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8 grudnia 2010

JASKÓŁKA - klas VI szkoły podstawowej

Czas trwania konkursu: 45 min.

Do każdego pytania jest dokładnie jedna poprawna odpowiedź. Za brak odpowiedzi dostajesz 0 punktów. Za odpowiedź błędną otrzymujesz punkty ujemne równe ¼ liczby punktów przewidzianych dla danego zadania. Życzymy przyjemnej pracy. Zapraszamy do konkursu ENGLISH ACE 2011. Informacje na naszej stronie www.mat.edu.pl


Pytania za 3 punkty

1. It usually ….. all winter in Poland, but this November the sun …........ .

A) is snowing/is shining B) snows/is shining C) snows/shines

D) is snowing/shines E) snow/shine

2. Aren't you going to the doctor's tomorrow?

No, I went …................. .

A) tonight B) tomorrow night C) two days ago D) today morning E) next week
3. Please check my homework, Mum. Have I made any mistakes ….....?

A) somewhere B) anything C) anyplace D) anywhere E) nowhere

4. A vet can't help you, if your ….................... .

A) dog breaks its leg B) turtle is ill C) daughter has a headache

D) parrot doesn't want to eat E) pet is very sick
5. Why are you leaving the classroom?

…... teacher told ….... to go home.

A) My/me B) Us/our C) Your/ you D) Me/my E) Our/my
6. Who is your cousin?

A) your son's uncle B) your mother's sister C) your uncle's father

D) your grandad's daughter E) your father's brother's son
7. Where …....... you ….......... next Saturday evening?

A) are/go B) are/going C) do/go D) do/going E) did/go

8. London is …................ city in Great Britain.

A) largest B) larger C) the larger D) the largest E) much larger

9. What ….. your best friend …..?

She's funny, pretty and very clever.

A) is/like B) like/- C) does/like D) has/got E) does/likes
10. Which one is the odd one out?

A) caravan B) hotel C) tent D) coach E) hostel

Pytania za 4 punkty

11. Which one is not correct? John …............. to the cinema.

A) goes B) going C) is going to go D) is going E) was going

12. It's white and powdery. You need it to make cakes, bread and dumplings.

A) milk B) an egg C) flour D) butter E) cream
13. Tom put his trousers on ….... he ran down the street.

A) after B) before C) than D) while E) when

14. Susan is very …............ . She's only 11 years old, but she dresses like my grandma.

A) ugly B) fashionable C)pretty D) old-fashioned E) dark

15. When would you not use a kettle?

A) when making coffee B) when preparing potatoes C) when drying the dishes

D) when cooking pasta E) when boiling an egg
16. Which sound doesn't rhyme with line?

A) try B) frighten C) early D) crying E) I

17. Before you go climbing in the mountains, always …........ . If you get lost, you can call for help easily.

A) take your mobile phone B) look at the map C) plan your journey

D) buy some food E) tell someone where you are going
18. Which of these is a language?

A) Germany B) American C) Belgium D) Portuguese E) Wales

19. I saw my favourite film on TV last night. It …..... Richard Curtis.

A) was made by B) was made C) were made by D) has made by E) has made

20. It's 6:58 and the film starts at 7:00! You can't go to the toilet, there's …......... time!

A) too much B) too few C) enough D) little E) too little

Pytania za 5 punkty

21. How many times …... you..... to England, Joe?

A) did/go B) were/- C) have/been D) has/been E) had/gone
22. Which of these means ”a room with one bed for two people”?

A) single room B) twin room C) single bed D) double room E) adult room

23. Peter, walk ….. or you'll fall over!

A) loudly B) slowly C) quickly D) noisily E) careful

24. …., write your story, ….., send it to us and ….., we'll choose a winner.

A) First/then/later B) Firstly/than/at last C) In the beginning/secondly/finally

D) First/next/at the last E) Once/secondly/finally.

25. Which one is the odd one out?

A) bake B) fry C) slice D) chase E) roast
26. Portugal is …........ Poland.

A) not so big as B) not big like C) not as big as

D) much bigger than E) the smallest than
27. …......... you ….......... a coffee?

No, thanks.

A) Would/like B) Do/like C) Would/want D) Like/- E) Have/got
28. At Christmas in Britain, people don't … .

A) give each other chocolate eggs B) pull crackers C) eat pudding

D) buy presents for their family E) sing carols
29. The two main political parties in the USA are the Democrats and … .

A) the Conservatives B) the Republicans C) the Labour Party

D) the Green Party E) the Liberal Democrats
30. Which English city were the pop music group the Beatles from?

A) Birmingham B) Manchester C) Liverpool D) London E) Bristol

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