348. A.M. Wrzesień XII

  349. S. Wu VIII

  350. Y. Xu XII

  351. T. Yamamoto IX

  352. Y. Yamasaki XIII

  353. D. Yatsenko XIII

  354. A. Yevtushenko IX

  355. N. Yidris XII, XIII

  356. J. Zacharzewski II, IX, XII

  357. S. Zahorski I

  358. K. Zając XIII

  359. Z. Zając V

  360. J. Zaraś III, V, XI, XIII

  361. P. Zawodny XI

  362. J. Zielnica II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  363. Y.D. Zozulyak V

  364. A.V. Zubko XII

  365. W. Zwoliński II

  366. P. Żach XI, XII

  367. A. Żak VIII

  368. A. Żeligowski III

Members of Scientific Committees (1994-2013)

  1. Cz. Cichoń VII, VIII

  2. T. Gałkiewicz VII, VIII, IX

  3. R. Grądzki X, XI, XII, XIII

  4. S. Joniak VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII

  5. Z. Kołakowski VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  6. M. Kotełko XI, XII, XIII

  7. K. Kowal-Michalska VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  8. V. Krasovsky X, XI, XII, XIII

  9. M. Królak VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII - Chairman

  10. T. Kubiak XIII

  11. J. Leyko VII

  12. J. Loughlan XII, XIII

  13. M. Macdonald XI, XII, XIII

  14. K. Magnucki X, XI, XII, XIII

  15. A. Manevich VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  16. J. Misiak VII, VIII, IX

  17. A. Muc XI, XII, XIII

  18. J. Murzewski VII, VIII, IX, X, XI

  19. W. Ostachowicz VII, VIII, IX, X, XI

  20. J. Ravinger XIII

  21. J. Rhodes VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  22. F. Romanów VII, VIII, IX, X, XI

  23. S. Shimizu XII, XIII

  24. Cz. Szymczak VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  25. L. Tomski XI, XII, XIII

  26. M. Trombski VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  27. Cz. Woźniak XI, XII, XIII

  28. J. Zielnica XI, XII, XIII

Members of Organizing Committees (1963-2013)

  1. M. Banasiak III

  2. Z. Brzoska III

  3. L. Czechowski XI

  4. T. Gałkiewicz II, IV, V

  5. Z. Gałwa VII, VIII

  6. R. Grądzki IV, V, VI, IX

  7. S. Jakubowski III, V

  8. J. Jankowski XI, XII, XIII

  9. W. Kobza IV

  10. Z. Kołakowski IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  11. M. Kotełko VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII

  12. K. Kowal-Michalska III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII

  13. M. Królak III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII

  14. T. Kubiak VII, VIII, IX, X, XIII

  15. A. Kuźniarek IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

  16. J. Leyko II, III, IV, V, VI

  17. J. Lipiński II, III

  18. S. Łukasiewicz III

  19. R. Mania XIII

  20. E. Ostrowska III

  21. J. Piątek III

  22. M. Suchar II, III

  23. J. Świniarski X, XI, XII

  24. M. Urbaniak XIII

  25. W. Walczak II, III

  26. P. Włuka XIII

  27. J. Zaraś IV, V, VI

  28. A. Żeligowski V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII,

Chairman: J. Leyko I-III;

M. Królak IV-VIII;

Z. Kołakowski IX-XIII;

Vice-Chairman: T. Kubiak XIII

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