The visit to the museum

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Martyna: - Where is he? It`s already10 o`clock.

Kinga: - Don`t you know him? He`s always late.

Iga: - But the plane is coming in twenty minutes. And he`s got the flowers.

Ania: - He`s impossible.

Martyna: - Oh look! There he is! At last!

Hubert: - Hello boys and girls! Has something happened? You look angry.

Iga: -Hubert, you`re impossible. Do you know what time it is?

Hubert: - Oh, please. Relax! Let`s go. That`s their plane I guess.

Martyna: - Oh, hurry up!
Kinga: – Hello friends from Lithuania! We`re Kinga, Martyna, Iga i Kasia. And that`s Hubert.

Kinga: - Nice to meet you.

Lena: - Labas rytas. Nice to meet you too. That`s Misza, Natasza and Tatiana….And I`m Lena. (Hubert is giving the flowers to Lena) Are these for us? Oh, that`s nice. Thank you.

Hubert: - You`re probably tired. Let`s go and relax today.

Natasza: - Oh, no, no. We`re not tired! We want to see the town today!

Hubert: - Really? Ok!

(In the museum of sundials)

Guide: - Dzień dobry dzieci. Cieszę się, że przyszliście zwiedzić nasze muzeum.

Ania: - Przepraszamy pana, ale są z nami nasi przyjaciele z zagranicy. Czy mógłby pan mówić po angielsku?

Guide: - Oh, z przyjemnością. To cudowny język.

Guide: - So, where are you from kids?

Misza: - We`re from Lithuania.

Martyna: - They heard a lot about our museum.

Hubert: - You`re funny! Do you think our LITTLE museum is so famous?

Guide: - But IT IS famous! It has got one of the biggest collections of sundials in the world.

Kinga: - Really? I didn`t know.

Guide: - Yes, look! We`ve got many sundials. They are big and small. They`re simple and very complicated too. This one was made by Feliks Przypkowski himself.

Lena: - And who was Feliks Przy … Przy…..

Guide: - Przypkowski. He was a great man. He collected sundials and he also made a lot of sundials.

Guide: - Look, this clock is very special. It is made from glass and silver. It was made by Feliks Przypkowski … don`t touch it.

Hubert: - Why not? I`ll try it. ………….
(Hubert is touching the magic clock. The children are moving to the past. The sounds of bells ringing are heard.)

Misza: - I don`t believe it. What happened? Where are we?

Feliks Przypkowski: - You are in my house. My name`s Feliks Przypkowski. Welcome dear children. What are you doing here?

Iga: - We don`t know. We were in the museum and that silly boy touched the clock …..

Tatiana: - And now, everything is different. I don`t understand.

Feliks Przypkowski: - Oh my God. You touched the time clock and you travelled through the time.

Feliks Przypkowski: - So, my magic clock does work.

Tatiana: -What?

Misza: - Are you joking?

Hubert: - I want to my mum!

Natasza: -How can we come back to the future?

Feliks Przypkowski: - Don`t worry. It`s very easy.

Martyna: - Really? So we can stay here for a while and you can tell us something about your hobby.

Feliks Przypkowski: - With pleasure. That`s my house. I live here and I make sundials here. Now, I am designing the sundial for the church in Jędrzejów.

Ania: - Is it a difficult job?

Feliks Przypkowski: - Yes and it takes a lot of time but it`s very pleasant for me too. I think of my clocks as if they were my best friends. Listen! (The sounds of clocks are heard.) Can you hear their lovely voice? Clocks are my passion. Do you understand?

Misza: - Oh, yes! My passion is surfing the Internet!

Feliks Przypkowski: - The Internet? I haven`t heard of it. Is it the name of the clock?

Iga: - No, no! It`s a kind of magic book where you can read about everything, also about sundials.

Feliks Przypkowski: - That`s interesting.

Feliks Przypkowski: - And what are the clocks like in the future?

Hubert: - We don`t use the sundials anymore. Now we`ve got electronic watches. Look! How do you like my Casio? (He’s showing a big watch.)

Feliks Przypkowski: - Oh, amazing. I`d like to have it in my collection.

Hubert: - I`m sorry but this is a present from my parents, but I can give you this one. Here you are!

Feliks Przypkowski: - Oh, thank you.

Kasia: - Sir, it`s time we came back to the future.

Feliks Przypkowski: - Of course. You must only touch the magic clock. But where is it?
(The children are looking for the magic clock and singing the song ‘Hickory, dickory, dock’)
Lena: - Here it is!

Tatiana: - So, goodbye and thank you for your time.

Feliks Przypkowski: - Goodbye! Say hello to my grandson.

Hubert: - Ready?

(The children are moving back to the present. The sounds of bells ringing are heard.)

Iga: Wow. What an adventure. My friends won`t believe me.

Guide: Where have you been? I was looking for you!

Iga: You won`t believe it, sir. Hubert touched the time clock and we moved to the past.

Lena: Yes, and we met Feliks Przy … Przy…

Misza: Przypkowski. We talked to him.

Iga: He told us about his sundials.

Guide: I can`t believe it but the time clock really works.

Characters in the story

Feliks Przypkowski

Przewodnik - Guide



Iga team from Poland




Lena team from Lithuania



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