Vocabulary I wybierz I zaznacz a, b lub

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Powiatowy Przasnyski Konkurs Językowy- test dla klas VI

10 maja 2013

I Wybierz i zaznacz a), b) lub c). (7 pkt)
1It’s very _______ today.

  1. snowing b) stormy c) cloud

2 There are lots of shops in the town _______ .

  1. statue b) square c) fountain

3 Is there a phone ________ near here?

  1. station b) stop c) box

4 It was boring but the ____ were good.

  1. acting b) actors c) actor

5 It’s raining and you haven’t got an umbrella. We can ____ mine.

  1. share b) borrow c) lend

6 Why are you laughing? It isn’t a ____ !

  1. mystery b) comedy c) thriller

7 Was it a bad film? Yes, it was _____.

  1. fantastic b) terrible c) perfect

II Dopasuj do siebie pary przymiotników o przeciwstawnym znaczeniu. (5 pkt)
1 formal a) unattractive

2 clean b) unhelpful

3 scruffy c) smart

4 handsome d) dirty

5 grumpy e) casual

6 helpful f) friendly









III Uzupełnij tekst podanymi niżej słowami.
(8 pkt)

cross, down, left, miss, opposite, out, past, turn

Go _____ of the station and turn _________. Go ________ Market Street and ________ the bridge. Go _______ the cinema and then ________ right. The hotel is _______ the bank – you can’t_____ it!
I Uzupełnij zdania używając podanych w nawiasach wyrazów w odpowiedniej formie. (10 pkt)
1 She’s tired because she worked very _______ this morning. (hard)

2 The exam wasn’t __________ and I passed it _______ . (difficult/easy)

3 My team was very ________ and they lost the game. (slow)

4 I arrived ________ for class yesterday. (late)

5 I loved that record. They play ___________ . (fantastic)

6 I slept ________ last night and I don’t feel very ________ . (bad/good)

7 My brother’s a __________ driver. He drives very _______ . (dangerous/fast)
II Wybierz i zaznacz a), b) lub c). (13 pkt)

1. When ____ that letter ?

a) you write b) you wrote c) did you write
2. Today is ______ day than yesterday.

a) bad b) worse c) worst
3. Computer games are _____ than chess.

a) exciting b) as exciting c) more exciting
4. What ______ you like to drink?

a) do b) would c) did
5. I think London is the ______ city in Europe.

a) wet b) wetter c) wettest
6. _______ photo is this?

a) Whose b) Who c) Who’s
7. There is …….. jam in the jar.

a) a little b) any c) a few
8. How …… eggs do we need for the cake?

a) many b) a lot of c) much
9. My dad goes to work _____ tube.

a) by b) on c) in
10. They have been on TV _____ more than ten years.

a) in b) for c) since
11. Emma has ____ done her homework.

a) yet b) already c) ever
12. He has never ______ a camel.

a) ride b) rode c) ridden
13. I told _____ the news.

a) everything b) everyone c) ever

III Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednimi zaimkami. (7 pkt)
1 Dave is my best friend. His birthday is in January. _____ is in February – I’m a month younger than him.

2 This guitar is Tania’s. _____ hobby is music. That CD player is _____ , too.

3 We live in Market Street. _______ house has got a blue door. The car in front of the house is _____, too.

4 My sisters love sport. These are ______ trainers. That basketball is ________, too.

I Dopasuj właściwą reakcję. Wpisz tylko litery, nie przepisuj zdań. Jedno zdanie dodano dodatkowo. (7 pkt)

1. What’s the weather like? - .....

2. Are you alright? - .....

3. I’ve passed my exams. - .....

4. Oh no! We’re going to be late! - .....

5. Do you mind if I sit here? - ……..

6. Could you give me a hand with the washing up? - .....

7. I really need to do more exercise. - …..

  1. That’s really great! What did you get?

  2. Calm down. We’ve got plenty of time.

  3. No problem. I’ll just turn the computer off.

  4. It’s raining all the time.

  5. That’s not exactly what I mean.

  6. I’m just a bit tired.

  7. No, not at all.

  8. Why don’t you take up skating?

II Uzupełnij dialog wyrazami z ramki. Dwa wyrazy podano dodatkowo i nie pasują do dialogu. (7 pkt)

train welcome station platform ticket many adult single much

Customer How _________ is a ticket to London, please?

Assistant Child or _________ ?

Customer Child.

Assistant ___________ or return?

Customer Return.

Assistant That’s £ 16.00

Customer Thank you. Here you are.

Assistant You’re _________ . Here’s your _________ .

Customer What time is the ________ leaving?

Assistant At 2.30. From ___________ 2.

III Zaznacz właściwą odpowiedź. (5pkt)
1 A: Excuse me. How do I get to the leisure


B: a It’s opposite the bank.

b Just turn left after the café.
2 A: Can you tell me how to get to the library?

B: a Yes, certainly.

b Yes, that’s left.
3 A: Sorry! What road was that?

B: a Go down Pine Road.

b North Road.
4 A: Thank you very much.

B: a You’re welcome.

b Yes, certainly.
5 A: Would you like me to copy it for you?

B: a Of course, I like you.

b No, that’s OK. I can manage.
I Przeczytaj e-mail Nicka i dopasuj opisy do osób. (5 pkt)

Dear Mum and Dad,

I’m with my exchange family. They were waiting for me at the station when I arrived. They’re really nice. Emile’s mum is an English teacher and his dad’s a doctor. Emile’s house is about ten kilometres from Lille. When we arrived, his grandparents were cooking. The food here is wonderful!

I started school today. I like not wearing a uniform. When the lessons started, everyone was looking at me. They were waiting for me to speak French. I answered the first question about French history, and then people stopped looking and I relaxed.

After school, we played football with some of Emile’s friends. Now I’m in Emile’s bedroom and I’m using his computer. We didn’t have any homework today but Emile says they always get lots on Tuesdays. Bye for now.

Love, Nick

1 Nick a an English teacher

2 Emile b an English student

3 Emile’s mum c cooked for Nick

4 Emile’s dad d a French boy

5 Emile’s grandparents e played football

with Nick

6 Emile’s friends f a doctor








II Przeczytaj e-mail ponownie i zaznacz, czy zdania są prawdziwe (), czy fałszywe ().

1 Nick met Emile’s family at their house. __

2 Emile lives in the centre of Lille. _______

3 Students don’t wear a uniform at Emile’s school.___

4 Nick doesn’t speak French. _____

5 Emile’s got a computer. _____

6 There is no homework at Emile’s school. ____

III Na podstawie tekstu zaznacz poprawną odpowiedź A, B lub C . (3 pkt)

Day 1:
We’ve just arrived. We left this morning – early! Mum was grumpy and Dad was angry. The journey was awful. We drove for hours to get to the airport and the plane was three hours late. The airport was so busy. The cafés and restaurants were all full. The hotel here is nice – but the people aren’t very friendly. They don’t say much. I haven’t eaten yet but I’m too tired now. I’m going to bed.

  1. Donna:

a) has gone on holiday with her parents

b) has never travelled by plane before

c) didn’t want to go on the plane

2 Donna talks about:

a) food and friends

b) travel and hotel

c) interests and languages

3 The text is from:

a) a newspaper article

b) a diary

c) a travel guide.

IV Przeczytaj tekst ponownie i zaznacz, czy zdania są prawdziwe (), czy fałszywe ().

(5 pkt)

1 Donna’s parents were happy._______

2 The journey to the airport was by train._

3 At the airport there were lots of people._

4 The people at the hotel are very friendly. _

5 Donna isn’t going to eat._____

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